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  1. Hi, Pretty new to trials (just a couple months in), and have the newest model Inspired Hex with Magura MT-2 brakes. The brakes for the most part seem fine for use as a beginner. However, I'm not a fan of the flat levers. They take quite a bit of grip strength to lock up, and I've noticed the brakes slipping as my hands start to get tired and painful due to death gripping them. I'm not sure what component would make it so I'd need to apply less pressure to lock up under pressure (currently working on backhop, practicing hopping side to side with my front wheel on a bench, endos, and front wheel pivots). Do I just need some better one-finger levers? New fluid? New brakes? I do want to be able to modulate them. Thanks! Edit: Wanted to note that I did bed them in according to Tartybikes instructions.
  2. Love the video and the shoulder dabs are my fav!