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  1. I've always wondered if the glass topped bus stops were strong enough to ride on! Great video though, so good to see my local spots getting smashed!
  2. An acs freewheel
  3. I liked everything about my I9 hubs except how loud they were haha, only issue was they replaced it with the Hydra model and I wasn't going to be the one to test it's reliability. I messaged Chris King and they were willing to supply parts for all my bikes so I bit their arm off
  4. keeping it real with my King hubs here
  5. The thing is Mike you seem very open to accept praise on your content but seem to struggle when people give you critism, I've tried to offer some constructive critism in the past (even given you lots of advice when you messaged me) but you seemed to ignore most of it. The only way to really get a response from you was to go in a little harsher (and tbf my post was a little piss takey but I've had plenty worse belive me!). You can make all the videos you want but one thing that's struck me is you seem quite desperate to get success through riding and have tried to copy successful creators and surf their wave rather than actually go out and put the work in. Your Instagram tags are actually insane and half your comments are from bots... Not wanting to sound harsh but it's quality over quantity and I just don't get your plan. Taking shortcuts will only shoot yourself in the foot long term. My questions still stand, who are these videos for? If you want my genuine advice? Delete every bot or person that comments with a generic comment, and stop posting emojis on other people's content (actually comment with something that shows you watched /appreciated it), post meaningful content that has a story (your latest videos had so much fluff and filler they'd be 30 seconds long if they were edited) and don't directly copy other users (I'm talking Ali Law/Ryan Taylor), be yourself and find what sets you apart from others (hint, it's TGS riding... It's hard to self film but it's possible, go out and do it). Essentially what I'm saying is you really need more substance in what you post. Less caps, fewer "Mike Beck" text shoved down our throats and less trying to cheat the system by avoiding putting in hard work. I genuinely don't mean to shit talk or put anyone down, I wish everyone success in what they do but the way your doing it is pretty weird
  6. Yeah, as much as I'd like Jack to win I wasn't so sure that Sergi's back hub missed the looked like he corrected it last moment. If they had classed Sergi's gate as a five as well as Jack's snapped flag who would've won?
  7. hmm, we thought people would be more interested in us with our tops off squatting each other...I trust Mark will supply the suitable edit to match.
  8. What was that video all about? Who are these videos for? What are you doing?
  9. how on earth are they able to have a Pink Floyd song on a YouTube video??
  10. Vlogs are odd for sure, but I think people like the personal story behind the shows more than just the riding and more about the lifestyle and jorney, especially if you've been following someone for a while. I like watching simple edits too and in an ideal world I would have them regularly too but they're a lot harder to produce consistantly.
  11. Hey Graham Dob weren't around for super long but we sold a few through tartybikes way back. They did frames, forks and rims and were extremely light and despite not being super strong still surprised me with their robustness. This is all assuming it is a Dob, the Because Colour frame was a very similar shape.
  12. not an echo, looks like a Dob magnesium frame to me (I'd get some paint on it asap to stop the corrosion)
  13. The Clock!
  14. Just entered