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  1. judging by where the brake mounts are that's a 26 inch frame
  2. They'll be learning footjam whips next
  3. time for a second opinion?
  4. looks like it has a Monty 25" rear wheel? random! To add balance, I like the way the seatstays join higher
  5. Yeah that's why I really wanted a hard top, my bike would fit sideways on the back though, that could be an option. I've just booked mine in for it's first MOT since having it, I'm also getting an alloy radiator fitted that I've had sitting around since finding a crack in the original one, also asked them to check the underside and under seal/treat it if needed. gonna be a bit expensive but like I said, I want this car to last.
  6. The Seasucker range is so expensive! This is a Rock Bros from Ebay, looks to be a copy of the Seasucker...I've been pleased so far but I must admit the first few drives were a bit scary
  7. Thought I finally add to this topic. I must admit I've never been much of a car guy, I've driven vans for the last 10 years just so I can take bikes easier...the downside was that vans are expensive (both to buy, tax and insure) and they're pretty boring. Last year my van broke and I couldn't afford to fix it or insure it. Mark had been up in his MX5 and they seem really cool...I decided that I'd like to try one despite not being the most practical choice ever, the deciding factor was the low cost of fixing and insuring it (quoted £150 a year). I wanted a MK1 as they're easier to tell if they have rust issues plus pop up headlights are cool, I also get the classic car status for the cheap insurance. I looked around for a while trying to find a half decent one that would last and I eventually found this one. It's a 1990 Jap import 1.6, it was imported in 2000 and has been owned by the same older guy since. He didn't drive it in winter and always kept it inside when not in use, it had tonnes of paperwork and good previous MOT details and he regularly rust treated the under side. He said he loved the car but at his age was finding it hard to get in and out of it now. He wanted £2000 for it, that included the original wheels in good condition (just old tyres) and the hardtop, considering the condition I didn't haggle much. I can understand why people enjoy driving now, this is the first "fun" car I've had and it's an absolute blast! I'm not keen on the wheels so I'll probably put some new tyres on the originals. I'd like to keep this car for a while so I need to take good care of it, I'd hate to be the person that killed it after all this time!
  8. I can't imagine how that feels to drive!
  9. You're mad! He looks so good on 26", definitely my fave comp rider now he's swapped.
  10. Hey everyone...I recently vlogged in Edinburgh with Adam McGuire and I managed to get enough good looking clips to want to add music and make a little edit. This was filmed in an afternoon and some of the riding is rough around the edges but the response I've had has been good so I plan on using Adam again to film something a bit more polished.
  11. These were the three bikes I always wanted but never had. The Crescent always looked like it rode super light, I think it had some of the shortest chainstays at the time and it looked very "Euro" with the mini seat and flat bars they often were built with, never saw one in person. The Orange Zero was a dream bike of mine, made just up the road and I saw plenty of them at comps but I never actually rode one myself, I think it was the first frame I saw that was a straight line front the headtube to the rear axle and I thought that was pretty nuts! I think the Pace was my ultimate dream bike though, firstly because Chris Akrigg rode one like a beast and secondly when the Trialskings rode them (the Trialskings builds still look so awesome today!). Another frame I saw in person but have never ridden, they were famous for cracking which is a shame.
  12. anyone got Hibernation?
  13. I think the 101 model would probably be of more interest to us, fewer engagement points but should be pretty reliable if the Torch is anything to go by and it has the bonus of being cheaper too! They don't show it as a single speed option but I'd like to think the cassette body would swap over or they'd at least be able to put something together if asked as they're still a small company.
  14. it's more how muddy it looks that puts me off