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  1. he's right, and I'll tell you for why at the moment. I work for Cycling Weekly and MBR magazines (i know, hardly very "trials" but hey) and pretty much all the staff have just come back from Eurobike over in Germany. This is the show where all the shops look at, and buy, their '08 kit. What does that mean? they need space for it. what does that mean? cheap '07 stuff is just about to come up, and I can guarantee you'll be better off with a discounted trek/scott etc than you will be with a tiny discount off of a carrera. hope this helps. J p.s. oh, get an XC bike - extra set of wheels with slicks on
  2. i can't believe i just read that. jesus. f**king funny though! J
  3. is it the old one where the k750i is being passed around and balanced and stuff while they are dancing? i dont know the song of the top of my head, but this might help other people.
  4. haha yea, quite possibly but at the same time i dont know whether it's that cheeky to say that he doesn't know your age.. J
  5. It's a moral victory! Spend wisely... J
  6. i can't really add anything to that ^^ BUT in regards to getting the card in the first place: if you live with your parents, a lot of your ability to get a cc will depend on their credit history as you have none. Bare this in mind because if they can't get a card, you more than likely wont be able to. On the other hand, if you get turned down at the beginning, it is worth giving them a ring and offering a parent as a guarantuer as long as you can convince them you wont need it! Hope this helps. J
  7. i only did a quick google on it, but a guy called Bernd Harmsen came up with a song called "gonna get my share", the lyrics were: when I was born the promise was a life in pleasure, a life in lust when I was born I could well expect sharin' all your riches, having your respect I'm gonna get my share I don't know how or where I'm gonna get my share you try to have me work after sending me to school, making me your slave, but I'm nobody's fool I won't just go working till my back is bent, till I'm sick and tired, and close to my own end I'm gonna get my share I don't care how and where I'm gonna get my share (I) won't have the moral lessons of you hypocrites defending your own richess, denying me my rights what I earn in a year the boss grabs in a day, but there will come a time we're doin' it my way I'm gonna get my share I don't know how or where I'm gonna get my share dunno what it sounds like but if those sound familiar then thats your song J
  8. not to be patronising, but i think thats the joke..... anyways, on topic: half of my face is a scar and i can cause a tremour just measurable on the richter scale by slapping my penis on the floor. J
  9. thats possibly a _little_ bit low and bad taste, but its funny anyway! this poor boy is dissalusioned (sp?) J
  10. Torfaen is in wales, which probably explains why he's the best there. Hopefully he will take the time to look at some other peoples videos and cower into a corner somewhere..... J
  11. how incredibly bbc J
  12. well that just goes to show that this guy is a liar and a conman. stop him in his tracks by making sure you take the most action you can with ebay. J
  13. 1 - with or without a cassette on, the hub should not fall apart. 2 - i havent seen the springs, no comment 3 - 2 or more grinds in a day! he's having a funking laugh isn't he?! having a fresh grind on comp day may well be all good, but having to redo it either means you have a rim made of cheese or can't grind to save your life. And if i were you, I'd be wanting to throttle him for being a patronising w@nker about being a street rider with no comp experience. 4 - he's right, but what has been sold to you was not described as a "dented" wheel, it was sold as a "used" wheel. the classified section of this forum would be a warzone if everything was as badly described as this auction. 5 - his word vs. yours. he's trying to palm it off onto the post office, i say dont go to them until you ask him to provide receipts for the new springs and pictures of the true skewer before it left. it is an offence in ebay t+c's to omit information which may be important in the potential buyers decision to bid, so report him. J
  14. +1 fantastic
  15. due to this topic, i have spent the last half hour playing with the whole packet of blu tack i had on my desk. i am no closer to being bothered about how it work, but its damn fun to pass time with!
  16. As the title says, but in a little more detail: My girlfriend is off to uni very soon, and is going to the Southampton Uni. For this reason I'm going to be spending many a weekend down that neck of the woods and think its a perfect oppurtunity to sneak off for a quick ride every now and again. So basically I'm just looking to find out who will be the people to contact when I'm coming down to show me the good places to ride J
  17. cheers for all the replies, i will definately look forward to coming down then all that sounds great buddy. i'll give you a PM or something seperately to sort stuff out when i make the trip. be good to see the old giant as well, rode one of those back in the day. before the war and all that. J
  18. excellent, so im assuming you ride there yourself? or have you moved because your profile says dorest? cheers for the info though J
  19. that is the first video in a long while that has made me think "whoa, original!" cheers for that J
  20. right, i think some clarity is required in this topic.... a hangover is caused by dehydration. the other symptoms are caused by using all your energy and loud music etc as has been mentioned. why do you get dehydrated after drinking liquids all night? well that is down to the fact that most of your bodies digestive energy is put into filtering the impurities in alcohol out by the liver and kidneys, which basically means that during this absorbtion everything else is passed to the bladder, hence pissing lots and being dehydrated. due to being dehydrated, the simple answer is to drink more water BUT this isnt the only way. It is not just water that your body loses during dehydration, it begins to use other substances as a substitute and it starts with salts and sugars. I don't know whether the guy talked about up there has got the perfect doses of sugar/salt/water but he's definately got the right idea. I personally use 1 teaspoon of each in a glass of water (thats about 350ml), but i repeat this as many times as I can. Give it 20 minutes and your body stops using the substitutes and you will start to feel much better. On top of that, stop feeling sorry for yourself and ignore the hangover. Hope this helps, I know its mainly a collaboration of many things already said in the topic but I thought it would be handy to put it all in one place. J
  21. www.cycleauctions.co.uk i have spoken to the guy who runs this quite often in the past as I work for Cycling Weekly and MBR, and I reckon that if you talked to him about helping out with some design (which he admits isnt his strong point) then you could probably get the fulfillment of making that one better. J
  22. haha, i remember that topic first time round, i was one of the first to reply i think because it was an arguement i'd been having with my old trails/DH buddies for months before the topic came around back to the topic, my first one was something about trying to advertise www.kickhoptrials.tk or www.insanesanity.co.uk, both of which have died horrible deaths! J
  23. without having to go into it again, theres a topic called "my facial reconstruction" somewhere which describes it all. but just because i did that doesnt mean that i dont understand you are in pain. i just find the best way to think about it is easier to think it could be a hellova lot worse J
  24. i'm with lloyds, and although not a student they have been real efficient for me. I think that they seem to have a simpler approach to banking - like not having so many feebies or having to give people money to open an account with them. any queries i've had have been handled very professionally and isnt that all you really need with a bank? to know your money is safe and you're not being raped on interest charges? J
  25. i dunno how old you are or anything, but if you've not had anything happen to you that is more sore than a broken nose then you're very lucky indeed. breaking a nose is one of the most tame pains there is, but i know that it probably hurts a lot if you have nothing to compare it to. vid was good though get well soon. J