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  1. Hey James. Your video's are brilliant, I've been looking forward to them every week, great riding! I can't believe the minus temperatures you ride in. Definitely motivated me through this snowy winter to get out and ride.
  2. Loving the old school video
  3. First time I've seen this. WOW!!!! That's an incredible bike, attention to detail is perfect.
  4. Has the genesis got a tapered head tube? I managed to get a set of aluminium forks for my onza on ebay. Just standard head tube though. Think they are around the same geometry. Still one set left.
  5. I love his book, it's never far from hand. Explaining every move in perfect detail, with videos to match! Makes me want to get out and practice. He's definitely helped me so much with my riding.
  6. I did wonder why no one had mentioned anything. I heard the terrible news a few days ago. Completely shocked and sad to hear he's gone. So young, so much talent. i've got no idea what happened.
  7. Nice work man! I've also installed some pallets in the garden it's helping my gaps enormously.
  8. Well I'm definitely warming towards disc's even more now. I'll be buying a disc protector that's for sure. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I hear an echo calling.
  9. It's almost year since I got back on the bike again. After years off riding trials, I'm totally hooked again. Re-learning all the basics and finally new moves, meeting up with old and new riders. its been Great for the body and mind! I've been saving up cash for a while now to buy a new mod but I need some help deciding which bike to go for. I'm really keen on the echo mk6 plus, I like the idea of having disc's front and rear and the splined freewheel and sprocket also the chain tensioner looks like a great idea. I've had a disc's before but only the front brake, because I'm right footed I'm a bit worried about having a rear disc as I know it will take some hits, will this be a bad idea? My other option would probably be a jitsie, I've never seen one in person and don't really know much about them, are they good frames? I've heard the welds are questionable? I see there is an option for a rear magura and front disc which might be better for me though. If someone could guide me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. Obviously I'd love a crewkers or clean but unfortunately they are for a much better class of rider than myself. Thank you David
  10. I thought it was a bit of a gamble myself when I bought the jitsie shin guards but I'm very happy with them. After a while you don't even notice that you have them on. Very stretchy, light and comfortable with enough protection from a shindig! Definitely recommend.
  11. Haven't seen one of those in years! Lovely bike!
  12. Hey man! well done for getting back on the trials bike. I did the same thing over lockdown. I was off the trials bike for ten years, I'm now 36 now and absolutely addicted to trials again, meeting up with old trials buddy's and new ones at every opportunity. It was an onza bird that started me off again. I managed to fit a set of maguras with adaptors and grind the rear rim which made a huge difference. I'm sure someone can advise you on your v brakes, maybe new pads and a grind. One of the best changes I made was fitting a decent freewheel onto the cranks and sprocket on the rear wheel, I think the freewheel on yours is on the back like mine was. It makes the gearing much better for trials. I hope you get the same enjoyment as I've been getting.
  13. That pashley is gorgeous!!!! I wish that was available to buy!!
  14. Wow! Great bike man. Well done keeping it! I remember the wait and excitement for this frame to come out. I think there was at least four in Stonehaven back in the day.
  15. Well done guys. Educational and motivating!