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  1. Lol, I listened to that album last week for the first time in years. The “I’m a fake” intro is still one of my favourites, although slightly more cringily than it was when I was 18...
  2. That’s because people watch videos of it instead of buying tickets and going. Same here, but I’m not whinging about the fact that I might have gone this year maybe as long as my horoscope said I should and my chakras were aligned and I wasn’t on my period.
  3. Judging anyone on here by the actions or words of jonXmackStRaIgHtEdGe is probably going to end badly...
  4. Should have a search around, I’m sure there used to be an old watch thread about. If not there were definitely a lot of posts about them by Jarod.
  5. Congratulations Luke! Cliche but true, your life just got even more awesome. Very different, but more awesome.
  6. As someone who doesn’t know shit about photography, why two slots? Are we talking just about a fail safe or to swap writing between each of the cards or something for speed when shooting in bursts? Forgive my naivety, just interesting to see strong opinions on something that doesn’t seem obvious from the outside.
  7. No one said anything about foreplay.
  8. Affiliated with UK Athletics through a club again for the first time in 10 years. Just a membership, but nice to be taking it semi seriously again.
  9. Pay rise negotiation is easily my least favourite thing about being back on the employee side of things. Nice work on yours!
  10. I didn’t have one written. Thank everyone for coming, thank the groomsmen for getting you drunk, tell the bridesmaids they look lovely, tell your wife she’s awesome, sit down, get drunk. Later, stab the cake.
  11. Sigh... unzips
  12. Whoa, it’s moved out of BOTI and got angry.
  13. That was cool.
  14. The only correct answer is eightypsi.
  15. I just flip em over and realise they’re not as hot as I thought.