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  1. I'm just starting out so working on my trackstand in an effort to improve my balance. I managed to pick up a used Inspired Element which is a real treat to ride. I also practice on my Rocky Mountain Stratos.
  2. Hey @Matt_71 glad to see another older person getting started. I'm 55 and while I spent most of my youth on a bike in some fashion, in many ways I feel like l'm learning to ride all over again. I'm in Canada and the trials community is woefully small here.
  3. Thanks, I'll check into Vottoria availability in Canada and the Ikon recommendation. Generally, tires, and more specifically 26ers seem to be in short supply locally.
  4. Thanks for the lead, definitely helpful!
  5. Actually my Element has 26'ers.
  6. So are you running the Crosskings?
  7. That's a good question. Definitely don't want pinch flats. What's the consensus on the Maxxis Holy Roller?
  8. My new-to-me Inspired Element came with a Schwalbe Tabletop on the front and a Try-All on the rear. I noticed the rear tire has a number of pretty good size marks and is generally pretty checked. Looking around for streety type tires online and there seems to be a world wide tire shortage. Was looking at Continental CrossKings. 26 x 2.2. I know Tarty bikes has them but shipping and duties make them really expensive. Any decent options available in North America, (Canada preferably)?
  9. I was chatting with fellow who bought an Inspired Arcade because he wanted something that was more street-oriented. He's very happy with it. Food for thought?
  10. I recently bought a used Inspired Element. The seller told me it needed a rear brake booster. Being new to the sport I was a bit perplexed by two bolt vs. four bolt boosters plus the centre to centre spacing was narrower than anything I could find. Popped off an email to Tartybikes yesterday (Sunday) and to my surprise I got a reply within a few hours. A few questions and pictures later I have a new carbon fibre brake booster on order. Thanks Ben and Adam @tartybikes!
  11. Well I lucked into a 2015 Inspired Element. Maguras, new Jitsie bars and pedals, new Trailtech stem. Excellent condition. I’m stoked!
  12. @jamesb is from Kingston ON I believe.
  13. I'm on Vancouver Island.
  14. Thanks @Mark W They are backordered at Tartybikes so I'll bide my time. Currently riding a KHS dirt jump and struggling to make progress.
  15. Gosh there hasn't been any activity in this thread for two years! Wonder if there are any Alias 24 riders who can provide feedback on this model.