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  1. I have had to fix this many times on many bikes and brakes over the years and have found an M4 bolt to work well ok it looks a bit naf but you could allways cut it down so not too much sticks out but most importantly you will still be able to use the tpi
  2. Must admit I have now swapped the Ardent for a Holly roller. Though there's not much between the two the ardent is a huge 2.4 whereas the roller is 2.3 but much much smaller. Thinking I may have to take some tread off of it but seems a shame to waste it...
  3. Well I've now got hold of my bars and stem and had a few hops in the garden on it. Feels quite surprisingly ok with the bars at the same angle they were on my previous frame which I expected to need to move. However after a few hops in the garden riding it feels much better than I expected given that I've gone backwards in terms of geo progression. Anyway here is how it looks untill I get a new Isis BB and my other cranks on it so these can go back on the mod. The cranks on it ATM are square taper 165mms (from my mod) and have stood the test of time and though I don't ride much any more have had years of abuse and still stiff and awesome.
  4. If you can lace it up yourself why not just replace the rim? Though if you have to pay to have it built up it may work out cheaper to grab a second hand wheel maybe off here or ebay. Don't forget you'll need a smaller tyre too. Though you never know a wheel with tyre may pop up on here as it does often happen.
  5. Cheers fella will have a look at those. My boys from previous lifetime both learned on old school hard geared short cranks and horseshoe brakes and the bikes today are amazing compared to then so I'm sure whe will end up continuing and hopefully have something smaller before she can fit on this one as it's aged 3-5.
  6. To anyone who saw my rant the other night Incan now happily say mum and Thea came home last night and both are thankfully all good all round. Think some of you will relate as nanny has won a gold star and got her first bike albeit a lot title early but still adorable
  7. Bit of a subject change here but need to rant my Mrs gave birth to our first together this morning and 0730 and due to some issues which need to be monitored she's having to stay overnight till some point tomorrow. I got to see her born and bond etc and be there for my Mrs in labour suite but I left at lunchtime as my Mrs was taken into the ward, however was put in her own room with baby and now due to a couple worrying things have to stay at least overnight. Don't want to go into details but I can't take food in for my Mrs or see either of them despite being there to bring her into the world etc. Maybe I'm being a nob but it's worrying not being able to be there to hear what's going on and be there for my Mrs as she's just been through a horrendous day and lost nearly two litres of blood and urghhh.
  8. Got this in the last few days and set about building it up. Need to shim the front brake and fit the bars and stem when I pick them up from my parents house as well as get a new Isis bottom bracket. Anyone got any idea which koxx level boss frame this is? Looking quickly with my Mrs sewing box tape the wheelbase looks to be 1060 with fatty forks on, and BB rise approximately +5mm. The rear tyre is a squeeze but the 2.4 Ardent seems to fit ok so far Will add more pics as it becomes more built up/finished...
  9. Is it definitely 26"? Any idea on geo
  10. Did you ever build this frame up?
  11. Pretty sure I have a middle burn trials bash, 5 bolt sat in my spares if you still need one
  12. Where ever did you find a brand new elgato
  13. I have a mono ti front hub and matching Mavic d521cd sitting spare! All depends if you want a disk upfront I guess. Not built up so would need to get that sorted out but give me a pm if your interested at all.
  14. here's the planet X zebdi I recently finished that my nephew is having now. He's a short arse hence the stem.