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  1. Put a cloth round that top tube when it's in the bike stand!
  2. Why the f'ck did they ever call the company that...
  3. Great photos, the captions are a little 'wooden' though...
  4. Typically the right-leaning prominent figures (or at least those labelled by the left as being right) seem outcome-independent and secure in their viewpoints, they offer them up and shrug off criticism. More and more it's the tactic of the far left to try to censor and shout down anything they don't agree with, or just get violent about it, convinced that somehow they're justified. Pick your f'cked up dictator or tyrant and they all thought that they were right, that their vision justified the means employed. There's so much about the far left that comes across as downright hypocritical (or simply pathetic).
  5. So much of the far-left protesting is just lame because the targets don't care - in fact they get a kick out of seeing how much other people do care. Trump is probably thinking "Oh look, they went to the effort of making a balloon effigy of me! Awesome! I really must be stirring shit up..."
  6. Unfortunately I can't take the credit as YT did all the work!! I went to a Forest of Dean test day and rode the CF Pro model, which was everything I'd ever need (good spec, although 170mm f+r rather than 180mm), but alongside this one (the CF Pro Race) it just didn't look half as good. One of the YT staff admitted they go all out on the top spec so that people go for it - worked in my case anyway!
  7. Done a bit of uphill riding and it's not bad. Not going to be as good as a more 'all round' bike but it's perfectly manageable. With the 1x11 and dropper post, and the shock compression set to firm it goes ok. I never touch the fork settings, fork just seems to know I'm going up and behaves accordingly.
  8. You're f**king kidding me
  9. First proper park ride on my YT Capra CF Pro Race today and it's a f'cking beast. Other than swapping the grips for Deathgrips and fitting the Brendog DMR Vault pedals it's standard. It's just pure fun all the way down the hill...
  10. Amazed the outright record has stood for so long, but even so smashing it by nearly a minute is insane...
  11. So I did more equalisation compressions, sometimes the sound was there, sometimes inaudible. Thought f**k it, time to ride it and see. Rides like an absolute weapon, so much fun. Suspension seems fine and the knock appears to have gone. Also not much more oil to be seen, just residual from where it was put together I think. This weekend will be the first proper ride so I'll see how it behaves then. Thanks for all the ideas etc.
  12. Is this normal? Brand new bike, not ridden. On moderate/hard compression, anywhere in the stroke, there's a knocking sound. Seems to be from the shock rather than bushings but not 100% on that. All bolts/pivots etc are tight and I can't feel any movement by hand. Anyone else had similar? UPDATE: I just checked air pressure, was around 120lbs. I boosted it up to 190lbs, my recommended pressure for my weight, and it's much quieter now, but still there...
  13. At least the Clean sticker got away with it.
  14. You could try fixing it first but then you don't want to mash a piston and conrod in the process. However definitely see what others have to say about it. If you did weld in and machine back as above, and sleeve it, that could indeed be fine.
  15. I wrote to Sprung Suspension and they said it sounds like a seal has failed. Might explain why the piston was so oily.
  16. Hmm I tried again to equalise the pressure, increasing from nearly empty 50 psi at a time, and then equalising by pushing down on it to 25% of compression, and repeating. Now back at 190lbs and it sounds quieter still.
  17. It sounds worse in the video than it is now. It's a tricky one because I could cancel the order now and send the bike back for a refund. Or if I keep it then I either live with the sound, or ask for a warranty check, but then I could be without a bike for however long it takes to deal with it. I am going to email the video to YT tonight and see what they say. I am meant to be going to France in a months time to ride, so I need to solve this asap! They won't send a new bike as they have sold out until October now.
  18. For this one you pressurise it and bounce up and down a few times to 25% of the stroke, with the air pump attached. Did that but yeah didn't do much except reduce the noise a bit. Also there's visible oil on the piston, but I guess perhaps that's expected if it's new as they'll have oiled it for assembly.
  19. Surprised you haven't grafted a carry handle onto that bike by now...
  20. I think it's just the angle of the seat tube making it look like that. From memory they are 385mm.
  21. Meanwhile, since the thread has resurfaced, some entertainment from around the UK: Being stabbed in the leg? Laptops thrown at you? Being deprived of sex and told you can't look at porn? What kind of dumb lads put up with this shit?
  22. Yeah that's exactly what happened to mine. I was trying to pretend they looked normal and hadn't changed until someone else on the ride said it was just getting silly now... I reckon iffy heat treatment for sure.
  23. I had a pair of those red forks in 2005 and they bent, easily, on the first ride I went on. Ashton Bikes changed them for a replacement pair with no drama, so I think they must've had a bad batch. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  24. You wreck every video by putting those stupid black frames every few seconds, what's that all about.