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  1. Wonderful creativity, really enjoy your videos
  2. I'm using exactly that calliper set up but with the Hope up front. The Hope is definitely 'grabbier' with better hold. The MT7 has plenty of power with the Jitsie pads but doesn't have the immediacy in bite and lock that the Hope has. The power of the Hope calliper is down to the piston size, the addition of a Trials brake pad gives it a sharper bite but once the brake is locked it'll hold on whichever pad is in there if things are bedded in properly. If you're looking for ultimate power then definitely Hope on the rear with a Trials pad, it'll grab and hold very much like a well set up HS on a ground rim.
  3. @marg26 agreed! Faffing less is key to improving, I try to keep corrective hops to a minimum but it's tricky being an older rider and less bendy but definitely something to work on.
  4. We’re fortunate to have spots dotted around the North West within 40-35 mins of most of us and there’s plenty to do in my native Wigan. to be honest I’m not loosing much sleep about not travelling to bigger, better places until my skill set allows me to ride more than just a couple of things at a given spot.
  5. I've been giving the MOD some love this past week in an effort to really push forward with side hops after feeling like I started to make progress on the Stock. Starting from the back wheel always seemed a bit easier on the MOD, I remember Cap telling me they were easier for sidehops when I first started at Tarty and that's definitely become apparant riding the Stock and MOD back to back. The main thing I've been struggling with is the starting position relative to the object and getting enough 'pop' to lift the back wheel up and over. I've found learning smaller hops from two wheels has helped cement the idea of getting the drive from kicking the pedals rather than just trying to bunny hop things, this was something I actually found easier on the Stock as a more stable bike but once the technique was imprinted it translated well over to the MOD starting on the back wheel. Adam Cox recently showed me the trick to pre-loading and positioning which has helped massively, another case of little hard won tips from experienced riders paying off. In terms of position I've found you need to be facing the wall with your front wheel, bike at an angle, more than you might think. It's tempting to get close to the wall as it's less intimidating but you need that room to pre load the bike and lean in for the launch. Starting too close means you have to twist a lot to get that sideways momentum and I nearly always failed to clear the object and the back wheel just dropped off the edge. Even if I don't make it now starting more at an angle means you can easily get a foot down or go to bash. For pre loading it was a case of practicing lots to feel steady on the back wheel and getting the motion smooth. It's full commitment the second you begin to squat and compress to get any sort of height. Adam also explained about dropping the front wheel as you compress like a cantilever movement to powering up on the pedals whilst you kick and lift the front end like a pair of sciccors closing to get the drive. I've also been watching closely how experienced riders roll their ankles at the top of the thrust upward to get the rear wheel unweighted and moving upward, something that needs much more practice. I'm really please with my progress so far, the technique is rough but there and with some polishing I'm hoping and can get up platforms as high as I can drop off before long.
  6. Thanks for the kind words Matt, glad we could help! - Ben
  7. New bike day is a happy day. I’ve been aiming to get my bike license since 2008 so it’s so surreal to finally get the keys to my first proper bike.
  8. Nice job! Really cool looking bike, be interesting to know the exact geo figures if you’re up for sharing ;-)
  9. Sponsored by Alibaba
  10. @Matt24. Never a truer word spoken in regards to bikes
  11. "You should give Trials a go" (18 years ago) - daft as it sounds. What I wouldn't give to be where I am now with a body 18 years younger. I have no regrets and hindsight is a wonderful thing for procrastination...
  12. I can see how it would work (I think) I suspect gear ratios between the wheels and propeller relative to ground speed plays a big roll. In my head once it hits wind speed the wheels are turning the propeller at speed X so the car is sat in neutral air but the propeller is cutting through it at speed Y creating thrust and propelling the vehicle faster. The faster the wheels go the faster the propeller rotates thus more speed until a tipping point is reached where drag physical and aerodynamic cannot be overcome by thrust from the propeller. It seems more a clever use of gearing and aerodynamics on the propeller to gain the speed from energy taken from the propeller cutting through the air which is turned to forward motion
  13. I’ve been spending a bit of time polishing techniques to increase the size of moves, I think getting confidence with a bigger scale is the next step to levelling up my riding! I’ve been spending a lot of time on the 26 recently, I’m finding it an easier bike to make steady progress, the stability is helping a lot. It’s much heavier than the MOD but that just means a focus on technique rather than muscling up stuff. Really pleased to be getting a feel for side hops, it took a long time to get my head around how to preload properly. Starting on two wheels was a big help here as you have to push hard on the pedals to get the lift and it translates to back wheel side hops. Drops are the other big thing for me and I really like how controlled the 26 is as the front wheel drops. Ali C’s vid on drop technique helped, I have this in mind every time I ride now. I’ve found this the hardest on the MOD, it’s so twitchy I find it hard to control but I’m hoping as I get better I’ll come back to the MOD a much more competent rider. I’m learning that you need a lot of skill to get the most from modern 20” bikes.
  14. Our doe rabbit Ella unfortunately contracted an illness that means she's a bit wobbly - thankfully on the road to a full recovery but she'll always be a bit lop sided now (the one under the tunnel) so aiming for the small opening in the hutch from ground level up a narrow ramp is a bit like going for the bullseye after several pints. A trip to the timber yard and I've made a 'mezzanine' with a wide access ramp and walls to stop unwanted 'rigging' (see Yorkshire dictionary...) and to make it easier for her to get in and out of the hutch. I'm pleased with it, normally the stuff I make is bombproof but seriously flawed cosmetically but this has turned out alright. Should've bought a jigsaw years ago. Yea she's just a rabbit but it's nice to see her being able to enjoy being outside again and running in and out of the hutch like she's used to.