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  1. Well, still no joy, taped the whole width of the rim, still not seating beads. No popping, soap still shows leaking air past the beads. That's with the valve core removed (have to hold the pump head on the valve stem by hand) and a 160psi blast. I'm all out of ideas as I'm pretty sure at this point I've done everything I should have done.
  2. Nice one, might be worth a look as well then if I still can't get the beads seated after making my tape wider.
  3. Cool, I'll try that then, nothing to loose I guess.
  4. I've got all the actual tape off now but the glue doesn't want to budge.
  5. Thanks mate, that's actually the conclusion I came to earlier and was the reason I was removing the tape, but as you can see my rim is covered in the glue and I gave up trying to get it off for now.
  6. Loving the tubeless experience so far, £170 and a week and a half and still can't ride the bike. I especially love how Gorilla tape just welds itself to the rim when you try to remove it and leaves it's glue everywhere so it's impossible to remove. Good times.
  7. The beads 'look' seated so it's not like something is massively obstructing them, but they are not actually seated.
  8. Managed to get the pump head on the valve stem by wrapping a bit of tape round it, charged pump up to 160 psi, STILL won't pop the beads on, no popping noises and the soap and water show that air is still leaking past the beads, and if I poke the side of the tyre air just comes out past the beads.
  9. Ok so STILL no joy here, bought a tubeless pump with a charger canister built in. Rimpact insert in the tyre, plenty of washing up liquid on the tyre beads, charged the pump up to the recommended psi (160) and STILL the beads don't pop into place, 3 times, no joy. This pump got some very good reviews BUT it's recommended that you use it with the valve core in place (seen videos that shows it popping beads on with the valve core in place), and as such the pumps valve head won't fit on the valve body with the core removed (just like my old pump). I assume all valve stems are the same diameter? This new pump and my old pumps just won't clamp down on the diameter of the valve stem.
  10. Ben, what pump do you have then? I can see me having to replace mine. I've been looking at the Topeak Joe Blow Booster pump or the Lezyne Pressure Overdrive Pump or the Bontrager Flash Charger.
  11. Awesome thanks dude, I'll put the insert in and have another go tomorrow then, now that the insert has been on and off a couple of times it's actually a bit easier to get in now. I didn't lube the beads actually so I'll do that as well. My track pump won't fit over the valve stem, it seems it was designed to just be big enough to fit over a presta valve core so won't quite stretch over the valve stem, I do have a garden pump sprayer though which I've seen people use to rapidly inflate tubeless tyres so I'll try that also. If all that fails then I'll have to buy a better pump.
  12. I've just had another go, managed to get the tyre inflated (didn't hear any beads popping into place) and it seems to hold about 50psi without sealant and without the tyre insert fitted. But, when I deflate it ready to fit the insert and the sealant, the tyre beads do not stay seated?! So my concern now is that once I've fitted the insert and initially inflated the tyre that the beads are not actually seating so when I remove the valve core to add the sealant the tyre beads will just move out of place again like they are doing now. Any ideas? Annoyingly my track pump won't actually work over the valve with the core removed so I've had to inflated the tyre with the core in place (Not easy). It's definitely holding a decent amount of pressure but clearly the beads are not actually seated. Edit/ it's not actually holding pressure, left it for a while and it deflated, so I guess my issue is not being able to get the beads to seat. The issue must be the fact that my track pump won't work on the valve with the core removed.
  13. The bite point on the lever on my front brake has slowly gotten closer to the handlebar over the last few weeks even though there's no oil leaking anywhere?! I'll give it a bleed through but seems a little strange to me.
  14. I managed to go over the bars yesterday doing a slow 180° pivot and dropped the bike, apparently Magura MT7 levers are very weak to any abrasion, see the extensive damage in the photo below, one more 'over the bars' on tarmac or concrete and my levers will be completely worn away lol. Anyway, one of these broke and fell out, at first I wondered what it was and I'm actually still not entirely sure to be honest: A quick Google came up with this, which is a BAT Adjuster Kit for adjusting the bite point, but as you can see, mine looks very different and doesn't actually look like it can be adjusted, this one looks to have a cam profile on it, but mine does not: So is my one just a blanking plug because I have HC3 levers or something, I can adjust my bite point by actually adjusting the pivot on the lever blade anyway? I've looked down in the hole where it came from and can't see how on earth it would actually adjust something even if it did have an adjuster knob on the top, in fact mine only sits down flush when its oriented the right way because of the 'flat' on the diameter so you couldn't adjust it anyway. If that's all it is then there is no point me even replacing it.
  15. I'm going to give it one more attempt with the garden sprayer trick this week.
  16. One thing I did actually forget to try when trying to get the beads seated was removing the valve core.
  17. Thanks, I followed all the instructions and video instructions I could find but obviously still had issues. I'm not about to buy a different track pump on the off chance it might work and definitely not buying a compressor with presta attachment just for this one job so moving forward this system just isn't going to be practical for me with regards to time and cost.
  18. I'm done, apparently I don't have the patience for it. Grab a bargain someone:
  19. This is exactly the aforementioned 'faff' I was referring to in my initially. I'm about to just call it and ditch the whole idea, now I've finally got it all back together I can't get the damn bead to seal. Pumping super fast with a track pump and it just won't inflate. I think I'd rather just change tubes out on a ride rather than piss about with this every few months when the sealant needs changing. I have a full time job and I've already spent far too many hours this weekend on it and still not even got it close to being ridable. These Continental tyres are super hard to get on the rim anyway, add in a tyre insert and it's almost impossible, so constantly taking it on and off while trying to get the whole system to work seems like a massive waste of time (for me anyway). I'd love to see a video of someone fitting the Rimpact inserts to the Inspired V2 rims with Conti MacAskill tyres with a track pump.
  20. There is no way that I can get my tyre on over the insert like this: Ali's tyre almost just drops in, feels like I'm trying to fit a 20" tyre to a 24" rim lol
  21. Thanks, will give that a go then.
  22. Shall I pull the old plastic rim tape off (will be pain to get off and clean up, and also once it's gone in the event of an emergency where I have to put a tube back in I won't have much protection from the spokes) in the hope that the valve seals without it? Or should I just add sealant and hope it seals?
  23. One thing I possibly did wrong during the install that could be causing my leak around the valve, I left the original rim tape on the rim and put my Gorilla tape over it? The original rim tape looked like it would be a real pain to remove so I left it there. Ali there's a chance you might have built my wheel (2019 Fourplay Team) so you'll know what the original rim tape is like. I'll disassemble the whole thing today and remove that tape to see if that helps.
  24. Perfect, thanks! Still a little concerned about the slight leak around the valve but I'm hoping the sealant will sort it when I add it.