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  1. This has some formulas that may be useful: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.stcharlesprep.org/01_parents/vandermeer_s/Useful%20Links/Honors%20Physics/pdf%20lectures/Torque%20in%20Magnetic%20Field.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiKzpbXxe_dAhVCXxoKHah2DykQFjAOegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw29lgmNWSg74mBoa_-0-yqL Are you trying to build a solenoid or just a normal electromagnet? (Albeit essentially the same).
  2. That's brilliant! It makes you wonder how some people think. Jumping in with my latest car news... I'm STILL trying to decide what to do next. The LC has 171k miles on it now but is still going strong. However, some rust is starting to appear around arches and the bodywork/wheels aren't in the best condition. Probably not that surprising as I'm still doing 350 miles a week. So half of me still wants more power and the other half would like better fuel economy. This has brought me to the following options: 1. Keep the LC, do nothing until something major breaks. 2. Keep the LC, buy a hybrid turbo etc. (Would also need engine rebuild?) 3. Buy a 2.0TFSI (VRS or A3) <£4000 4. Buy a 2.0 CR (VRS or A3) 5. Quit owning 'quicker' cars/accept people overtaking me and buy something sensible. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  3. I need some help with my LC please Over the past few weeks the car has been hesitant to start when warm (i.e. if I drive home and turn the engine off then try to start it again a few minutes later) It then idles high for a few seconds. I've also notice what I'm pretty sure is a boost leak when overtaking etc. I think the two problems are unrelated but might not be? My current thoughts are leaking injectors?
  4. @Luke Rainbird Are you splitting your old LCR?
  5. I have to admit I do feel it has died compared to the "good old days". Personally I have recently purchased a 24" to try and get me back into riding...I have to admit it's working so far! However, I do feel as we get older we see things differently and nostalgia plays a big part.
  6. Update: Mystery solved! (or more mystery uncovered). Out of curiosity I took my new Shimano front adaptor and tried it on the rear...a perfect fit! So looks as if you require two FRONT shimano 203mm adaptors to run 203 rotors.
  7. Hmm, it looks as if the equivalent shimano adaptor in 180mm might do the trick... Edit: On second thoughts I noticed the original Avid mounts appeared to both be identical. Does this mean maybe the Front 203mm Shimano mount will work on the rear?
  8. So the new rotors and adaptors arrived today. The front works fine but the rear caliper sits too high on the rotor The adaptor appears to bring the caliper more towards the front of the bike than the previous one. I've attached a photo of the rear adaptor I purchased. Any ideas?
  9. I suspect it is contamination. Oh, what's wrong with disc brake cleaner?
  10. Has anyone owned a Mazda 3 2.3 MPS or have any opinions on them? Still undecided on the next car choice!
  11. Hi Mark, Yes BB5 on the front (which works well to be honest) but I've upgraded to an old Saint M810 on the rear. However, the brake just isn't performing well at all. It's brand new (I got very lucky on Ebay!) with sintered pads and I've given it a fresh bleed. If I wet the rotor it works amazingly but progressively gets worse after a short time. I've had quite a lot of rides on it now and followed all the normal bedding procedures so something isn't right. I thought starting again with a new rotor and pads might help things but maybe I am going over the top?!
  12. Brakes are both post mount. Warranty only covers up to 180mm which seems fairly standard but I'm willing to take that risk.
  13. Hi all, Potentially looking to change the discs on my Czar Ion 24" to 203mm rotors. They come with 180mm as standard and both are IS. Do I simply need the front and rear "203mm" Shimano adaptors? http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mobile/shimano-mount-adaptor-front-post-to-is/rp-prod13743?gs=1&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Chain+Reaction-UK-PLA-PLA-All-MB-SE-Shopping+QLB+Manufacturer+Mobile&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|sfn1nSdVW_dm|pcrid|161814140553|pkw||pmt||prd|38589UK
  14. I've literally just got a new trials bike after being away from trials for 7 years. I'm in Telford too! Not sure I've ever actually ridden Telford...I grew up riding in Wolverhampton.
  15. Czar Ion from tarty!