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  1. 12 year olds are too good now, upsettingly, scarily good...... hence why ill ride elite to avoid getting my ass kicked by a bunch of small children haha
  2. To be able to get an award and become british champion you have to ride in your age category which are listed on the website..... i think ( So if you're 18+ you have to ride elite to get an award) But if you don't mind not getting an award and not being "ranked" as such, you can choose whatver route you like
  3. It's been a long time since Natural was ridden and it showed! This was well and truely a day of battles. We found some amazing new (Horrible!) technical lines and beasty moves, which we occasionaly actually made! Enjoy pedal bashing, tyre sliding, disgusting points and a whole load of rocky fun!
  4. Myself and Craig (Ashton mk2) had an awesome ride at Whitstable, finding some mega spots once again and having a very fun day ( which I think shows in the video!) despite occasionally being caught out by the wind, bike issues and mean old ladies! Craig was being his usual super smooth, super spiny self and I seemed to be pushing myself on big gaps all over the place! - A very good ride!
  5. Jakub is a great dude! Used to ride competitions with him back in the day, he rode at the uci world champs, he was a great rider. He still rides an old Koxx levelboss painted black at some czech comps, and still rides at a good level in elite. Really great rider and cool guy!
  6. I went exploring! As an advocate that Trials can be ridden anywhere, I went around my hometown of lydd, previously unridden, to see if this little town had some hidden gems and epic trials spots! Now, it may not be Radical bikes or Buthier, but what you can find in the smallest of places to ride, is always interesting and exciting! If you like the video or it has inspired you to explore your home town, please give the channel a subscribe and the video a share!
  7. On Friday I visited Holden cycles to get some vital repairs done to my road bike and look over his collection of vintage bikes (Volvo cannondale, Pashley, Hope , Loveridge) I had a delivery from my Nutrition/drink/supplement sponsor Bio Synergy and I break down why I have these vital products , and I finally announce my newest sponsor for 2021! I had fun with this edit, much more vloggy/day in life style, a bit different this one
  8. Just catching up on this thread, but I'd just like to go back and agree with this haha Being single and self employed is not great down here. I always thought I'd stay at home a bit longer (which during a pandemic where i have lost 6 months work has been a secret god sendactually), to save a bit more, but no matter what I save, it wont make a dent, so giving up on that theory and will probably just have to put up with high rent. One of the problems down here is that London is "expanding" Ashford is the nearest big town town to me (30min drive) , and because that has a high speed rail link to central london (40min) and is close to the m20, a lot of former london residents are moving there and commuting in. Also, my area is a relitively quite, seaside place and we're now getting a lot of london workers buying second homes or holiday homes here, which is driving up the price around here too. The moving up north option seems to be the only logical step right now!
  9. A new spot on a monday!? Now thats a good monday! First time riding at Rainham Skate + Parkour park, along with Craig and Rich Johnson ( On his Enduro MTB On his 47th Birthday!) We managed to find so many lines in such a small area, including loads on the deadly slippery rails and metal copings. We even threw in some brakeless riding near the end ( yeah its hard!!) Great mix of riding from everyone on some super technical lines!
  10. Today the focus was finally getting my Disc Brake Jitsie Bike in working order. Setting it up correctly and fine tuning it, and showing you how to get your set up correct and how to bed in those pesky disc brakes! It was also all about having fun and getting creative with some funky lines on some cool local walls and rails
  11. I did it! As promised a new video the day after (the day after) the last one that ended up short! #AlltheClickbait #SorryNotSorry It was a busy ol' day for a rainy Wednesday! Much more action packed session, with some techy wet weather riding helping me get back in the swing of things. Hired a camera operator as I obviously can't be trusted with camera's on tripods, who showed off high end bike skillz. And lots of cool little bits all over. Enjoy
  12. First ride of 2021!! First real ride of 2021 in the bag! A wonderul sunny seaside ride, where I didnt freeze to death. Not the most eventful ride, but many things were explained in the video! However i did manage to Smash my new Gopro Hero 9 and saw actual sunshine, so mixed bag for the first ride of the year! Check it out!
  13. It's only 10 months late, but here is my Jitsie bike check and review! In this video I go through why I choose the Jitsie varial and why I chose two of them. I run through my set up and the tweaks and changes I've made to the bike since getting it and give my review after living with the bike for the best part of a year!
  14. It's a question that often gets asked, how do i get sponsored!?!? I thought I'd made a little (ish) video, breaking down what sponsorship is, the different types there are, the benefits and negatives and give you some tips on how to get sponsored and share what I do when approaching sponsors. Still not 100% confident in these talking videos, I didn't make many notes so there were a few points I missed here and there and points where I got a bit lost as to what I had already said/not said - Maybe I'll make a part 2 one day!
  15. I get that. If you have a particular bike/set up in mind then you'll always prefer that. The only thing I've changed on mine is the bar/stem for personal setup preference. At no point have I felt the need to change anything else like fork's, BB,etc. The snail cams are the only annoying thing, but can live with them fine. Something that surprised me on the Jitsie is the strength of the wheels. I do a lot of gaps to rear and am pretty clumsy and they've been perfect. I was able to get 2 Jitsies for less than the price of 1 of another brand. That helped my decision too haha