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  1. Exactly what happened to me. Spent a couple of days trying to figure it out but never did.
  2. I never got it to reliably work when I tried that configuration. Maybe I just got unlucky. Ended up picking up a used Ubiquiti AP from ebay.
  3. Why have a second router? Why not just use a wireless access point?
  4. Over the last 3 weeks I've been getting about about half a dozen spam calls every day. I don't even answer my phone now unless a name shows up.
  5. My powerline adapters worked great. As mentioned turning off the 5ghz won't do much. Certainly don't use 5ghz as they're not that great at going through walls. You could also consider a wireless USB adapter with some big antennas if she's sat at a desk. But I'd go for powerline adapters. Oh and another thing you could try is changing the 2.4ghz channel. Should be an option in the router. Unlikely to help but simple to try.
  6. Just picked up a slim wheelset for my fatbike for $100 @ 75% off. This means I can pull the 4" wheels off and throw on these for the summer and use it as a gravel bike. It also means I can sell my flat bar road bike (which is way to small for me and needs upgrading) and get something new in the future.
  7. Remember when it was a rule not to have obnoxious signatures and you'd always get that one new member who'd have a fullscreen picture of their bike in there? Hell, remember the old validation system? Seems like a lifetime ago.
  8. -20 morning temps with windchill putting it as low as -45. So much for riding my bike anytime soon.
  9. Watched Primer last night, heard this movie been mentioned here and there and thought I'd give it a shot. Had no idea what the hell was going on.
  10. Staci had her first Moderna shot yesterday. Completely dead arm today but that's about it. I've taken a day off work 4 weeks from now because the 2nd one is supposed to be a little rougher.
  11. I'm angry it wasn't done sooner.
  12. Yeah I still have a 970. I figured it'd be worthless since it came out like, what 6 years ago? Should try selling my 650ti and see what that goes for.
  13. I've lost track of what is going on with cards, last I remember they were inflated due to the crypto boom, and then dropped when that was over, then boomed again because of covid. I thought a lot of the 10 and 20 series cards were going to drop dramatically because of the cost to performance ratio of the 3060/3070? Is that not a thing that happened?
  14. I made this mistake too. Was brought up being told credit cards are bad and you should never use them because you'll end up paying double for everything you buy on the etc etc etc. What people don't tell you is you can actually earn money from them, they're far more secure than using your debit card and you don't actually every have to pay fees or interest. Over the last 2 and a half years we've probably earned about around $1500 from using credit cards in rewards and bonuses, and the only fee I've ever paid was $4.95 and that could have been avoided. I actually have a credit score now, that is considered very good and my wife fluctuates between very good and excellent. We're also looking into buying a home, one that doesn't have wheels under it. But our income is too low for the bungalow that we would require. So we're sitting put and gonna save our asses off for a few years.