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  1. Double
  2. Today I did the final bits of welding which should mean my Land Rover passes its first MOT since 2013 next Friday. Got everything crossed between now and then. No I won’t show you my welds, they are incredibly embarrassing rat shit farmer catastrophes, especially considering some of the work in here lately, but they hold the plates on and they’re under the vehicle so I don’t care.
  3. Are you implying that the BBC, the world renowned broadcaster with over 7.5m YouTube subscribers, are an underrated YouTuber?
  4. I’ve seen that video pop up loads this weekend, with people saying that it just appeared in their suggestions. Happy because I’ve been watching Beau’s stuff for a while and he’s really in it for the right reasons - just making great videos.
  5. Someone pushed a new update to his software directly to master without adequate testing and peer review.
  6. If you have then please feel free to make it the last time.
  7. Two good car builds and some shit talking in video threads. It’s not much, but this is TF.
  8. That is f**king cool.
  9. Imagine being as deluded confident as Mike Beck.
  10. double
  11. For trials an optic based one should be fine, as long as you do it up tight enough. Most problems with optic HR sensors come from cadence lock, which you’re just not going to get while trials riding. I’m really happy with my Polar M430. Awesome value. Does everything I need personally in terms of tracking pace, HR and GPS routes as well as being able to lock it to HR or pace zones.
  12. Ok, this might be a can of worms I regret opening but: is that really a sidehop? I’m far from a purist, but coming into the shot as if you’ve been spat out of a DeLorean and using the inertia you gained from the year 3674 to gain a couple of inches on what Damon was doing 10 years ago seems a bit... well, shit.
  13. Side note from someone who’s not a photographer but has been a wedding photography subject - the photos that come from this are infinitely better than the planned ones. We’d agreed with our photographers that we were having a less structured wedding than most, and they could just get candid shots the whole day. Still kept catching them making people pose, and those shots are the ones we skip over when looking back. Just in case that little anecdote helps you relax at all @Little Yoshi. Good luck!
  14. TF: “People should just have fun on their bikes.” CA: has fun on a bike TF: “No, not that sort of fun.”
  15. I was f**king giddy at that too, loved it. Agreed on the smiling aspect too, there’s definitely a lack of fun coming through. Maybe some of that is that there’s less group ride content coming out?