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  1. Even my Phantom 4 is very decent, and that’s a fair bit older than something like the Mavic Pro - I’d have no issues getting one of those if I used the Phantom enough to warrant spending again.
  2. All this talk of Red Bull I’m gonna end up having my first of the year earlier than I thought. Mike, does that make you immoral?
  3. Keeping my marketing hat very firmly off: I think the answer they’d give, quite rightly, is that drinking energy drinks is fine in moderation. I like the odd Red Bull, but by that I probably mean 4 or 5 a year. They’re clearly not great for me, but I quite like the taste and sometimes it’s just a more refreshing caffeine hit when ‘needed’. I don’t think that many if any of the athletes sponsored by Red Bull are sending out a message to drink them every day, so on the whole I don’t see it as immoral. I see it as a way to use a brand as a platform to help get themselves out to a wider audience, and in that sense it’s very much a two way street.
  4. That’s almost all the way around the world, as long as you go the other way.
  5. Starting to look like it might get finished in the next decade or so.
  6. Is that a side effect?
  7. I had to do some pretty active management of the people on my feed and use of the “I don’t want to see this” option for other pages, but it’s ended up alright again these days for me. Biggest improvement was hiding “parts in a lift” posts, that helped a lot.
  8. You’re all twats and I love you.
  9. Just order one from Marino a year ago, then you’ll have it in 6 months or so.
  10. Can’t scrape your fork leg on a failed sidehop if there’s no fork leg there. That and we’re now scraping the barrel for ways to make trials bikes look ridiculous.
  11. I now need to watch Evolve. Anyone got a link? Jeff Lenosky.
  12. Failed, obviously, but the list was not as big as I expected. Might even make it back for a retest within the 10 working days...
  13. That was f**king awesome. So many memories in there, like that gap over the canal that Danny talks about that was on my (and I assume lots of people on here) wall for yonks.
  14. Battery was too buggered. Got another one tonight and luckily that was all that was wrong Service and MOT coming right up