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  1. That was cool.
  2. The only correct answer is eightypsi.
  3. I just flip em over and realise they’re not as hot as I thought.
  4. Did he harm you?
  5. *Y’all’re
  6. Clearly they’d never be able to let go of all the juicy ad revenue us 5 active users must be generating! Time for a long overdue “thanks for putting up with us” Tom and Danny
  7. ‘Far’ either is just, well, too far. Either direction.
  8. That advice essentially just boils down to “make a shit full riding video weekly”, which isn’t really going to do anyone any favours. Vlog = video log, it’s not about it being an edit. It’s about it being a bit of a diary. Whether Mike should or shouldn’t be doing vlogs is not the point, but diluting the concept of a vlog until it’s just about putting out video that has none of the ‘diary’ aspect and none of the care of a full video (which can’t be made every week with any quality), would be ridiculous. Do vlogs, or full edits, or both. But not something that’s neither.
  9. Just needs the M8 GTE following them.
  10. Yea, that’s not your back!
  11. I have a similar approach to keeping stuff in tip top condition by not using it.
  12. He needs it explaining to him that the communication is more important than the cutting, welding and copying that he does. Whether he does it himself or not, it’s been years and years that he’s been shit at that bit of his business I only care because I’ve bought and enjoyed two of his frames, and the cost he’d need to outlay on someone to communicate with his customers would be far exceeded by the extra he’d bring in with a better reputation. ...or yea, we can just joke about it.
  13. Marino in not communicating with customers shocker.
  14. I’m a massive advocate of calling people out when they’re doing a shit job, but creating good stuff is hard and I think Mike gets the point that vlog 1 wasn’t great now. Let’s not put him off making more and potentially getting better, as well as putting some (SHOCK HORROR) regular trials content on the forum. My top tip for Mike: None of the vloggers you’re trying to emulate got there by emulating anyone.
  15. Well at least you have shit communication skills in common. (says Mr Sociable over here)