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  1. Same thing here, those hooks are holding all sorts of shit up in my garage, including some very dusty bikes.
  2. You’re right, sorry. Keep being awesome. One clarification though: I couldn’t give a f**k less about likes.
  3. Irritatingly correct though. I’m a big fan of yours, as you know. I just wish I or anyone else could help you find the self confidence you deserve to have as the ridiculously talented human being that you are.
  4. Ah the post I foresaw in whatever thread it was. As always, brutally good.
  5. I knew I should’ve put the asterisk in there, but that would have taken the edge off the point. As someone who’s out running pretty much every day, I get that being outdoors within the guidelines is the right thing to do. I mean “stay the f**k indoors and don’t keep doing all the unnecessary shit you’ve been told not to do, including work if that’s in a dangerous social setting, you c**ts” but it’s not quite as succinct.
  6. This is going to surprise some people I’m sure, but my biggest issue with this so far is the amount of people who were spouting on about backing Boris to the hilt to help him “get Brexit done” who are the same people completely ignoring his advice now. I spent most of my 20s telling people to crack on and work when stuff was happening that they didn’t like politically. I regret that anyway, but there weren’t generally millions of lives at stake then like there are now. Stay the f**k indoors you selfish c**ts.
  7. Still haven’t dealt with RuseveltBot though...
  8. Thanks, I’m cured.
  9. This is definitely one of the bigger reasons that I don’t ride anymore. Hope you find a way around it for yourself.
  10. The irony in you moaning about the moaning is extremely high. Looking forward to the next video of yours with a few paragraphs about how shit you are, before 3 minutes of some of the best riding anyone’s ever done on a bike. If people put out more good shit, maybe the only ones of us who post here wouldn’t have to shit on the utter garbage that gets put out now for the most part.
  11. I haven’t had a drink this decade, which is probably more of a reason
  12. That’s a charming essay and all, but what a steaming pile of horseshit. Horseshit being relevant, because ultimately bike trials comes from motorbike trials comes from horse trials (and maybe that comes from something else) which are, according to Collins’ dictionary, “a series of contests that test a competitor's skill and ability”. Of course “pure” trials is a sport, you’re overthinking and don’t sound as clever as you think you do.
  13. In “things I won’t be watching the other 13 minutes of” news...
  14. The mirrors. The many, many mirrors.
  15. Incredibly pleased to know about your groin eruptions.