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  1. Engine out of a CR500 motocross bike for a start...
  2. F1

    To be fair though there's no way they could've known Lewis was about to zip in
  3. F1

    That pitstop though...
  4. Mastery
  5. Watched "Calibre", pretty intense film, worth watching.
  6. F1

    Seems Bottas can't win! He's raised his game and yet still people are just suggesting it's the car. He's on occasion out-performing a 5-time world champion, surely that counts for something? Be interesting to see how qualifying goes tomorrow.
  7. Who leaves all that lot in a van in a hotel carpark overnight...
  8. yawn
  9. Ender was dope
  10. I've been doing a bit of the Trans Euro Trail ( in Germany on my new Africa Twin - amazing fun...
  11. F1

    It's going to be interesting seeing how it all comes together. I won't see it until the highlights on C4 at 2pm, so I'll have to remember to keep away from here!
  12. That exact one? I want it!
  13. Maybe we need a new thread ; )
  14. Just for you @Mikee ...
  15. That's quite amazing considering half the Merseyside riders owned one at some point or another. They were really nice frames to ride, similar geo to the Vario, which at the time wasn't bad at all. Was the Guyzer made by James Hawkins?
  16. That was the one in bare metal finish, right? Also Ashton's original grey prototype definitely qualifies. For me it would be one of Hans Rey's bikes, which I've only seen a photo of once in an old catalog (and can't find again). Smallest size Zaskar (12.5" frame), ball burnished finish, yellow Judy SL forks. Possibly the bike and photo that started it all for me.
  17. Forest of Dean, Cwmcarn and Windhill are all amazing places to ride. Not tried the others though.
  18. Probably thanks to everyone running Raleigh Chopper bars canted over the front wheel at 90 degrees.
  19. Haha yeah it was in that configuration most of the time!
  20. I think that from around 1999 until about this time was a pretty golden era. I was out earlier this evening on my enduro bike, hung out for a while by some of the street spots where I learned to ride my first trials bike almost exactly 20 years ago, and it was quite sad to contemplate that I can never go back to that time. Would kill to relive just one of those carefree days!
  21. The Rocky Mountain Altitude won in the end. I bought a 2018 full carbon frame plus shock secondhand, and then almost everything else is new. Been out for a few hours today and it's a f'cking beast, easily as fun as the YT (thanks in part to the 65 head angle), glad I made this choice. Would be nice to have had a nicer groupset but for now XT will do. Possibly going to try a coil shock.
  22. Not really a big fan of the novelty videos, like all that stuff Harry Main was doing, but Pilgrim makes me laugh. Best bit is how he's such a complete animal when it comes to bike maintenance.
  23. I went along to the track day at Brands yesterday with my dad's mate to get an idea of what goes on, also took my bike to get it noise tested. Scraped a pass with 102.6db so I'm going to re-pack the cans before I go back. Some amazing machinery in the garages, a lot of beautiful bikes. Interesting to see virtually everyone using tyre warmers, might buy a pair. With sessions only 15-20 minutes it makes sense I suppose, you don't want to be coming in as soon as your rubber is heated up. I took a few pics of people riding, although I have to say the big fences don't make it easy. I think I last went there in the mid 1990s and there was just the little waist-high fence then!
  24. F1

    Would love to see Leclerc win first time out.