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  1. That's what I found when doing a quick search, seems like a more robust option to me for schrader drilled rims.
  2. I've recently started riding a Fourplay Team (Continental MacAskill tyres and Kenda tubes) and have been lucky enough to not get a snake bite puncture yet, I'm running a pretty low tyre pressure at the minute (25 psi) as that's what feels natural for me, I'm hoping to slowly raise that to around 35-40psi but for now I'm wondering if a tyre insert that's designed for tubes would help? Tannus tyre insert: Not sure I want all the faff of a tubeless setup because if you get a puncture mid ride just about all you can do is shove a tube in there so you'll still need to carry a tube anyway and clean up all the mess.
  3. Well this probably isn't the best sign, bit of sealant around one of spoke nipples. It appeared after bouncing the bike against the ground a few times in the garage so that shows sealant is being thrown around all over the place at least.
  4. In fact weren't Inspired going to release a tubless kit? Reference here, also another example of Inspired rims and Conti tyres successfully running tubless: Also, quick thought, maybe I'd have better luck with Schrader tubless valves? they'll fit the hole in my rim better and once the core is out I've got a bigger hole to blast air through which may help seat the tyre beads.
  5. The rain is supposed to hold off tomorrow so I'll ba able to actually ride the bike properly so hopefully that'll help. So, I wonder why Inspired don't make their rims tubeless compatible and same for Continental and their Macaskill tyres? Seems a bit odd really as the Fourplay Team comes with Macaskill tyres and tubless is such a handy mod for street trials.
  6. Thanks, I'll get some water on them and see if I can see any sidewall action. I'm hopeful the rear will sort itself out but the front is definitely leaking around the valve, I guess there is a chance the sealant will eventually take care of that as well.
  7. The rear seems to be holding up short term, no visible leaks and only seems to go down overnight but the front is leaking past the valve I'm sure of it, no visible leaks anywhere but I can hear it near the valve for sure. I'll persevere with the rear by keeping high pressure in it in the hope it'll eventually seal and maybe I'll be able to disassemble the front and salvage the sealant that's in it and try to fix the valve leak. The rear is the most important one regarding having a tubeless setup so if that one pulls through then it's not the end of the world if I have to put a tube back in the front.
  8. It has Stans in it at the minute but I mean I have no more sealant to hand so I can't start again. The bike shop put a load in yesterday but I don't have any of my own currently.
  9. Ah I must have missed that then. I can hear air slowly getting past the valve on the front wheel but not much I can do about it because I don't have any sealant so I can't take the tyre off.
  10. Damn it lol, that's a bit of info that has evaded me so far.
  11. Ah, do you mean up the side of the rim? Then no, didn't really think about that.
  12. Rim join? I've taped the rim all the way around with a few inches overlap. Maybe all isn't lost then just yet, I'll keep pumping them up and try to keep them moving and see what happens.
  13. Well both tyres went down over night so I'm back to square one and £30 lighter for yesterday's bike shop visit. They held good pressure for a few hours yesterday but obviously have slow leaks somewhere, I'll pump them up again this morning (assuming I can get them to hold air with my track pump and seemingly non seated beads) but if the same thing happens overnight tonight then I think I'm going to have to call it another failure and go back to tubes.
  14. Thanks, I did try to massage the tyre into place before inflation but like you say it's so damn tight it just wouldn't move. I'll just have to see how it holds up over the weekend. I've just had a quick fast spin on the bike outside to get the sealant moving and there are a couple of small leaks Inbetween some of the tyre treads so hopefully they were the reason it was slowly losing and air so once sealed it may hold air indefinitely. There are no leaks around the beads or valve so that's got to be a good sign.
  15. I got the wheels back, they said they could get any popping sounds when trying to seat the beads and they are kind of holding air for a while and there are no visible leaks. They dumped a load of Stans sealant in it and told me ride it as much as I can ASAP and hopefully that'll sort it. I'm not convinced though especially as the tyre does not seem to be seated properly, the photos below show that some parts of the tyre are further into the rim than others, looks like about half the tyre (both wheels), this is exactly what my old Macaskill tyres were like as well with inner tubes and obviously no Rimpact inserts, no matter what I did they were never even all the way around, what's causing this, the rim? The tyre? Or the fitting technique? Ill keep topping the pressure up to 60psi over the weekend and try to keep the wheels moving so we'll see what happens. Also I did actually mention to the shop about using a bit of lube on the bead but they didn't seem too keen because apparently they never have to when using a compressor. I reckon a little bit may have helped but not too much because when I tried this setup a while back I blew the tyre off of the rim with a canister type track pump after applying lube so maybe there is a middle ground required.
  16. Thanks, I was under the impression I was supposed to have the tape the full width, maybe that's causing an issue for me now.
  17. Bike shop can't seat the beads either! They've tried a canister pump at 160psi a few times and also a compressor so at this point I'm not convinced that this tyre and rim combo are going to work with tubeless. They reckon there's a chance that the tyres will stay up if they put some sealant in even though the beads are not seated so they're going to try that. If that's doesn't work then I'll either have to find someone who can seat them or go back to tubes.
  18. I want to buy a new chain, according to the following link my bike was supposed to have a KMC Z610 chain from new: I bought the bike used and I've just had a look at the chain and the lettering on it: KMC Z1e 9D NARROW So, do I currently have the following e-bike chain fitted? Is my current chain this?: And do I need this instead (Z series 1/2 x 3/32 Narrow)?: The KMC Website does not seem to list a Z610 as per the bikes original spec?
  19. I'm not going down that road or I'll end up with a garage full of spare parts like some kind of an F1 Team or something
  20. I decided to revisit this today, aaaaaaaaaand..... It worked! (I think) The major differences between my epic fail last time and my (touch wood) success today are brand new tyres and decent tyre levers. The old tyres were the biggest problem I believe as upon closer inspection they were very deformed and the beads never really seated properly even when using inner tubes, my wheels looked buckled if I looked at them while they were spinning but it was only the tyres, the rims are both very true. The tyre levers also made a massive difference by making things much much easier, I used Pedros tyre levers which didn't even feel like they were close to failing whereas during my previous attempt I snapped a couple of Park levers. So as it is I put one layer of black Gorilla tape around the rims, full width (thanks Ben), installed the valves (the tighter side of finger tight) making sure the rubber cones did not deform, wrestled the tyres and Rimpact inserts in and pumped them up to 60psi with a normal crappy no-name eBay floor pump (not even a tubeless type) and so far they've held some pressure for around an hour but with no sealant and technically not tubeless-ready tyres they won't hold much pressure for long. I wasted all my sealant on my last attempt but I work nextdoor to a bike shop so I'll get them to add to sealant tomorrow if they have time and make sure the beads are seated properly as just like last time I never got any bead popping sounds while inflating but this maybe because the tyres are so damn tight on the rim that they seated themselves while I was installing them, maybe, this would also explain how I managed to inflate them with the Worlds crappiest pump but more than likely I just couldn't get enough pressure built up quick enough with my pump so hopefully the bike shop will get them seated for me.
  21. Definitely! Chain now ordered
  22. Cool. As I bought the bike 2nd hand I'm keen to put a new chain on asap really.
  23. That link for TrialBikes is just a link that has the full spec for the '19 Fourplay which I use for reference, I'll order the chain from Tarty. I need tyres too and I still need to conquer setting up tubeless so ordering a chain quickly became a nearly £300 shopping cart so I held off for a minute as I've already spent a small fortune this weekend on other things.
  24. Nevermind, looks like the Z610 had been superceeded by the Z1eHX (e-bike chain) so I'll order one of those.