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  1. It's competition time! First international competition in 2 years and I got a bit of silverware! 2 Days of awesome competition from the European biketrial championship in Reinosa. 2 great comps with great sections based at the Reinosa Trials park and in the city centre! Featuring myself (2nd Class 2/Red route) , Vera Baron ( 2nd Hobby 1, Blue route - riding a level above the womens class) Morgan Remy ) 1st Hobby 1, Blue Route) Weavy Stevie ( 4th Hobby 2, Green route) I was a stressfull trip but totally worth it once we were there! Great to get back out there. Really appreciated a channel subscribe and a video share please!
  2. After 18 months of no international travel and nearly 2 years since any comp's abroad, I finally hopped on a flight and got away! Destination - Spain - For the European biketrial championship! t was such a busy trip, It has had to be split into 2 parts. Part one is pre competition + Qualification, which includes Training with the Italian team, having an interview with Spanish Radio, seeing all my friends, The qualification/speed section ( Featuring gemma abant, Marti Veyreda, Domenec llado and adam morewood) and the opening ceromony!
  3. Radfest 2021!! The big summer trials comeback of the year, the relaunch of radical bikes in essex. The first day may have been a washout, but the Sunday went off! Contests, jam sessions, meeting all the old friends, what a great weekend. I managed to film throughout the day, get a bit of everything and see most people, whilst riding myself which i was happy with. Featuring - Ali Clarkson, Charlie Rolls, The Chai, Tom Mitchell, Nick Goddard, Euan beaden, Matty Turner and pretty much every other trials rider in the uk right now! Video segments (Featuring a mix of riders) - - Saying Hi to every rider I could + Random charlie Rolls Riding - Boon comp + Down to Front Gap comp - Full riding edit - Kicker Comp - Goodbye from Tom If you/Your friends are in it, please share it around. Big thank you to Tom + Molly at Radical bikes for organising a great weekend and Thank you to Trials Addict for their support and the Ticket!
  4. Here's my little video from the trial
  5. A brilliant day for the 2021 British championship held at the derbyshire biketrial centre. In this video I show you a bit more behind the scenes of the comp and explain the different routes ( try to!) I mainly filmed the first group of the competition which was the younger riders and lower categories, as i was riding in the afternoon and couldnt film then! ( Although I was donated a couple of clips of myself competing, so thank you kevin!) I also filmed the awards so you can see the top 3 of each class. A great competition and great event, thank you to everyone involved! (Bonus clip at the end of the video...)
  6. I recently headed up to Derbyshire to train for a few days with multi British and World champion Adam Morewood ahead of the recent UCI British Trials championhip. Over 3 days we rode at the iconic spots of Padley Gorge, Higger Tor, Street In Sheffield city and Matlock quarry, aswell as a training session with Adams Performance coach PMJ (Personal Training and Sports Fitness) Training with Adam is amazing as his riding is next level and needs to be seen! We got some great footage from our sessions, so enjoy!
  7. What could be better than a morning off riding your motorbike? Having a morning off riding your motorbike and then riding your push bike with your friends in the evening aswell! A great midweek treat with the perfect weather - a near perfect day! Motorcycle trials with the old man on the GasGas, street trials with the amigos in Sittingbourne, friendly security guards and great mega moves. The ultimate bike filled day!
  8. At the start of May i headed up to the amazing Derbyshire Biketrial centre and ran my first training camp of 2021 and It was awesome! We had riders of all ages and abilities, from 8 to 40+, from complete newbies to Junior superstars. We also had Sarah aka Mrs derbyshire biketrial centre, showing she is also now a full on trials rider with a shindig too AND! the long awaited comeback of Mr Martin Hawyes! This was a great weekend and I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully see you at the next one! I have left the video fairly unedited, this is so you can see the fails and progression of the riders and also hear the advice and what we were talking about during the training session
  9. I'm Back! We're back! It's been a while ( explained at the start of the video) and what a great return to riding it was. A sick session, everyone was on it, Craig was on another new old bike, beasting it as always, Clem was the star of the day busting out amazing smooth lines while I stuck to the power moves and did battle with a fear inducing gap drop! (with encouragment from a drunk man) A simple chilled edit, as that was how the day was and i didnt want to ruin that vibe Herne Bay in the super sun, 3 different styles of riding. what more could you want, enjoy!
  10. 12 year olds are too good now, upsettingly, scarily good...... hence why ill ride elite to avoid getting my ass kicked by a bunch of small children haha
  11. To be able to get an award and become british champion you have to ride in your age category which are listed on the website..... i think ( So if you're 18+ you have to ride elite to get an award) But if you don't mind not getting an award and not being "ranked" as such, you can choose whatver route you like
  12. It's been a long time since Natural was ridden and it showed! This was well and truely a day of battles. We found some amazing new (Horrible!) technical lines and beasty moves, which we occasionaly actually made! Enjoy pedal bashing, tyre sliding, disgusting points and a whole load of rocky fun!
  13. Myself and Craig (Ashton mk2) had an awesome ride at Whitstable, finding some mega spots once again and having a very fun day ( which I think shows in the video!) despite occasionally being caught out by the wind, bike issues and mean old ladies! Craig was being his usual super smooth, super spiny self and I seemed to be pushing myself on big gaps all over the place! - A very good ride!
  14. Jakub is a great dude! Used to ride competitions with him back in the day, he rode at the uci world champs, he was a great rider. He still rides an old Koxx levelboss painted black at some czech comps, and still rides at a good level in elite. Really great rider and cool guy!
  15. I went exploring! As an advocate that Trials can be ridden anywhere, I went around my hometown of lydd, previously unridden, to see if this little town had some hidden gems and epic trials spots! Now, it may not be Radical bikes or Buthier, but what you can find in the smallest of places to ride, is always interesting and exciting! If you like the video or it has inspired you to explore your home town, please give the channel a subscribe and the video a share!