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  1. After casually searching for a used Inspired for most of the year, one just showed up in my very own city. So there's a fair chance I'll be getting myself one this weekend. Unfortunately it's a fourplay pro which is more bike than I need, it's also listed at $1800, so it all boils down to how low this guy is willing to go, hopefully the idea that he'll get cash and won't have to ship it will convince him to come down to $1400, but I feel like that's going to be a battle I won't win. Edit: Forgot about import tax so his $1800 pricetag wasn't too unreasonable, he wouldn't go low enough. Poo.
  2. I don't gamble, but I do end up buying the odd lottery tickets that are accidentally misprinted at work. Picked up a $2 one and matched 3 of the numbers. Got super lucky, considering the odds of that happening are 1 in 580. I won $7. What kind of bullshit payout is that for a 1 in 580 shot?
  3. They did it there too. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmRRzFHUcAAD9f5?format=jpg&name=medium
  4. There's snow on the ground about 5 months out of the year here. The trails are groomed however you have to have at least 4" tires @5psi to ride them, otherwise you dig grooves in them and f**k up everything for the cross-country skiers.
  5. Pulled out all the housing sections, got everything lubed up, it's all flawless. I'm honestly out of ideas. At this point I'm assuming it's a faulty derailleur or shifter. Someone suggested I get one of those hanger calibration tools even though I've bought a new hanger, those aren't cheap but if it'd fix the issue I'd buy one.
  6. ...and now there's something wrong with the gearing. Hesitation up and down. Urrgghhhh. EDIT: Swapped out the hanger too same issue.
  7. Fun times. Well I tried to drill it out but gave up on that idea pretty quickly and went and picked up some bolt extractors. The drill didn't even have the torque to unscrew it out so I had to put a wrench on the end of the bit and got it out that way.
  8. Tried to unscrew a brake lever bolt on a brand new bike and rounded it. Managed the other side just barely without rounding it. I've never encountered bolts that were on so tight in all the time I've worked on my own bikes, and on top of that they're super tight on something that will immediately be undone, adjusted and no tightened fully anyway.
  9. Finally sold my trials bike, buyer didn't even try use the 'make offer' button on ebay, sold for full price. Took the money and bought a fatbike. There's lot of groomed trails in winter here, all in riding distance from me. But what I only just realized is I'll be able to bike on the St. Louis River when it freezes over this winter (so long as I have some snowmobile tracks to ride on). Access to the river is right on my doorstep. It's gonna make more some confusing Strava maps. So long as I don't fall through the ice, it's going to be an amazing winter for me this year, normally I just sit at home playing video games, drink and do f**k all until March.
  10. You're all talking about spam, it's clearly cheese. It's not even in a tin.
  11. My mod will just not sell, keep getting 'No, I'd rather keep it for that much' offers.
  12. Pic of my bike from today's ride.
  13. I'm in the best cycling shape of my life. After not cycling for years, over the last 94 days, I've been out riding 55 times. 528 Miles. Some are on the trails, some are cycling back home from work. I just can't get over how the human body can adapt to activity. It happened so quickly that my mind can't keep up. I get to the top of a hill that would have killed me 2 months ago, and now I get to the top of it without breaking a sweat forgetting that I could have put way more effort into it. I'm still fat, but I'm down 5lbs, and I'm hoping the weight loss is only low because of increased muscle mass. Trying to make plans on how to keep doing this through the winter, I think my only option is to buy a fat bike, but I got to sell my trials bike first.
  14. Mark Matthews, trail builder and rider, he has few subs but the one of two videos I watched of his were great and very well filmed. Feels like the production of someone who has 100 times more of a following. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCExjRfRiJNyYaQ1UIK3yzLQ