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  1. I'd have thought just using a lock nut on the valve would hold it in place?
  2. My advice. Don't change what you do just to try and gain popularity. Firstly it seemed like you tried to copy Ally Law/Ryan Taylor with the rooftop thing and now it seems you're trying to get on the street vibes despite never riding street before. There's also no story, these videos have been so different from each other and with no explanation...people like consistency or at least some kind of story/reasoning why you're doing what you're doing in the video. I may be wrong but that's how it seems. You're a good TGS rider and that's what you should be pushing. That Inspired video just made you look like you started riding fairly recently, maybe if you'd made it into a story with some bits to camera explaining how you've never tried street (I assume?) but wanted to give it a try...then it might have some appeal, as it is you just repeated a load of lines, had un-pulled tricks and an unnecessary intro (trying to be cinematic?). Like I've said before, don't sell out and do things you wouldn't normally to your strengths, try and make things a story and you'll find you'll then attract people who are actually interested in you and will become long-term watchers. Doing click bait videos or trying to do stuff because it's what other people do will only ever give you short term gains and will actually slow down your long term viewership...people can smell fakeness a long way off. Lastly...Youtube is NOT a viable way to make a living unless you get lucky or are able to consistently provide valuable entertainment regularly. I've been making a video every week for over two and a half years, I have the biggest biking channel in Scotland and I can't earn a living from it directly...I have tried to be true to myself, not take shortcuts and not do it for the money, I believe my fans are ACTUALLY fans and I'd rather have 50,000 people who are actually into what I do and value my videos than 500,000 who don't really care. Why are you making videos, what is your goal?
  3. I'd have gone but I had a clash of interests and had to pull out.
  4. I’ve been saying this for years, the UCI sections are dog turd...get up rock, get down rock, get up rock, get down rock, repeat. tbf some sections are worse than others, I liked the vertical posts but even taping out the other sections so the audience knows where they’re going would help. i think Vincent needs to vary up his riding a bit, surly the whole point of being a trials rider is to be able to ride anything out in front of you?? If he can’t ride a seesaw that’s his fault not the sections...has he forgotten the crazy sections in Japan where they had half pipes, swings and rolling barrels?
  5. If it’s any help I’ve just got some Light Bicycle hookless rims and have been running them for the past week with no issues so far while running around 40psi...I’ve not done enything too extreme but I have bashed them a bit. Also Danny’s running the Santacruz rims on his Trials bike which are hookless and he’s running over 50psi and has given them a lot of abuse with no tyre issues either.
  6. so nice!
  7. Mark makes a good point, you have to be harsh with yourself at times and cut out potentially usable footage. I still struggle with this at times but the number of clips I loved but had to cut because it didn't add anything or stopped the flow is very high!
  8. actually hilarious!
  9. can't be a legit YouTube channel unless you start doing "challenges"
  10. most excellent riding and news
  11. I agree that a strong adaptor helps but there's no doubting Shimano calipers aren't as strong as others. I've snapped some adaptors while running Magura brakes and the calipers have survived with no issues. I'd rather be safe than sorry and for that reason I just couldn't trust (newer) Shimano calipers.
  12. I'm also using MTtrail brakes (essentially just re-stickered MT6 and MT7 models) and the power is pretty nuts! They're on the bitey side which means I struggle to modulate them (even with standard pads) but for sheer power I rate them as some of the most powerful brakes currently out. The calipers are nice and strong too, not like these new snap happy Shimano ones...shame the levers aren't quite as strong but Magura's warranty seems pretty good.
  13. can you enter on the day? I know it's not ideal but I still don't know my schedule
  14. He broke his collar bone attempting the heli bomb drop for the third time to get a different angle, it was the last clip he had to film so it didn't make much difference to the video. I personally don't think riding always needs a gimmick or story, if he had streamlined the video without a story it would've had just the same impact...then again I'm not as euro as Fabio and his fan base, the Germans and Austrians love a bit of cheese.
  15. what happened?