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  1. ASMR trials bike build! I watched this to relax before I went to bed last night.
  2. Loved my t-lite back in the day. Took me forever to find that rimtape.
  3. 5kg down since the lockdown started. Hopefully more to come.
  4. I'd just like to throw something out there. Governments are allowed to be wrong about COVID-19. It's an unprecedented virus, and governments should be airing on the side of caution because of that. There's no conspiracies, they're just dealing with something they know nothing about.
  5. My area is kind of away from the center of the city so not seen too much. Fortunately I had the weekend off, now all the stores are closed overnight so I get a paid vacation.
  6. I'm in Duluth Minnesota about 2 hours away from Minneapolis, protests are starting to form at night here. I work in a gas station chain and last night a female employee was attacked while the store was being looted at another location 2 miles away. I do believe I'm expected to head into work tonight at 10pm, they should 100% be closing the store before nightfall but I doubt they're going to.
  7. Certainly not angry, but this is the only place for it. Took a ride out on my mod for the first time in about 11 years, been fixing it up for the last few weeks. The thing is horrific to ride. After being on TF for 15 years now, I suddenly have an appreciation for all the hate that I saw thrown towards 20" trials bikes. Obviously I'm completely out of practice, but after riding my 27.5 trail bike, this thing just doesn't do it for me anymore. I think it might be time to part ways and look into other bigger wheel options. No idea what direction to go as I've never ridden any other types of trials bikes... I might just have to see what's out there and give something a try if I can sell it.
  8. Urgh, I don't have any thin enough washers to line it up perfectly. Smallest I've got is 1mm. With or without it, it rubs either side.
  9. I love how all these old t-pros are suddenly making a comeback. Nice find!
  10. My cousin had this frame once upon a time. It's pretty standard so you shouldn't have an issue with parts.
  11. It got knocked off in the back of the car because it was pushed against some folded down seats. But yeah it could have been in it's lowest gear. I think i might just screw in the bolts that used to hold the small chainring on that might do the trick.
  12. Yeah it never comes off when riding, it's juts happened once or twice when I'm working on it or transporting it. It wouldn't be a big deal if it didn't immediately drop into that gap and become impossible to remove.
  13. How do I stop this from happening? Converted to a 1x up front from a 3x is why this issue exists. It never falls off when I'm riding, it got knocked off when I was getting it out of the car. But it gets so stuck I have to pull the crank off to get at it.
  14. I can give it a shot, but I'm already riding with some thermal biking pants that have kept my legs warm all the way down to -7c. When it's a little above freezing I feel like they're probably overkill, I can't imagine wearing another layer under them, I'd start baking. Fortunately this is a non issue now as morning temps have picked up.
  15. The problem is the rest of me is fine, too warm if anything. Certainly wouldn't want to add more layers to anything else. I'm gonna give a cheap pair of heated socks a try. If they work out I'll buy a better pair next winter.