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  1. -26c walk home this morning.
  2. Thumbnail says it all.
  3. Yeah good points. Might go look at it tomorrow. Is there anything that would make this a deal breaker? How wrecked would it have to be to pass?
  4. https://duluth.craigslist.org/bik/d/duluth-large-specialized-rockhopper-fsr/7022323083.html Sounds like it might need new forks, but everything else seems like it just needs to be cleaned / lubed up.
  5. New helmet time for me, looking into the POC trabec, looks kind of trialsy. Anyone had any experience with these?
  6. A key thing I've changed when using facebook is don't friend anyone. Let them friend you. It's been great for when I go on political rants, if they get offended I can just tell them "well, you added me". Also heavy unsubscribing from people who post shit, and selecting "see first" from close friends and family is key for a tolerable news feed.
  7. All this because someone decided to let the country vote on something they had no business voting on.
  8. Ah f**k. Didn't know Split was even a thing.
  9. I'm about 80% into Glass and I have no idea what's going on and most of it was pretty boring. Only good thing is James McAvoy's acting.
  10. I generally only use facebook these days when I receive an actual notification. I've also kept on top of my news feed so all the shit I don't want to see isn't there and now it's pretty much family and friends pictures and trump memes.
  11. I went and got a beer out the fridge just so I could fit in with the rest. Merry Christmas all!
  12. Nah, I know it's the wheel because you can literally see the wheel wobble back and forth when you pedal backwards. The forks are burly too. Might just try and back off the breaks a little more but the lever is going to be hitting the grips soon.
  13. Bought a Razor DXT drift trike a few weeks back. Great fun and a good toy for $100. However the wheel swayed quite badly. Contacted customer service and they send me a new one. It's exactly the same. The wheel is true it just depends on what position the cranks are in. Under heavy pedalling the brake will rub. Bearly ever use the brake so I'm trying to come up with a way to make sure the pads are far out as possible to stop this from happening. I don't need the stopping power so trying to think of a way to trade off power for distance. Any ideas?
  14. I guess I've got a lot of movies to watch then.
  15. So I've certainly bit off more than I can chew with the chainring. 50t with 12-25t on the back is too high geared. I mean it's great for mild hills and on the level, but any kind of actual real incline and I'm toast. I'm deciding between 38, 40 or 42t. Probably gonna go with a 40t. But can't seem to find anything that isn't crazy high priced, in 130mm BCD, that isn't in China. Any ideas?