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  1. Life Tip: Put HID's in the main beam too, that way you have "double main beam", which is like football stadium when its lit up...absolutely amazing on dark country roads!
  2. As Danny says, just wire the solenoid to the high beam positive and ground, it works perfectly that way (I did the same thing with my Leon, and had no problems)
  3. All done You owe me £50
  4. Just did the quote, and its about £5 a month cheaper, so will probably switch. Just waiting for them to get back to me because their database is stupid and has listed our house name incorrectly.
  5. You're not wrong there! You can also get "Lane Assist", which keeps you in between the white lines - either by warning you when you get close to the edge, or by physically steering you back into the centre of the lane. As you say though, it is turning drivers into zombies!
  6. S3 went last weekend. Went to the first person that saw it, which I was fairly sure it would. I even ended up with more than I was expecting which was a bonus! Replacement is a mk7 Golf GTD, which whilst it is obviously nowhere near as fast, is a whole new level of awesomeness inside. GTD's got a pretty decent spec as standard, and this one has KESSY (keyless entry and start). Everything is automatic, all touch screen, with colour screens everywhere, and more ambient lighting than I have in my house! ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is weird as f**k, you set the cruise control speed, and the distance at which you want to stay from the car in front, and the car maintains that gap, including braking and accelerating based on the car in front's behaviour...even down to stopping at roundabouts etc. Makes motorway driving an absolute dream, because you just put the cruise on and pretty much switch off! Really love the look of the mk7 GTD, and getting an easy 65mpg on a run is a lot nicer than the 30 I was used to with the S3!
  7. Delete the restrictor 'Bird, much better without it I was waiting for you to say you couldn't get the box back in the way it came out. Been there, done that! I always remove the driveshafts and driver's side drive cup, and in the 1M I usually took the subframe off too, for the extra few bolts it made it 10x easier!
  8. That was over 2 years ago...things change
  9. My S3 is on ebay if anybody is interested. 430bhp hybrid turbo setup, absolutely huge spec list:
  10. Grinder+slitting disc+steady hand=winner
  11. You should try and make some backing plates for the brake cooling ducts, so the air is forced into the discs. As it is at the minute, it's probably not doing a huge amount. I did it on my LCR (following Prawn's advice), and it made a noticeable difference to brake feel Something like this:
  12. Seriously impressive stuff Dan, well done dude! You're on the home stretch now!
  13. Do it. It's awesome! Not ridiculous at all. It is soooo drivable, near instant spoil, and holds power for ages. Makes a K04-023 feel rubbish
  14. Did you line the arrows on the pump sender unit and the tank? Sounds like the level sender isn't aligned properly.
  15. I watched some Teslas drag race at Santa Pod last year. With the equivalent to 750bhp with 2 motors and 4wd, they are seriously fast. Instant torque makes for a very rapid car! Quite an odd experience watching 2 go down the strip together though, drag racing is meant to be loud...not a gentle whirr of tyres/motors!