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  1. Absolutely stunning bike, well done. I haven't seen mavic 121's since I was a kid
  2. Well done mate. just shows you, if you put in the hard work and practice, you can achieve it. What an impressive trick to learn.
  3. Thanks mate.
  4. Epic riding man!
  5. I totally forgot about identiti. Really nice to see this up and rolling!
  6. Very nice indeed
  7. Good idea, bars are going back. Just need to source a DCD chain device and I'll be sorted.
  8. Great riding guys! Looks like some nice spots to ride down your way!
  9. Thank you to gumtree for this great deal. This Trials addiction is hitting me hard. Spent an evening with my mate sorting the maguras after us both watching, Tarty Bikes, Adam and Ali's video on setting up maguras, I've never had brakes work so well, outstanding knowledge, thanks guys.
  10. Bought this bike a few years back so I could use the race lines to finally finish building up my cannondale Ashton. Once the lockdown started I had loads of time so was able to finish the cannondale. With so much time on my hands I decided to build up the onza so I had a good form of exercise during the lockdown and a bike I wouldn't be scared to scratch. I soon realised how much I missed trials and was very keen to get back out again. Luckily my buddy is still riding after all these years and I've been able to meet up and get riding again. The trials addiction has totally come back to bite me, I'm loving it. Its crazy for me to see how much the bikes and riding has evolved and changed in ten years. Only wish more kids would take up this sport though.
  11. Can't believe how the steerer tube broke like that. Your very lucky not seriously hurt yourself. Hope you can get replacement forks soon
  12. Finally got round to finishing my old trials bike over lockdown. Got the frame replaced years ago though the "lifetime warranty" after my first one cracked at the chainstay. Many moves learned on this thing. Bought an onza mod to Rob the race lines off which I've now built up. having tremendous fun on the trials bike once again.