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  1. This is definitely one of the bigger reasons that I don’t ride anymore. Hope you find a way around it for yourself.
  2. The irony in you moaning about the moaning is extremely high. Looking forward to the next video of yours with a few paragraphs about how shit you are, before 3 minutes of some of the best riding anyone’s ever done on a bike. If people put out more good shit, maybe the only ones of us who post here wouldn’t have to shit on the utter garbage that gets put out now for the most part.
  3. I haven’t had a drink this decade, which is probably more of a reason
  4. That’s a charming essay and all, but what a steaming pile of horseshit. Horseshit being relevant, because ultimately bike trials comes from motorbike trials comes from horse trials (and maybe that comes from something else) which are, according to Collins’ dictionary, “a series of contests that test a competitor's skill and ability”. Of course “pure” trials is a sport, you’re overthinking and don’t sound as clever as you think you do.
  5. In “things I won’t be watching the other 13 minutes of” news...
  6. The mirrors. The many, many mirrors.
  7. Incredibly pleased to know about your groin eruptions.
  8. At the news, or not being first to post it?
  9. This thread always makes me regret throwing away a collection I had from issue 1 (my Dad had started the collection) all the way through to whatever issue it would’ve been in mid 2004. Got myself into a crap situation accommodation wise and had to make some drastic cuts, that was one of them... Doubt I’d have kept buying them all the way through to now but all those old issues would’ve been handy now!
  10. You’ve just f**ked with my head, because I don’t know whether I’m “seeing/visualising” a dog with green fur, or imagining that I’m visualising a dog with green fur. I don’t have an image of a dog with green fur in my head, but I can imagine what one looks like. It looks like a dog, with green fur. But I can’t “see” it.
  11. There’s one reply to a question on one of the early FB posts by a Luke Pidgeon, not sure whether that’s who’s running it or just a helpful person.
  12. That was really cool. Music was good, riding was good, vibe was good. Loved the a e s t h e t i c
  13. So good. Let out an audible “BOING” on the hop between slacklines. Coworkers were amused.
  14. I remember studying those Trials Academy pages so much (although I seem to remember they were also released as a stand-alone mag at some point?) Anyone who’s seen me ride knows it didn’t help, maybe I should’ve ridden more than read about it.
  15. You guys actually watch these?!