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  1. Schools are pretty much predicted to be done with for the school year here. We're still under a non enforced stay at home order. However a lot of stores are stepping up now. Walmart will be temperature testing all employees, and I've heard my old place of work which is a hardware store will be testing the temps of customers too and have banned under 16 year olds. I think the issue we're having here is that people are taking the whole family out shopping rather than just 1 person going, things like that. I was talking to my father in law this morning because he'd called my wife to see if she wanted to be picked up and go to get something to eat and she said no because of the stay at home order. So he called me to ask about that, he didn't really seem to get the severity of it and didn't understand why he couldn't even come over to ours. He's also been wandering around stores and clothes shopping just for something to do. So there is really a long way to go with educating people with things like not visiting family and going to shops for essentials only etc.
  2. Yeah winter here is pretty much November to April. Literally half the days of the year see temperatures freezing or blow. I'll never get used to it.
  3. Ended up going with a new 2019 Cannondale Cujo 3 27.5+ Bigger tires actually worked pretty well on the packed snow at the higher pressure rating, and I can swap the wheels out for some skinnier 29s down the road.
  4. 1-3% mortality rate? Can't be right, we're not going to loose that many people. So I should really think of covid-19 and it's annual mutations to be something that's just "around" from now on? Like the flu and common colds?
  5. Yeah I'm pretty much throwing all my opinions out there so I can come back and gloat if I'm right. Either way we'll have a crap load of ventilators so if something like this happens again we'll be all set!
  6. My understanding is that when something like a flu or the common cold mutates and comes around next season our bodies already know how to fight that type off because it's so similar and needs to do less work to figure it out, it can still make people sick however, but it's much less likely to. Obviously covid-19 is new so that initial resistance isn't there at all.
  7. But wouldn't people get it at the same roughly the same rate as the seasonal flu because we're all are potentially going to be immune to it from this round? So the 2nd wave wouldn't be anywhere near as bad at this one?
  8. No not sure about that at all haha. It depends how long it goes on for and how long people are out of work. I know here a bill was just passed here that's going to give a lot of money to the public and businesses (me and my wife are literally going to get a check for $2400 even though our income has gone up because of the virus) so if that's enough to hold everything over for a couple of months, at which point I think we're going get over the worst of it, then the economy will spring back almost instantly. But if it goes on for longer then who knows.
  9. Because it's spreading so easily, a lot of people will eventually become immune quickly. I think it'll go away as quick as it came because of that. My predictions are, people will start going back to work their non essential jobs around the middle of May after April will be the worst of it. This'll freak people out as we'll start seeing new cases raise again, but they're not rising anywhere near levels that they did in April. Through the summer it'll wind down as more and more will be immune by then. By the end of the summer natural herd immunity will kill it off pretty quickly, start of fall it'll be all in the past.
  10. Trump is actually right on the money here, we (goes for both UK and USA) aren't in a recession, we're in the middle of a natural disaster. Once we get out of the eye of the storm things will go back to normal pretty quickly. I'm not sure a vaccine will be much use by the time it comes out, as easy as this is spreading, most people will be immune to it by the end of the year anyway by means of just contracting it. Exponential growth combined with a 2-3 week delay on symptoms. The UK has been in lockdown only for a week, so all the people who were contagious with no symptoms, going to bars and restaurants and infecting people for that time means 2-3 weeks from that point is where we see the peak of cases and deaths. That time hasn't come yet as the lockdown has only been going on for 1 week. So expect to see a exponential raise over the next 2 weeks, then a peak at week 4, then new cases will start to drop IF a lockdown is actually something that works. Realistically for the lockdown to work, it just needs to flatten the curve enough so that the NHS doesn't get overwhelmed with patents. That's really the only achievable goal as of now.
  11. Trump said he would. Generally if Trump said he'd do something, it has or will never get done. He's too busy doing things he's saying he won't do. Urgent care will not accept you if you don't have insurance. Emergency rooms legally have to treat everyone and anyone. I learned this when I was uninsured so I knew where to go if something happened. But either way, it's disgusting that we have this system here.
  12. Low income people (like myself) have access to state medical programs (thanks Obama). My heathcare is essentially free and they'll cover everything with little or no cost to me. If you're middle to low income, you'll generally have health insurance through your employer, which varies company to company. Some companies will actually pay you less but offer you better insurance, or visa versa, insurance is always something you'd consider when taking on a new job in the USA. I hate it because you have to read a 64 page booklet to work out if you're getting a competitive deal or not, rather than just looking at your hourly rate or salary and considering a few bonuses. The state of Minnesota has officially announced a "stay the f**k at home" order as of today. Naturally I immediately went out and bought a shit load of alcohol. I'm an essential worker because I provide food. I'm getting paid $2 more an hour for the next 5 weeks which is nice. All non essential work has stopped. The US has just about overtaken Italy for positive cases and will probably overtake China in a few days.
  13. Bought a 27.5+ trail bike. That'll get me through this.
  14. Where do you live now?
  15. Been aggressively chasing bikes on pinkbike, facebook and other online classified pages. No luck so far. The market is competitive and bikes sell fast, come across many I'd have liked but they either sell instantly / already sold, or are crazy overpriced. Some people even selling the same as retail and not budging on their price even when I tell them I can buy it new for a few bucks more. So now I'm looking at this... https://www.sunandski.com/p/7705052391950/cannondale-men-s-trail-5-mountain-bike-19 (you might have to copy and paste, no idea what's going on there) ...a brand new Canondale Trial 5. The price is up there, and tax and shipping puts it at around $900. But it does have everything I need, bigger wheels (may have preferred 27.5, but I'm happy to try 29" never having anything bigger than 26") 1x up front, and the forks are actually RockShox as opposed to Suntour crap I mainly see at this price range. Shimano Deore gearing and Shimano brakes. $900 in the used market could get me something like 2018 Truck Rosco 8 which apart from having much better forks and a dropper post, they're a very similar bike from my POV. I think I'd rather put $300 into it, and have something new verses the pitfalls of buying used so save that money. What you guys think?