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  1. Frame: CJBike steel parts and accessories mostly china/taiwan. Bike still holds, but the owner still suffers lower back pain 'til present.
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to gather some info and suggestions for the stem. I am 5'4 and currently using 80mm x 35 deg stem. My bike specs: wheelbase 970head tube 74bb height 15chainstay 362 (shortest 355-368 adjustable) thinking of 90mm x 35 or which is better? I like bunnyhops as well as want to learn front taps. Thanks...
  3. i might not be using the top shigura setup, deore levers + MT2 calipers. For me, the feel was sharp with modulation, even with few layers of tapes behind the brake pads. Or maybe just because I am using 203 rotor with full metallic pads.
  4. i really enjoyed these kind of riding style, not too fancy but for me very interesting....though I am too old to learn all of those...
  5. Thanks guys! I felt so Blessed to be answered by celebs....
  6. Thanks! now I got additional type of tape to try! Gorilla tape, this I haven't used yet. I have been through, 3M thin double sided tape and masking tape both works in short time (week), then duct tape which I am worried on the adhesive that scatters on the caliper and even detach on some sides after few days of riding. Great! I will hunt for gorilla tape this week.
  7. Masters! I guess this topic might have been covered in many forums but I I hope i could gather updated solutions. I am using Magura MT2 and MT4 calipers and always have this knocking sounds on the brake pads each time I land backwards or land on the edges. I did applied tape/double sided tape between pads and piston, still it worns out by time. And I have tested several pads and the noise were still there, except some were a bit less annoying than other. Thanks...
  8. i am currently and been using something like chinese made brake pads. Super cheap but gives me stopping power i never expected. Started from curiousity unitl it becomes my preffered one.
  9. After 3 years on me and maybe 5 on the first owner, my stupidity over torque wins.....hehehehe now on MT2 calipers with shimano deore levers...
  10. go for better brake pads as well
  11. I run MT4 since 2018 and MT2 on front. So far 4 caliper adapter had been broken yet the caliper stays the same. Just using cheap metallic pads and power is massive for me.
  12. if only I could buy another bike.....
  13. about the chains, periodical replacement is very reasonable. But sometimes, things beome tricky when someone gave you a new and bit expensive chain (kmc 710sl) and that was last 2017. Never had any breaks on these chains compared to ybn than had make multiple breakd in just 3 months. What I did is install (DIY) spring loaded chain tensioner, wheels slammed, chain stretch not noticeable and as of now, still rolls fine for me.
  14. Hello everyone! I am Mark Philip Madera from Philippines and currently working in Macau(SAR). Dreamed of trials bike since 1995 and now I am 40 years old. I just started learning on 2018, exactly the same year after i built the echo pure 26, given by a friend during mid 2017. I rode bmx, mtb and DJ, but when i first rode a trials bike it felt so weird and confusing. So I learn from scratch, 1 hour per Saturday and Sunday. Took me a long way to learn the basics, then figure out to build a street trials 24 since I am 5'4 and missed those bmx/d days. So stoked what I learned until now and the same time crying everytime my lower back aches.... Riding bikes is the only stress-relief for me being away from families while on the job...