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  1. I bought it then I sold it. I think I sold it someone here. Gutted I did but had to. Anyone know where it is these days. Would love to get it back.
  2. Anyone knew what size BCD is needed for the attached bashguard. I haven’t got it to hand to measure. 22T I want to fit.
  3. I agree the quality of the hardware is an issue. I’ve had switched and a cloud key go on me. I use a Raspberry Pi for my controller.
  4. Any one here running Ubiquity kit? I have the following but we’re about to move and will need to add some additional AP’s and switches. Thankfully it’s a new build so I’ve been able to go in and run 25mm conduit, all joins have been glued so it won’t come apart. I’ve also ran pulling twine using Kevlar twine so super strong. My wife one end stuffs it in the tube, there is a bit of cloth tied to the twine to seal the tube. Other end I have Henry. Sucks it down the length instantly. I can then go back and do a 2nd fix terminating it all. Need to add 3 more AP’s internally maybe 4 and 2 more externally. The externals have also had the conduit run done, plus some external lighting so all worked out well.
  5. Headbadge is something many of us want but can't get. Not even Pashley have any
  6. Not going on anything modern.
  7. I managed to grab a set of HS33 Quicksilvers cheap today. They do need a fair bit of work. Here is the listing, I did warn they are needing TLC Does anyone knows the RAL colour of them originally? Plan is to strip, gut, clean them, ditch the hose and fittings (replace them with new). Ideally respray them, anyone got any tips on the slaves and the piston. Best way to protect them, no option to remove I believe. Would be nice to have have them stamped saying Magura etc but a decal might be better. Cheers
  8. Spotted this post the other day so sorry to dig up and old topic. I have the above frame. It’s done the rounds a lot. James (Student) had it, Dave the rocket, Leon also rode it for a while, then Luke (Toby) and finally my self. It was nicknamed the coke can due to the dent on the bottom side of the downtube. If I recall if you used the left foot forward it would sound like a coke can. It’s been in the top of the garage for a few years. Before the last respray it had the brake mounts removed so was disc only. I quickly threw some bits on it to show it off. It’s now back on the garage roof. Hope the photos are of use. Would see it if anyone wanted to make an offer
  9. A few of the guys I use to ride with had a set of Saracen Chrome forks that looked like the USE ones. I can’t find anything like that as well sadly. Even a stock pair of Pashley forks would do but likes hens teeth
  10. Doesn’t look to be much of the old school stuff around. Even a stock pair of the originals. Would really like a set of Fattys
  11. Just dug this old frame from the garage. It’s been so long I forget what the various build options have been and what looked plus worked best. What does everyone recommend.