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  1. I'd like to take both Pures off you're hands bud. Would you just want the £13 delivery for the two?

  2. I want the piranha so much but I only have my 20" GU I can exchange and some cash!

    1. totaltrials


      I don't ride any more, but thanks for the offer.

    2. Jimbojones311291


      Okay no worries thanks for the reply

  3. Get a zip tie and tie it around your front brake lever and handlebar really tightly. Then jump on the bike and pedal as fast as possible for a while. This should do it but don't hold me to it.
  4. I wouldn't bother in a tensioner. You're taking away the benefits of having horizontal dropouts with a built in tensioner. If your chain has a tight spot then get to the route of that problem and sort that out. Maybe you should try a different RH crank arm on to see if that solves the problem, maybe borrow someone else's while you see if that fixes it.
  5. That'll come in handy when they implement ziplines.
  6. I thought you could only play it online by going onto cracked servers where you get your own online ID for that server rather than using a paid account. To even play the game offline you have to have bought an account, play it once online, then you can play it offline as much as you like, well that's what you're meant to do it. But as you say I'm sure it can't be hard for someone to hack it to play offline. But because you need an online account to play it online, for example to play on a private server for your home PC I'm not aware of any way of doing that unless you join a cracked server. But even if you do crack it I'm not sure how the updates work as they're pretty important to get every now and then. If you know a way though, let me know, Davetrials is after getting it.
  7. Go on then, might join you on it.
  8. Hi. I can't go that low for those bits sorry.

  9. Would you do the onza limey 3 frame, middle urn cranks and the silver 26" disk only forks for £170? Cheers

  10. Would you do the onza limey 3 frame, middle urn cranks and the silver 26" disk only forks for £170? Cheers

  11. Mw3

    Black Ops plays slightly different, but in terms of how similar it is to MW2, it is pretty similar with how it plays. Ye they've changed things but you won't notice particularly much difference when you play. I also don't really get why people say things like "it's just the same as the last one", "nothing is different", "why waste money". One way to look at it is, when you buy say the 4/5 map packs that come out, it might cost around £40-£50 to get more maps. A new game is basically a big map pack. The game is Call of Duty, if they change the game too much it's just not going to be the same game. The campain is obviously totally different and different guns ,challanges, perks, killstreaks etc in mulitplayer always makes a nice change. You've also got different game modes like kill confirmed (which is basically all I play) which is brilliant and the new 2 player game mode (similar to zombies but without zombies, explaining it briefly). In terms of mods and hacks, maybe security is tighter in this game for the future. Treyarch done an extremely good job stopping it and it was always their aim to stop it and they succeeded, so Activision might have taken a leaf out of their book. But the difference between Treyarch games and Activision games is quite a lot but still keeping it close enough to be a COD game. So really there's 2 years between each type of game. I really think people who moan about COD in that type of way arn't really thinking about what they're saying, they literally can't change the game too much, and besides, if they did, I don't think it would be any better in terms of gameplay, movement and controlls. They're all on a massive bandwagon. Wish they'd just say they don't like the franchise instead of moaning about it and buying every one and saying the same thing every time, if they don't like it, fine, move on don't continue to buy and play it. I get annoyed plenty of times, but I still love COD, and I haven't played another FPS game that rivals it in terms of enjoyment. And I suppose that's why it's the biggest game franchise going. As you also said about "fun and annoyances" yes you will, you always will have both of them, but you'll still enjoy it like you did on MW2 and maybe more.
  12. Mw3

    I don't quickscope, I just don't ever use a sniper because I don't enjoy it. I do dropshot occasionally with an SMG when in close proximity. At the end of the day, if you get the kill because of it, then it's not a cheap trick, it's playing the game to it's advantages. It might be annoying for some people, but it just sounds like you want everything your own way to help you win instead of dealing with it. Basically just sounds like you're making excuses up, especially moaning about overpowered guns. Are you one of them that purposely uses a weaker gun to make yourself sound good. All the guns aren't going to have the same level of power, some people like a challenge. Some people want to do the challanges for each gun. Some people use the most powerful guns to their advantage, and some people just prefer other guns just like how I don't like using sniper rifles even though they're the most powerful guns in the game. There's nothing wrong with using a weaker gun, just don't moan about people using a more powerful gun when you get killed, it was your choice. Also, more people use assault rifles and SMGs than people use snipers, by quite a lot from what I've noticed. I did think a lot more people would be using sniper rifles but it doesn't seem that way. In regards to the support streaks. I think they're great, it makes the game more enjoyable for people who aren't as good. People who can never really get high killstreaks. It can be pretty hard to get killstreams in a lot of the game modes. There will be plenty of players who've played previous cod games and probably hardly ever get killstreaks, only get maybe a 5 now and then. To open the game up more and make it a more even playing field is great. Again, try and deal with it. I don't often get killed by stealth bombers as I usually have enough time to run for cover when I hear or see where abouts they are on the map. Spawn points are a bit crazy occasionaly but again not really been too upset about it, only now and then. But I suppose it reduces spawn trapping, which again people moan at so you can never have it everyones way. I'm just not bothered in quick scoping, drop shots, spawing slightly near an opponent, killsteaks etc. The only gripe I have is lag. When you can't trust a game and feel it's hit and miss whether the game will play good or not and there's not much you can do about it is the main problem for me. I can easilly tell the difference when I'm not lagging as much as others, I'll say to myself on numerous times "bloody ell, how did I not die then" and vice versa "how on earth did they not die then". That's always been a problem for me with cod games. But hopefully these problems can get ironed out so it plays a bit better more consitantly.
  13. Stumbled across this crazy artist and I literally can't believe how realistic the paintings on canvas are. I was shocked at the portraits, but then I clicked on landscapes, and I just don't understand. Thought I'd share.
  14. Ye, I certainly wouldn't be getting seeds and nuts. Some of the grub like the bread, crackers and flapjacks look decent. Think I'll be giving it a go.
  15. Nitromors is fine. Caustic soda is not, but if you're frame isn't anodised then Nitromors is fine.