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  1. i just go with the whole "clean it after every section" method. a quick wipeover so you can see the rim again never hurts J
  2. im gonna bring my half a face almost no doubt be good to finally get on my 2nd london ride after about 3 years lol J
  3. I apologise if theres some sort of injuries forum i haven't noticed, please move if thats the case. I thought I'd put up a pic of what happens when someone in a car knocks you off a trials bike from behind. My face mega hurt, but now its back to just being bad scars. Yes. Thats Bone you can see in my cheek . J
  4. at the risk of sounding ever so much like a chav... haha, Jokes J
  5. Hi Guys, I was just realising just how ancient my old Echo ES4 is, and remembering about how people used to love to ride them but hated the fact they snapped quite often and it lead me to wondering whether anyone else is using them full time at the moment? I love the new Echo's and the Czars, but I'm so attached to my trusty ES4 that I dont see myself changing it till it snaps, and it hasnt so far! Cheers, J
  6. hell yea it is. i can see that a thread a little more original and requiring some thought is not something that people want to be part of, so feel free to close this. Cheers, J
  7. im loving the replies, but do we know of anyone else who's riding old school frames now? J
  8. i learnt on a frame that was cracked in just the same way as you describe and I think it benefitted me hugely. You always have it in the back of your mind that the frame could give at any moment and that makes you concentrate on being smooth - something which I believe all trials riders need to be. I know that I don't have the natural talent to go as big as the big boys, so I concentrate on making it look effortless. I hope you can see the point and grab the deal. I never even snapped mine, I just got to the point where I wanted to have more confidence in my frame - about 6 months later. Hope this helps. J
  9. haha, me and my mate spoke at length about this after he came up with the idea. we decided against it for many reasons that I can't be arsed to go into, but i really appreciate the thought. cheers. J
  10. the monty definately wasnt a bad frame in its day. i need to get myself to a ride so someone can let me have a quite shot on a longer frame, because I dont know whether to go "new school" or not J
  11. Hey, Does anyone ride in croydon anymore? I need to find someone to ride with for some motivation to learn again! J
  12. danny holroyd and the rest of the old trialskings group. the toxicity video had me going for a long long while. J
  13. i could probably do some bromley action, its just that there used to be loads of guys riding near me and now there isnt
  14. they dont sell cables, but you're right on the buying it seperately bit, as far as i know J
  15. shall do, thanks for the advice cheers for that, and all the other cool comments there have been. its muchly appreciated. J
  16. have you tried in the classified section? put out a wanted thread, someone might have one laying around as a spare that they could post you? J
  17. Hi guys, might be a bit boring, but once again I'm coming back from a long while off and keep getting random queries enter my head while I'm at work. One of these is just how much the geometry of frames has changed over the past few years. For sampling sake I'm going to compare the 2003 Echo ES4 that I ride at the moment and the '07 Gu that I am likely to buy in the future, then ask you guys whats brought about these changes. The Echo has a zero drop bb, 15" chainstays, a 72.5 degree headangle and a wheelbase of around about 1040 whereas the GU has a 60mm rise on the BB, a 71 degree headangle and a wheelbase of 1080. To me, that sounds like an old Koxx Levelboss with slightly shorter stays and more standover height. Except for one thing: why has the BB rise come about? I know that on average the new bikes aren't as drastic as the GU, but all have a rise of some sort. Is it just clearance or does it help in other ways too? Cheers. J
  18. i dunno about that, i reckon the new breed of bikes look damn impressive but i think the reason for that is I always went for the more extreme looks, even in the old school an ES4 or a Levelboss were damn low, compared to a pashley mhz or something. I think thats why i like the look of them, but its not about the looks. I wont change from the frame i have now and love if it wont make a difference, or will make me more unstable! J
  19. i went with the before and after style:
  20. *agrees* just use the caustic soda this time!
  21. haha, yea thats the hospital printer and i did mention that to them! compensation will come out of an accident fund, which wont be a huge amount because I cant sue the driver personally.
  22. no mate, hit and run. i was too busy picking my face off the pavement to see what car it was or anything. no CCTV up there either grin (hardly) and bare it. I'm back on the bike now though, but always be careful! J
  23. That would make me cream. x
  24. i know it might sound really obvious, but got to eliminate the easy stuff first, but have you taken the pads out and had a go at giving them a good clean around the pistons? J