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  1. Yes, I think the trial and error method helps in many ways of life Yes, there is a truth in these two tips, thank you. I also want to add that if the rotor rubs, we look at the clearance, which block it touches, we relax the caliper mount and slightly shift it towards the rubbing block, while the plane of the block should remain parallel to the plane of the rotor. We tighten the mount slightly, check for clearance, repeat the procedure if necessary. If the rotor rubs on both pads, they can be diluted by unscrewing the adjusting hexagon in the brake lever a little, while the brakes will begin to grab later, if you need, on the contrary, a smaller handle stroke, then the hexagon must be screwed in, you may need to align the rotor. soclikes.com Regards, Justin Wilson.
  2. HI! After fixing the wheel, it is necessary to center the caliper relative to the rotor, selecting and installing between the frame and caliper crepes washers from the kit, which have various different thicknesses. The catch is that the harder you tighten, the better the interposition of the washers and => the caliper will be closer to the frame, Therefore, by selecting the thickness and number of washers with an accuracy of fractions of a millimeter, you need to try many combinations, you can only advise, be patient when using the sample method and mistakes. But for most manufacturers, the installation is easier - after installing the rotor on the hub and the wheels in place, we tighten the axle with bolts (eccentric). We fasten the adapter tightly (using a thread lock is encouraged). We fasten the caliper (machine) but do not tighten the hexagons (the caliper should "float"). We clamp the brake lever, check if the pads extend equally when pressing the handle.
  3. Hi i am also new here, I have been riding for about 3 years, but I had a break due to a knee injury, now everything is fine and I continue to learn new tricks and just enjoy riding.
  4. Hi! Thanks for sharing their Instagram. These are really cool guys and they have spare parts on fire! I knew they were from my country, but I didn't know they had Instagram. I met them at the UCI championship, as they were its sponsors. Perhaps you will be interested: the idea of their Volum CNC project was the development, manufacture and sale of milled parts for bicycle trials in Ukraine and abroad. They approach the quality of products with particular scrupulousness: high-quality European aluminum alloys, the latest CNC and anodizing technologies are used in the production.