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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply Mark. I've ordered some Inspired Team bars from Tarty and no doubt will be here soon. Hopefully it will be a more natural position for me as I'm 182 cm tall with shoes and should be less cramped. You're right about the pro bars being quite low, kind of hinders me a little learning some of the street trials fundamentals. Just a quick question, are the team bars wider than the pro bars? I can't seem to find any info on the width of the pro bars and unable to measure them just now as I'm away from the bike. Rich
  2. Hello could someone please explain the advantages over a longer stem over higher rises bars please. I've got a 2020 Fourplay pro and fancy rising the bars up a bit. It's totally standard setup at the moment. I've read hops are easier with a higher bar setup but would changing the stem length be better or swapping the bars to the inspired team bars which have a higher rise. Thanks Rich
  3. Hello John. I'm learning too and I've found do what feels comfortable for you. I ride left foot forward and feel more comfortable turning to the left but also practice turning both ways. There's no laws stating which way to turn depending on what's your strongest foot. Both should be practiced so you're comfortable in all directions. I went for the Fourplay pro as my first bike, better brakes and drive train but go with what you can afford. Rich
  4. Good advice thanks, I'm planning on getting 2 new chains of the same and use the spare links once shortened to replace the quick link on the original chain. The new quick link will be used as a "get me home" if I get a breakage. Yes there's certainly a lot more torque involved with trials compared to MTB I agree. Thanks very much for the comments, much appreciated. Guess there's no hopping for me until the new chains arrive, it'll be an excuse to get the cube stereo out and use her for a bit . Rich
  5. I was running the split link too without any issues but now I've got that nagging doubt with re using it after I opened the chain carefully with circlip pliers then re-attatching it. Are they really a throw away item once undone or safe to use once re-attatched? It didn't pop into place with a click like the first time I connected it together on assembly. Rich
  6. The chain was shortened to fit by TartyBikes before the bike being sent to me, that's the issue. I'm going to order a couple of new chains just to be sure and shorten them myself and keep the spare links! Shin pads are on order too! Rich
  7. I removed the chain to give it a good clean after some riding at Rhyl seafront on Monday. The chain still had a lot of manufacturers grease on it and the sand seemed to absolutely love it! Bit of a predicament now as it turns out the quick link isn't a reusable one . Reading on TartyBikes they recommend not even using the quick link but attach the chain as you would normally by using a chain tool. That's fine and easy enough to do but unfortunately the chain was set to the right length which included the quick link. Is it feasible to remove remove the quick link making the chain one link shorter or buy a new chain? Rich
  8. The Hebo Size Chart is terrible to be honest, why don't they do a circumference measurement? Can I ask which part of your calf you measured to get the 38cm as the Jutsie size chart measures below the knee and above the ankle. Rich
  9. Saw them, look really good but a bit put off how 2 sizes can cover from Small to XL. Without trying them first in a shop it's a bit of a gamble buying online only to find out they don't fit very well. Rich
  10. That's more like what I'm after. Thank you. Rich
  11. The reviews said they're very tight fitting, the padding on the front sticks out far too much and they're very hot. I generally use Sixsixone armour for DH and Enduro but want a slim fitting shin protector for trials. Rich
  12. Any recommendation on some shin guards please. I was recommended the SixSixOne shin guards but after reading some reviews I have been put off. Something nice and slim would be nice and true to size. Rich
  13. No multitools for me, only use t style Allen Keys and all hung up in the garage in size order! Yes the last time they came loose I nipped them up by hand and rode around a bit to torque them up and that worked. Hopefully they will settle down a bit after a few more days like you mentioned. Might be worth carrying a small multitool for emergencies though. Thanks for the advice. Rich
  14. More often than I should , I'm a stickler for maintenance haha
  15. Is there any chance a technique section can be added to the forum? I know there's a lot of information on youtube but a dedicated section for technique on here would be a lot better. It would certainly help beginners like myself to know the proper form and reduce injuries. Rich