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  1. That was really cool. Music was good, riding was good, vibe was good. Loved the a e s t h e t i c
  2. So good. Let out an audible “BOING” on the hop between slacklines. Coworkers were amused.
  3. I remember studying those Trials Academy pages so much (although I seem to remember they were also released as a stand-alone mag at some point?) Anyone who’s seen me ride knows it didn’t help, maybe I should’ve ridden more than read about it.
  4. You guys actually watch these?!
  5. Active member checking in. Still sober, as it was wife’s family day today. Now I’ve got about 45 minutes to get trashed.
  6. Mark in “releasing a ridiculously good video” shocker. Loved it.
  7. This tatty old thing only went and passed today So I got straight to using it for what I fixed it for: getting me somewhere pretty to run.
  8. Gotta drink some of my own cool aid now. Wake up, accept the result, get on with it as best we can. Admittedly “best” is still gonna be shit, but there we go.
  9. Yea I’d probably not have gone Labour specifically had it not been for that being the best way to use a vote again the Conservatives. That is a crazy sentence for me to write. My very first vote however many years ago was for Lib Dem. I think I’d probably go that way again, or potentially Green, but the choice was easy this time.
  10. Don’t really want to put this anywhere else for a lot of reasons, but for the first time in my life I voted Labour. Feels less selfish, which makes me happy.
  11. And the point is that it’s silly tough, right? Thinking of all the paint I’ve got to do on mine and how it being shiny and “nice” will look silly.
  12. Today I did the final bits of welding which should mean my Land Rover passes its first MOT since 2013 next Friday. Got everything crossed between now and then. No I won’t show you my welds, they are incredibly embarrassing rat shit farmer catastrophes, especially considering some of the work in here lately, but they hold the plates on and they’re under the vehicle so I don’t care.
  13. Are you implying that the BBC, the world renowned broadcaster with over 7.5m YouTube subscribers, are an underrated YouTuber?
  14. I’ve seen that video pop up loads this weekend, with people saying that it just appeared in their suggestions. Happy because I’ve been watching Beau’s stuff for a while and he’s really in it for the right reasons - just making great videos.
  15. Someone pushed a new update to his software directly to master without adequate testing and peer review.