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  1. Like a lot of people, being in Lockdown has made riding very difficult...... but not impossible The amazing thing about trials is you don't need a lot of equipment ( if any) to have some fun and sharpen your skills + you can do it anywhere. Over March I filmed various clips for instagram (@scottwilson54) so I have compiled them all together into one video to show you what I could create with the equipment I had available - 2 scaffoldboards and a tyre
  2. Keep practicing your balance kids
  3. Still my favourite rider to watch, awesome as always dude
  4. I'm a massage therapist and a show things are going to get fun! haha All of my work is self employed, with 3 fixed shift at a back and wellness centre (chiropractors), They are currently open still and not too stressed as its a fairly small place, we only see people one on one and we dont have people in the waiting rooms usually, but due to the wording and the businesses/industrys told to shut, I was told saturday that it would be my last shift for a while, they're being cool about it and want to help as much as they can, they said they may try to work things to have me "employed" staff, so i could be more entitled to help and pay over the next few weeks, but not holding much hope. I still have some mobile work booked in but as you can imagine, not getting many bookings now! Guess its lucky i bought a PS4 a few months back!
  5. Hit up Radical Bikes with some of the essex lads!
  6. Its been a good week
  7. In February 2020 The GB Youth Team headed out to Barcelona for the first ever GB Trials training camp organised by Trial Sport and Eloi Palau. I was invited along as head GB coach alongside fellow coaches Charlie Rolls and Adam Morewood. Across The 3.5 days we we ran multiple riding session's at 3 amazing spots in addition to gym sessions and group meals/ hang outs. On the Final day we all rode in the opening round of the Copa Osana, a series that attracts 180+ riders ( which includes world champions) at each event. Riders - Nathan Jackson - Age 9 Jackson Carroll - Age 10 ddie Weightman - Age 11 Oliver Cooper - Age 11 Harry Adamson - Age 12 Finn Johnstone - Age 13 Oliver Weightman -Age 14 Jake Foster -Age 14 Elliot Cooper - Age 14 Riders/Coaches Adam Morewood - 5x World Champion Charlie Rolls - Current UCI Junior World Champion Eloi Palau - 2016 UCI Junior World Champion/ UCI Elite Top 10 Scott Wilson - 7x British Champion
  8. At the start of February I headed out to Barcelona with Charlie Rolls and Adam Morewood to help coach the GB youth Trials Team alongside TrialSport and Eloi Palau. Here is a highlight reel of the trip! ...../ Teaser for the full Vlog of the trip coming out next week!
  9. First competition of 2020! At the weekend I headed up to Derbyshire for round 1 of the TykeTrial Club Championship The competition was awesome, It's a great venue and had some brill sections, and we were lucky to be blessed with the wonderful Storm Ciara for the day! With some added 58mph winds, rain and hail, it made things extra trickey All the Elite and Expert riders went round together so I was able to get a lot of footage of the other guys riding. Riders featured - Adam Morewood ( Elite British Champion, Ranked 17th in the world - 5 x world champion) Robin Morewood Oliver Weightman Eddie Weightman Elliot Cooper
  10. So....... I was on Blue Peter when I was a kid. Posted a little insta clip a week or so ago, people wanted more, here it is!
  11. Thanks a lot dude
  12. What's you're problem, savour the amazing wait time!! - Yeah no idea why i got into the habit of posting them twice, ill fix that! Yeah, i'd like to do more stuff like that, but the problem I have is , and the main reason i started the channel/vlog's, is that there isnt really anyone that local to me or anyone i can really go ride with, my local 'good' spot is toad rocks, which has already been used a couple times and is 90 minutes away. Hopefully when the sunshine is about, more people will start venturing out and come down to my ghetto. But yeah, deffo planning to do more joint ride videos/challenges etc with other riders, both trials and non trials riders. Thanks for watching a couple though