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  1. Would it cost more than £1000 to get your Mondeo fixed? It can seem silly to spend a car's full value fixing it but buying another ageing cheap car is just resetting the lottery of what could go wrong next. Fixing it on the other hand removes one item from that lottery and leaves you with a car you know you like, you know is mostly good and you know suits your needs.
  2. I think you'll really struggle to get a constant force over a varying distance. I'm fairly sure that the power of attraction varies as an inverse square function of distance, and as such it'll be linear-ish at larger distances, (although relatively weak), but never quite a constant force. I don't believe there's much you could do about this other than using control systems doing something clever with relating the voltage to the distance.
  3. As I was at the unit this evening I had a nose under my friends 240z's bonnet to see what he'd done for his AN lines. He seems to have a line with a barbed fitting onto the fuel filter at one end, and an AN fitting onto a distribution block at the other. I guess if you use -6 so it's 8mm ID, and its a soft hose then you can just not use an AN fitting one end. On the other hand, if you want the fancy bits throughout then the thingy you linked too looks right to me, but I'm going off nothing more than the description! The aforementioned line: And a couple of engine bay shots for good measure, and to show how worth it AN fittings are:
  4. I can't help with formulas or anything, but I've spent a while at work messing around with magnetic locks recently. I tried to do a little research into whether the design of the winding had an effect on the magnetic fields size/strength ratio (we didn't need much strength but needed it to work over a slight distance). I drew a bit of a blank but from what I saw while looking, for the sort of thing you're talking about the calculations didn't look too tricky (depending on the orientation of the rod to the coil.) Sadly I didn't go into it enough to be much help to you though . We were restricted to budget off the shelf part's, so beyond seeing if I could find any trends I didn't need to worry about numbers too much as the products spec sheets told me what I needed to know.
  5. Not usually, but I guess we could save some money on bolts and welding if we switched to self adhesive backed stuff.
  6. Thanks for the nearly 6 year bump, but I'm now nearly 5 years into a different profession. I still need to get stuff cut, but I don't think the average plotter would manage the 304 stainless steel we usually use.
  7. As above really, that should be work for me. There's even a very slight chance of the porsche working around then. I'd have had to bail on this Sunday in the end as life's gone a bit hectic recently and if I'm not working I'll need the time to sort other stuff out.
  8. 2019? well, maybe the end of 2018 of I'm lucky! I'm happy to resign myself to the e36 for now. At least it's slightly interesting/modified.
  9. Like Luke, I'm still up for this if other people still are.
  10. I never have much trust in putting a car on 4 axle stands. I tend to go with 2 well placed stands then something more secure. I welded up a sturdy axle stand height tressel that I use if I need to take all 4 wheels off. If 2 can stay on I tend to either just do with work one end at a time or place the other 2 wheels on something; either ramps or an old pair of wheels usually. A decent jack that lifts to a good height and rolls well enough to not drag the car towards you as it goes up is a godsend though. My 318tds now has another 12 months MOT. It only needed one front arm bush (although I changed the pair) and some trimming of the arch liners where the lower offset 5 series wheels were catching, not bad for a 19 year old £600 car that I haven't really touched for a year!
  11. What that guy said. ^ There's no way in hell I'll get the 924 done by then, so I'll be heading up in the e36. I'm still keen for this.
  12. Bike mounts in place:
  13. Looks good Paul. Yeah, they just bolt straight down into the t-tracks in my bars. I'll get some photos on them in use next time I pop out to the unit. (I left them there for the paint to dry.)
  14. I made some super simple but really effective bike mounts for my cars roof bars the other day as a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I'll get some photos of them in use, but basically they just bolt to the channel in my roof bars and the front axle bolts through them. One suits a 20mm, one suits a 15x110 and the last one's a 15x100, to suit my bike and the 2 friends I'd planned a ride with. I might make a couple more soon to cover more combinations of friends bikes. As my car's an estate I can set the roof bars far enough apart that the rear wheel sits on the other bar and just gets strapped straight to it. They've cost me nothing and they're small enough I can throw them in one of the cubby-holes in the boot and bolt them on when needed.
  15. I'm technically a design engineer who doesn't get his hands dirty at work but due to our usual fabricator being on paternity leave I've ended up knocking this together over the last 2 weeks: I was meant to just design it then hand it over to the other guys, but I've ended up doing all the welding/fabricating, helping with installing it (using just a forklift and man-power!) and today I did the concrete screed in the treads. That brewing set-up looks interesting. I need to get my head around automation electronics and programming sometime soon, it'd be bloody handy for work. (and my own projects.)