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  1. I think the 101 model would probably be of more interest to us, fewer engagement points but should be pretty reliable if the Torch is anything to go by and it has the bonus of being cheaper too! They don't show it as a single speed option but I'd like to think the cassette body would swap over or they'd at least be able to put something together if asked as they're still a small company.
  2. it's more how muddy it looks that puts me off
  3. I do need to go ride there sometime but I must admit I've not really seen anything there that gets my juices flowing...I'm sure it's better in person though.
  4. If they could make a permanent trials zone at Cathkin that'd be smashing thanks (I highly doubt they will)
  5. I've found my Torch hubs to be perfect! Probably on par reliability wise as my Hopes and a good chunk lighter! I did send I9 a proposal to ride their hubs, I would rather they kept the current engagement as an option but if these hubs prove to be anywhere near as reliable as my current ones then I'm ok with it...IF!
  6. The things I'd do for a warehouse like that!
  7. because I just chose a random name years ago with no intention of it being used (Butterboo was one of my cats), I have changed my channel name to AliClarkson but for some reason it still shows as the old name which is REALLY frustrating
  8. noted!
  9. ha! Video should be up tomorrow (with more details on my Patreon channel), it's been a lot harder to explain backhops than any other moves I've filed so far haha...I'm dreading having to explain trackstands in a future tutorial
  10. FYI I just filmed a tutorial on backhops which will be on my youtube channel when it's edited (maybe next week)
  11. it's been a while since I set up my insta account, I don't class myself as an athlete but I think the options are limited when choosing.
  12. I use Facebook for my athlete page and that's it. I posted once on my personal page last year. Just yesterday I trimmed down my friend list on my personal page from 800 to around 150 (need to go and trim some more as I was on my phone and it didn't show them all) so that when I browse (which I still do) I'm not seeing a load of crap I'm not interested's so much better!
  13. I do wonder if in the future we'll look back at using athletes to promote sugary drinks in the same way we look back on celebrities endorsing cigarettes. It's a very tricky one...I think Redbull are good at putting their profits back into cool events that might inspire more young (or old) people to take up a healthy hobby, does it justify the risks of a high caffeine drink addiction? I'm not sure. I'm less impressed with other energy drink brands who seem to put less back, but they're also on the back foot and won't have as many people drinking their drinks...again a tricky one and I'm not sure how I feel about it, it can't be easy to turn down a sponsor like that if it came along! I also suspect sugar has cause a substantial more hospital cases than the lack of helmets being worn in sports!
  14. Commencal Meta AM, gorgeous! The Radon Swoop bikes get a lot of praise too...check out the Dirt 100 for a few other options.
  15. the only thing I can think of that makes the newer hex better for street and worse for comps is the slightly shorter wheelbase, but that's only because the chainstays got made shorter which means it's now way better on the rear wheel than the previous one! I will admit that comp guys might prefer the rim brakes on the older one but I definitely think the newer geo is much better for natural riding (one reason why I asked for it).