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  1. it fluctuates but at the moment it's $760 a month. Glad you're enjoying the content! That's a real shame to hear I've been extremely impressed with your work though so I'm sure you'll be snapped up pretty quickly!
  2. no, Patreon is on top of that figure. I do have ads in my videos, I try not to have too many but sometimes I might add more just to bump things up a little
  3. Previously I was between 125k and 300k views a month, that jumped up to over 700k in May and has dropped to around 500k now. That's changed my £250-£350 a month to over £1000 which I'm definitely a fan of! I don't mind talking finacials to do with YouTube, it seems like something people have little idea on so it's cool to clear up what kind of "living" is possible from it.
  4. I'm lucky, the lockdown made my YouTube views sky rocket and the last two months have been the best earners I've ever from the platform. SO handy as there's zero shows on at the moment. A certain bike brand has had a lot of sales and I've been building wheels as a side hustle to help them keep's sometimes tedious work, 13 wheels in one day was a back breaker but it's a handy extra bit of pay. I've not even touched the MTB though, haven't been allowed to travel more than 5 miles because of lockdown and the good trails are further than that
  5. Getting mixed opinions on that style but fortunately the majority seem to like it which is good because it’s a LOT easier to make than adding any talking
  6. Today's will be my last one
  7. I generally go shorter if possible...165-170 unless I want to make my gear ratio slightly lighter in which case I'll run longer cranks. Shorter cranks are (slightly) stronger as there's less leverage on them, you get more ground clearance for hooks and stuff and I feel it's slightly easier to balance with your feet closer together
  8. My fiancee works as a massage therapist and has a colleague who is an osteopath and can do acupuncture. In Scotland (and I'm sure England too) you need to hold a needle license to be able to perform acupuncture or tattoos, not a massive hurdle for someone to get so it doesn't rule out incompetence but it's worth checking they've got that at least! Acupuncture probably won't fix the issue BUT it can be a good thing to have alongside massage and mobility exercises, I've never had it myself but I've heard good things from those who have
  9. Looks like a Because Simple, also (but far more unlikely) a DOB magnesium frame. Set it on fire and if it burns bright then you know which it is
  10. I think it's a Norco, they did a design like that for a short while plus they supplied that shape of steel fork on other trials models they did. EDIT: Yep, Norco Evolve
  11. Boom, 2012 Yess trials
  12. maybe an old Yess model?
  13. I find it crazy how the Government have been patting themselves on the back for having infection/death numbers that are "looking good". The UK has the worst infection and death percentages in the world. Remember when Italy looked bad and went into total lockdown? The UK (well, England) are WAY worse than Italy was when they were locking the country down but for some reason the UK Gov is now happy to reduce lockdown with way worse numbers...they're incompetent! That vote they had was almost criminal, making people travel to vote on a vote about travelling (those who have to travel obviously want to avoid doing so so will be harder for them to vote about not travelling). One of the Scottish MPs is in Skye and had to travel by public transport to London to vote saying he didn't want to have to's like a Monty Python sketch except not funny. Boris is so bumbling when he talks too, it takes him 10 mins to explain something that anyone else could do in he became a leader I have no idea! Get in the Sea Boris!
  14. TBF I am noticing as I'm getting older I'm getting a little more scared than I used to be, I still push myself but there's stuff I'm avoiding which I'm sure the younger me would've tried
  15. I think for me it's as much ability to ride but also the experience to know when and how to bail. Beginners will often go down with the ship because they don't have the experience to know when a move is going past the point of no return and end up eating shit. You can often tell who is an intermediate/advanced rider by seeing how and when they bail. Edit: There's always exceptions though, even the most experienced riders will crash hard if they're at their limit or trying something totally new...but I guess a beginner is trying something new most rides