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  1. Good work man, I enjoyed that
  2. Oui dude! Sick
  3. Sick! Love the last clip, to front on/over the rail to sidehop to gap Off to try bunnys to front again...
  4. Hey dude, that hope trialzone brake is it a front or rear? Post or IS?

    1. IanJohnstone


      sorry man, just sold it. Was a rear, post mount

  5. Cheers man, nice to get a good review from the harsh critic of the forum lol It could be a bit much but yeah, I liked the Iron finish with the deevee rim green. I'm enjoying the change being on the Smith now, & I like the slight change in geo over the Iron. Your videos are really making me wanna ride Glasgow again!
  6. Love this edit dude, manual idol & impressive bunnies!
  7. You

    Flipp media always welcomed, nice one dude. I wanna go ride Leeds again
  8. Cheers dudes, & I didn't know you were in Cov Lemon, I'll give you a shout next time I'm up that way!
  9. Hi all, A mix of clips of riding the Ozonys Iron & Smith V2 bikes. If I'm honest I had more planned for this edit but broke my shoulder just over a week ago so thought I'd get this out, fix up & get onto the next one Music is Hipster Shakes by Black Pistol Fire https://vimeo.com/ianjtrials/ironvssmith
  10. Hi all, hope everyone's enjoying the summer! Here's a few clips, some edits longer than others, filmed for Instagram but also uploaded to Vimeo for sharing on facebook. A full "proper" edit will be online this Friday Big thanks to Ozonys & Bonz for their continued support Cheers Ian
  11. Cheers dudes, glad you like it. Getting the hang of this cycling in a straight line, even taken the stabalisers off See you there dude The seat tube doesn't extend past the top tube & the seat clamp is integrated so also doesn't extend above the top tube. No you can't slam the seat tube all the way to the top tube but I can still drop it down a inch or so lol, nah gone back to jeans. Still padded up & shorts still don't do it for me
  12. Got a new setup for the new year, the Ozonys Smith V2. I've had a few weeks of riding on it now and am really liking it! & yes, I may put my seat down a little at some point
  13. Really enjoyed watching that!
  14. Cool, glad some are enjoying it, I did wonder whether I could be setting myself up for a fall with the dramatic music choice but thought it went well with the footage really. Had a bit of a nightmare picking music (taking vimeo restrictions into account) cheers, that's was the plan (with the timelapses, intro/outro shots & cover picture) to make it an enjoyable watch, I'm not trying to big it up more than what it is. No filter used on that last shot by the way (as far as I know, Mark just sent the clips over), the skyline looked awesome. I don't want to make an edit & start a post with "nothing special" for example, I want to put some effort into every part of it & make something good to watch Feel like there's a lot of expectation from edits these days & think this is a good representation of me doing what I do. Cool to get a mixed reaction though I guess, rather than an indifferent or no reaction Cheers dude, that was first go! haha, the first actual go that is.. Yeah was one of those where you're not quite sure exactly what's gonna happen & the run up was a little sketchy
  15. Can't quite figure out the % of sarcasm in that post, is this the kind of comments I'll get from now on, now that I'm on an Ozonys? lol