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  1. Ive got a 24" tannus sitting in a box that I have not tried in the trials bike yet, i'm planning on it at some point. I ran them in enduro bike briefly but I felt the design impacted the tyres "suppleness" and felt like I had no grip! For trials this would not be an issue. Tannus advise to deflate the tyres when not in use so the foam doesn't compress. For my enduro bikes now I run the standard type now foam insert like nukeproof ARD and it really does make a difference for minimal weight penalty.
  2. some great tips! I'm stuck at the point I can bunny hop onto some pretty decent height things, but bunny to the rear wheel just seems such another level, not sure how to progress into that.
  3. My son has the 20" version of that czar. Had a few teething issues when we first got it and ended up changing out the cable pull brakes to hydralic. Been awesome since then, no issues and I would say those magura hydralics will do the job!
  4. I got a 24" tannus for my trials bike, have tried it yet. In my mtb I deflate the tyre when not in use to combat the compression of the foam but I can see the point about higher pressures reducing the effectiveness for trials. I'll try it out see how it goes but the rimpact looks like good value true tubeless setup.
  5. luckily the magura levers have bleed port on both sides so even though the top port might be stuffed you can still bleed them easily. I have same issue with mine.. just dont strip the other one by over tightening it!
  6. I went through similar process on my 24" bike that has MT7 brakes. I wasnt happy with the stock magura performance, pads/rotors most likely contaminated as the bike is 3rd hand etc etc.. So I put on 203mm shimano rotors, after seeing what Ali C runs and got Jitsie pads. Now they do have insane stopping power but any thoughts of modulating a manual etc is just beyond my ability with them and I guess running the bigger rotors exacerbated it. I have literally spent hours trying to get the pads to not rub and be noisey. I've pretty much given up with these Jitsie pads. Its great to see some suggestions for pads that work well in the MT7 brake. Will see if I can get some 9P locally and start again.
  7. My advice is dont overdo it in the early days but dont do nothing... I've have had multiple broken wrists and a major motorcross accident that exploded the joint surface on my ralius. The wrist is full of metal, and at the time, I thought riding was over. I did physio, did the exercises, started out small and have about 80% movement and strength with it these days. Now I regularly race downhill, enduro MTB and have started trials in recent years with my 10 year old son.. Sometimes the smallest mistakes hurt my wrist, hopping on the front wheel and land off balance etc.. you learn the limitations and as TomWood said, you adjust the bike if it helps.. Stay motivated, the human body has amazing way to get better with time if you do the right things.. cheers!