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  1. You are right hasn't been on mondraker for a while, he was on Saracen last and don't think left on the best of terms.
  2. Used to get huge callouses, a pair of cable snips used to make quick work of getting rid of them, just have to be careful not to take too much of.
  3. Sort of had one, happened to be selling a house and buying a house through the same estate agent, when things weren't progressing or the seller was being a pain, we just threatened the estate agent that we would pull our house from the market if they didn't sort the seller out, the thought of losing out on 2 lots of fees soon got them moving, they even footed the bill for a damp survey and an endowment policy On the properties.
  4. I'd say get friendly with the agent and play on the fact it's your first house together and how ideal that property would be, the agent may then put in a good word with the vendor who may like your story more. It worked with me with our first place, we won out over someone who wanted to rent it out and who was offering more. Good luck with it all.
  5. I've run tubeless for well over 10 years now, mainly on my DH/enduro bike only ever really had an issue once where the tyre blew off the rim and sealant went everywhere looked like I'd jerked off an elephant (tyre too wide rim to thin combo). Regarding inserts I run them in the back and I'd rather the small weight penalty over having to replace tubes all the time, found Huck Norris not to be that great in the back really need something meatier there, currently using a panzer insert which has taken an absolute beating on some very rocky tracks so I'm guessing could stand up to a few stairs or square edges.
  6. Sounds like you want a couple of access points the mesh so connect wirelessly together, the ubiquiti unifi AP's do this quite well, you could get away with the unifi ap lite which are the cheapest, that's the setup I have in my kitchen as I've not been able to run cable to that location.
  7. Depending on what router you get/have some have the ability to be converted to AP's, or so long as you turn off all the router functionality there shouldn't be any issues really.
  8. I use the ubiquiti stuff in my house and have installed it for countless number of customers, it's a good bit of kit for the price especially the controller software not being subscription based, although I'm not 100% taken on the quality of the hardware I've had 2 of the unifi Poe switches fail on me just outside of warranty (Poe issues) not great when your trying to work from home and the AP's are constantly losing power. Currently using some of the edgemax stuff for switching and routing, which seems to be alot more reliable and more suited to more advance configuration.
  9. Haha, It was the pink saddle that did it for me and cheap. Anyone ride around the Gloucester area?
  10. Having not swung my leg over a trials bike since the turn of the century and hitting 40 I thought it was about time to have another go, also fairly new to this site so Hi to you all. Picked up this Marino bike, surprising what you can find when things aren't spelt correctly Few questionable parts on it which will be changing, hopefully my old parts still work. Not had a chance to ride it in anger yet, not having had much experience in horizontal dropouts what would people recommend to stop the wheel shifting forwards in the slots?