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  1. It looks like your foot will jam in the front wheel each time you turn away from your front foot anyway! Footjam turns only!
  2. Just been playing 'pedal up' on my phone, pretty cool!
  3. Just getting into it myself! I'm in Marple (from Glossop/Hadfield originally)
  4. How much are you after @isitafox? I have just got a set of truvativ MTB cranks to fit, but struggling with the bash.. was going to make my own, but may not bother if I can sort it easier/cheaply...
  5. Sounds good, will head there when I get the bike sorted (I think we are allowed now!?) Cheers swoofty, I was thinking of something very similar. Get a hole saw the same dia as the integrated seat clamp and notch the seat post, then stick a bar in with some penny washers or something to lock it in place... Maybe if I feel I need a seat..
  6. Ah cool, where abouts is that? Inward thinking down by the end of that millennium walk way thing in new mills might have a few good steps and ledges to try hopping up and stuff?
  7. I was thinking that too. Best plan I think! @isitafox. Are there many natural spots to play in near us? I'm in Marple!
  8. Hi all, I have been riding MTB for many years now, and have always fancied a play with a bit of trials. I picked up a project bike which is coming together, however I am stuck on the seat clamp set up. I think the frame is a da bomb school... Pic added to show what I mean, I have nothing at all fitted so need a seat post and whatever it is inside that clamps it... If it's too much of a faff I just won't run anything at all... Lightweight and all that!? Any advice appreciated! Cheers in advanced folks