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  1. I don't know much about it. Purchase frame on ebay. Saw the frame and fell in love with the look of it. Just seems a shame for it to sit in my lock up not being used
  2. Hi there folks. First time post on here. Just after information on value of my project echo bike. Bought the frame on ebay a while ago. Wheels separately then forks etc etc. The bikes currently in my lock up so I'll get better pics and specs tomorrow. Looking to sell it on as I'm spending more time jumping and trail riding so the echo is going to waste. I have brand new maxxis tyres for it. The forks are brand new disc forks from tarty. The crank freewheel is brand new also. Forget brand and Pawls etc but I'll chevk it and my email history sure I'll find the order. If memory serves its an echo bb and headset. The wheels are disc hubs. I'm a fabrication welder so had planned to tig weld a rear brake mount to frame but never got around to it. There's currently no brakes fitted to the bike I'll get more details and pictures ASAP. Based in scotland