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  1. Fantastic to see a UK rider at this level. Incredible control and power. Great video!
  2. Could you just put out a new video instead Andy . Its been too long and the Vince videos were immense! Video was great, Different but great. Riding was incredible.
  3. I have a Coolpix A. Great camera. It does great video too.
  4. Awesome Riding Ali and great video production. Some many good lines and huge moves. Loved the gap to hook at the 2 min mark.
  5. Best off road cyclist of all time? What a legacy Akkers is going leave behind.
  6. The wheels are too small but thats really impressive. I had an 8 Kg monty Xlite and it felt like it was made of plastic, 6.5 KG is crazy
  7. Thats different Cant really see the idea behind that. However a bike like that to ride like that looks like a good plan.
  8. Ive gotta say, squats help side hops. If you can stand up with 100KG+ on your shoulders, you can fly with a 10kg bike. Obviously without technique it means nothing but power helps a lot! Damon is a beast, so is TRA. Both are static move masters.
  9. Your right, compared to bikes now its superseded but at the time it was immense. One of the first heavily CNC'd frames, Cutting edge geo and super light. Still my favourite bike
  10. Good video, Great riding. That XTP is probably my favourite bike. The 20 rides so well. My mate had the full koxx build XTP 26" and it was perfect. Ahh the good ol'days
  11. I live a mile from Blackstone edge. Its about 15min from the car park to the top but WELL worth it. Its one of the best trials spots in the UK. Ive rode there countless times and always find completely new lines. Send me a PM if you decide to go up.
  12. I actually went to Brimham rocks on Sunday for a day out with the other half. Wish I had seen this, would have popped along for abit. Hope it went well. Quite fancy entering
  13. Pretty sure it was 1085 WB, +10mm BB and 375mm back end (no idea on head angle)
  14. Id go with the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. Great build quality to match the 7D and Constant 2.8 (will be handy for interior interviews)
  15. Tartybikes, Adam and Dave have helped develop the industry to such an extent. Adams always been a huge contribution to this site too Some contributions off the top of my head Inspired Trialtech Tartydays Sponsorship of world class riders (Danny Mac, Ali C, Vince etc) Providing bikes and components to the majority of the the UK trials riders