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  1. Officially the nicest feeling levers I've ever felt, so light to pull!
  2. I’m not sure, I’m sure she’d checked That
  3. aaaand Jane's been told to stop working (massage therapist) which is fairly likely to be the end of the studio she works in unless rent can be paid somehow. She's slightly stressed but lives with her mum so no rent needed there which is handy but she does have loans that need paying. She's considering working in an Amazon warehouse but is going to avoid it if she has to. One thing with her is that she's VERY good at studying and being disciplined and last year found a way to earn money that she's really keen on perusing (just need the internet and a phone/computer, no people contact and potential to earn (and lose) a lot of money), this has been a bit of a forced push but she's using this whole situation to study hard and make the leap from wanting to do it, to just doing it...I'm actually excited because if anyone can be successful at it, it's her! I'm lucky in that my job (vlogging) can pretty much carry on as normal and might even get more views with people at home. I'm SO glad I started the vlogs because if I had still relied on shows for income I would be totally screwed right now (like, selling all my stuff and moving back to England screwed) as there's no shows booked for the foreseeable future...right at the start of the season too.
  4. I'm just down at the Winchester waiting for it to all blow over
  5. this government is actually a joke, without announcing an official statement shutting down business no one who is self employed can claim on insurance for lack of work and there’s no mention of any schemes to reimburse any lost wages. Jane is self employed as a massage therapist and works in a clinic with a couple other people who all pay rent, the landlord isn’t giving anyone a break so that still needs paid but obviously no one is booking in with all the fear and advice to stay home. The only way she could survive the next few weeks is by claiming on insurance which will only get paid if the government gives orders to shut. It’s looking quite likely the clinic won’t survive. Boris and his pals can get in the sea
  6. Do people think toilet roll cures the flue? I can’t think of any other reason why people would stockpile it? it’s handy to have but I would consider it a luxury item rather than and water is vital, toilet roll is not
  7. so cool, loving the parts choice I always loved my 2004 Pure!
  8. speaking of isis bbs, I remember when they came out and it was very exciting!
  9. I also get this to a point, I'll ride spots with people there if I'm doing stuff I know I can do but if I'm trying new things with a high failure rate I do get self conscious if there's people around.
  10. dammit, everyone's going to think I copied Benito when I drop tomorrows MTB trials video!
  11. Flatmate bringing a group of people back to party without warning, had to go sleep in the motorhome, I tidied the flat recently and now it’s an absolute disaster. Not best pleased
  12. This was the first MBUK I ever got.
  13. The deciding factor for me is choosing the bike that's easiest to swap between from your other bikes. I assume your DJ bike is 26"? I'd definitely be considering the Hex over the Fourplay or Arcade for ease of swapping, it'll feel more "normal" and take less adapting to
  14. How was this nearly ten years ago??