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  1. Tried to ride a collection of 25 trails today that traverses the entire length of the city. It's about 43 miles. But f**k, I didn't expect there to be so many difficult trails in there. That combined with the 30c temperature, I had to call it half way through. Was so exhausted I could barely keep my head upright.
  2. Seems like I've solved the issue. After trying a few more times I still had issue with the lever pull being inconsistent even though I was convinced I'd got all the air out after trying all the advice given here. What I was doing wrong with the syringe/vacuum trick was simply not pulling hard enough. Once I started really pulling on that thing a lot of air came out, and then a lot of tiny air bubbles too. I knew I'd cracked it when I pulled the lever for the first time and once the pads had settled into position the bite point was closer than the front brake. To even get near to this point before I'd have to pump the brakes when the bike was upright, and even then it'd pull back in after a few mins. Went out for a test ride and on my first pump of the rear brake damn near went of the bars because I wasn't used to that kind of power. Can't wait for it to fully bed in like the front has, but for I can actually gap up onto a curb without fear of death. TL;DR wasn't pulling hard enough on the syringe. Thanks all!
  3. Something closely related to the plan on the conveyor belt.
  4. Sold my cheapy flat bar roadbike that I f**ked over converting it to a 1x for $100 less than I bought it for new, so now the hunt is on for a roadbike.
  5. There's a point to point route that leads through my city called the Duluth Traverse. It's 40 miles and about 85% of it are mountain bike / gravel trails. I've booked a day off work to ride it, and today I thought I'd ride the half of it I've never ridden before so I can familiarize myself with it and get some training in. The plan was to take the bus down to the start, ride half of it, and bus back. Our busses have bike racks on the front, but guess what? My 27.5"+ bike doesn't fit. So there goes my plans for the 6th. Now I'll have to find someone to drive me down there.
  6. Took it for a spin today and the lever felt solid and the pads seem to be moving perfectly now. No changing lever reach either. So I think maybe the issue is that it hasn't bedded in yet so I'll assume that's what's going on before I try again.
  7. Ok I'll give this a shot. Thanks!
  8. Yeah that's the one! Although I think this might be a newer version.
  9. So are you suggesting a just take the lever off, hold it in this orientation, tap it, and then put the lever back on and done? Or should I do this then bleed again?
  10. I remember the try-all 26" frame, had an insane BB height that seems standard for competitions bikes now. What was that frame called?
  11. Done this like 8 times Although I think I may have got it now. Pads are pulling in evenly and seems much more solid. Will take a ride tomorrow morning and see how it is.
  12. Picked up a used Inspired Fourplay last year. The rear brake had been replaced under warranty but was sent to the owner without the line been cut to length. So he had it wrapped around the headtube about 5 times instead of cutting it down. So a few days ago I cut it down and bled the brake. I realized I may have done it wrong the first time because where I wanted the bite point the reach screw was all the way in. I forgot to unscrew this out before I bled. So I re did it and it seemed better. But when I took it out for a spin today, there's no real hold on the brake compared to the front one which is shockingly powerful. Another thing I noticed is that the bit point seems to be changing as I ride. It'll get further towards the bars, but if I bring the bike up on to the back wheel and pump the brake it'll move further out. Is this a sign of air in the system still? Also even though the brake caliper is absolutely center over the rotor, only one pad had a noticeable gap from the rotor, the other one seems to skim up against the disc. Would this be something that would happen if there's air in the system? Thanks!
  13. Is there such a thing as government grants that would pay a salary to professional athletes for representing their country?
  14. This is the 2nd summer I've commuted home from work. Decided to timelapse it a few weeks back. I'm lucky enough to have 3 different trails / gravel roads to choose from that'll take me in the direction of home if I'm feeling more adventurous than just taking the main road. This ride starts by leaving work and doing a small stint on the Waabizheshikana trail which winds along the edge of a small section St. Louis River before it connects to Lake Superior. This passes the start of the Munger Trail which I ride up to the main road that takes me back down to home. The Munger Trail actually runs about a 5th of the entire length of Minnesota from Duluth to Hinkley. It's about 67 miles and hope to be able to ride it all one day. All 67 miles are completely paved. It used to be an old railway line and is named after Willard Munger, a local politician who was the longest-serving member of the House at over 42 years.
  15. 34 your old checking in. Here's my mind dump. I was never off my bike and a kid and transitioned into actually riding rather than playing in my mid teens. My fondest memories of my teens was out doing long weekly rides with my mates and coming home with aching legs from riding miles and aching stomach and face muscles from laughing at all the f**kery we'd get up to. Everything changed when I got my first trials bike though. Looking back it felt like I was riding trials every day for years. It's amazing how I never really progressed very far with trails considering how much time I spent doing it, but I do have a massive lack of confidence when it comes to doing anything on a bike so I never try anything even slightly out of my comfort zone. Late teens I was doing terribly in school and a lot of the people who I used to ride with grew out of riding bikes, I tried to keep going solo but it's just not the same. I actually bought a couple of bikes over this time, an XC bike and a road bike, but they were rarely used. Socially everyone who I used to ride with were out drinking instead of biking so a followed along with that. Looking back now that was around the same time I started to slip into depression which kind of makes sense. When I moved out to the USA and basically restarted my life, I brought my trials bike with me but could probably count on two hands how many times I rode it. A big nail in the coffin for me was riding in a casual competition after barely riding my bike for a year and realizing that any fitness and skill I had had completely gone out of the window. I was unable to work due to immigration issues for a couple of years so all I was doing was drinking, eating like an American and not exercising. I did this for 8 years. Just before covid I found myself weighing in at 207lbs @ 5'11". Eating whatever the hell I wanted, using marijuana most evenings, getting drunk 3 nights a week. Dealing with mental health issues, panic and anxiety, mild depression and OCD. I did a couple of therapy sessions which weren't great, but certainly put a lot of things into perspective and made me realize what I needed to do to help myself. Covid, getting a new job and the plans for a pretty decent skatepark down the street from me at the start of 2020 really changed everything. My old job was during the evening and was physically demanding. My new job is working overnights with no physical work so I had much more energy when I was done. I started cycling home in the mornings which became exercise 4 days a week on a bike I'd bought a few years back but hardly ever used. This got me looking into the trail system of my city and I realized that I'm surrounded by dozens of trails of every type you can imagine. I had to buy a trail bike, and I did. I also pulled my mod out of the shed, fixed it up and sold it to buy an Inspired Fourplay for when the skatepark is ready. I also bought a fatbike for the winter too. 2020 I saw my fitness skyrocket and so did my mood. I was on a bike pretty much every other day for months. I felt my mood crash a little during the winter of 2020. Could no longer commute home on the bike and not having studded tires on the fatbike made it so that I could only ride in very specific conditions. And usually those very specific conditions would line up with dangerously cold temperatures. As soon as I could this year I flung myself right back into cycling as much as I could and I'm already feeling better. So much so that I'm now 7 weeks clean and sober, and I'm focusing on trying to change my diet going forwards. Weight is a huge issue for my riding. I'm at least 45lbs heavier than back in the late 2000s / early 2010s. Here's me worrying about the weight of the bike I'm riding when I'm carrying an entire mountain bike of extra weight on myself. So my goal going forwards is just to stay active, get some weight off and just start enjoying everything that bikes have to offer. I've been very fortunate venturing into my 30s. The only signs of me aging are a few grays and a bout of shingles I had to deal with. Other than being a fatty I've avoided any of the joint or back issues that tend to show up around this time.