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  1. Hello mate, this is a bicycle trials forum, try posting on the TrialsCentral forum instead.
  2. I need to do this at some point because my MT7 levers are just a ticking time bomb I reckon, one decent bail on concrete/tarmac and they're toast. Which Shimano levers should I get that will feel the same (or better) and give me the reach adjustment that I currently have with my MT7 levers plus HC3 lever blades?
  3. 5 months of riding (when I can, around the weather) and my calipers are still perfectly centered and my wheels still spin freely. All I've done is periodically checked the torque on the caliper mounting bolts.
  4. Not sure what bike you have but this info is from someone at Inspired but is probably useful anyway: The only thing I'd note is that typically, if it's time to replace a BB you'll usually get more of a 'popping' kind of sound rather than a creak. A creak would generally just imply very small movement between some parts, whereas when the BBs go it's usually due to the bearings failing. As they break apart, they get forced past the other bearings in the cartridge giving that 'popping' or banging sound. It may be worth taking everything in your crankset apart, giving it all a thorough clean and check for cracks or any other damage/wear, then reassemble it all with plenty of grease. That includes things like your pedals in the cranks too! It's usually tricky to pin-point causes of creaks in that area because it's all under a high amount of load and will generally all have a similar sound if anything is a touch loose. And: I forgot to mention, but the crank bolt on the Truvativ cranksets needs a bit more torque than most - I believe they recommend 54Nm, so much higher than conventional ISIS or square taper cranks. If it's a bit under, it may have that tiny bit of play that could lead to creaking.
  5. Hopefully a bit of grease and the right torque spec will sort it then.
  6. Mine also has a slight creak, greasing didn't didn't help. Definitely worth trying though. Worth having a good look around the cranks for tiny cracks as well.
  7. Interesting read.
  8. Cheers buddy, I might just do that then. Hopefully they are neoprene free.
  9. I need to find some shin pads that do not have any neoprene in them (I have a strange allergy to a chemical in neoprene that gives me dermatitis), those Shadow Invisa-lite ones don't seem to mention neoprene so I might be ok with those. My question is, what size? Their size chart kind of indicates that they take their measurement just below the knee and not the widest part of the calf (see below), is that right? My calf is 42cm at it's widest and the part just below my knee is 33cm so not sure whether to order Medium or Large?
  10. I may be bending the rules here and taking the word 'bike' a bit literally... Trek Fuel (now has riser bars and Rockshox dropper post) Honda Grom (don't judge, it's so much fun) Yamaha MT09 (849cc Triple) Yamaha WR450F Supermoto (I actually no longer own this one but worth a mention as it was awesome) Azonic DS-1 (This is a replica I built of my do-it-all street/trials bike I learned trials on while growing up, sold for parts a couple of years ago)
  11. I seem to remember on one of Ali's recent Instagram Q&A stories he said he's ran 2 different compound brake pads in the same caliper before, now I may have dreamt it but it does seem like something he would try. I've only recently really got back into trials so I put the Magura Comfort pads in my MT7's because they give me much more feel than the standard Performance pads, so far they are working great, good feel (good for saving manuals) and good power (enough for my current level of riding anyway), plus they are silent. I'd like to transition back to Performance pads (at least on the rear brake) just in case I need the extra bite at some point, it might save me from hurting myself. So I was thinking of starting by running the rear brake with one of each pad compound hoping it would be some kind of middle ground between the two, allowing me to still save those manuals but with some extra bite. Anyone else done or do this, if so, thoughts? Does it even make sense? Does it feel like a middle ground? Do I dream about Ali's Instagram stories?
  12. +1 for putting Arcade/Team bars on the Fourplay Pro, the Fourplay Team feels so much nicer with them on.
  13. The info was for a friend but I actually prefer the MT5 style pads in my MT7's as they dont have as much pad rock as the 4x pads do.
  14. Figured it out. So for anyone who isn't sure, the MT Trial Sport brake set is just 1x MT4 caliper and 1x MT5 caliper so: MT4 Caliper = Fitment 7 MT5 Caliper = Fitment 9
  15. Anyone know what pads fit the MT Trail Sport calipers? (4-pot and 2-pot) I can't seem to find the info anywhere online.