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  1. Heating’s overrated. Im only saying that because I’m gonna get the 90 out the garage for it’s first MOT in years sometime in December, and it’s generally colder in there than it is outside
  2. Just watched it now. Best episode for a long time. Totally agree @Tom Booth, that alternator drive was mesmerising.
  3. +Ad Revenue on a sizeable number of engaged views. I only got round to watching the last one a couple of weeks ago, so this one feels super speedy!
  4. It’s not so long when your chips only work in time since the Unix epoch.
  5. No hassle mate, just didn’t know if there was an easy fix. Good to see some more of this content out to supplement the vid
  6. Quality stuff Heads up that Issuu isn’t playing ball with the width of the page on mobile:
  7. The video was f**king awesome. It’s none of my business, but if you haven’t already I think you should consider going to speak to someone about this long term negativity you’ve been unable to shake. It’s so important to take care of our heads as well as the rest of ourselves. If you want that someone to be an unqualified person you don’t like, then drop me a line, but if you can stomach getting to someone more qualified that’s probably better. The video was f**king awesome.
  8. Used injectors from eBay for the win.
  9. Light wiring was a proper headf**k for me the first time too for the same reason. Once it clicks in your head it feels simple, but it’s definitely not intuitive (or wasn’t to me) to start with. All I’d say is once you’ve opened up the switch or rose, stop and think about it for a bit.
  10. I thought you didn’t like hardtail Strats Tom?!
  11. [Insert stereotypical reply about their drug use]
  12. Tip from someone who’s tried to give Mike tips: Mike doesn’t come here for tips, he’s already the greatest rider/videographer in the world in his mind, he comes here to post a link to his latest piece of utter garbage. I feel like I’m being unfair to garbage.
  13. Lol, I listened to that album last week for the first time in years. The “I’m a fake” intro is still one of my favourites, although slightly more cringily than it was when I was 18...
  14. That’s because people watch videos of it instead of buying tickets and going. Same here, but I’m not whinging about the fact that I might have gone this year maybe as long as my horoscope said I should and my chakras were aligned and I wasn’t on my period.
  15. Judging anyone on here by the actions or words of jonXmackStRaIgHtEdGe is probably going to end badly...