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  1. From my point of view, a pro rider at the very minimum should be getting free bikes and expenses covered, if they’re getting less than that then I don’t think they fit into the “pro” category. Bikes are just a tool and that should be provided (like a bus driver doesn’t have to supply their own bus), likewise expenses are just like other jobs that get paid when you’re on the clock. I’m surprised people wouldn’t expect every pro rider to be at least getting that.
  2. yeah that was pretty interesting, seems pro riders either get very little wage or a really big one with not much in-between which echoes my thoughts I had.
  3. upstairs neighbours snoring EVERY night is driving me mad!
  4. I've held off voicing my opinion because I feel it doesn't quite sit with the general population but we're all friends here...I'm holding off from having any vaccine for as long as possible. Now I don't consider myself a foil hat type...I think the vaccine is PROBABLY ok BUT as Andy has stated, it IS experimental treatment (by definition that's what it is). The government has stated you are unable to have any reimbursements for any negative effects from taking the vaccine. This means if you are allergic or any other negative discoveries are made from long term use (impotence, future offspring negative effects etc) you can't possibly sue or otherwise get any reimbursement. I don't blame others for taking the vaccine and I'm certainly not an anti-vaxxer, I just don't feel comfortable taking something that hasn't had the same long term tests done that other (older) vaccines have. I don't want it to be another Thalidomide scandal where a drug was passed on as being safe (in that case for pregnant women) only later to discover that it caused devastating defects with the babies. So that's a pass from me
  5. so here's a theory. Bitcoin was brought to existence by a Chinese company/person. The recent crash was brought about by a Chinese compay. China are buying up gold, it gives them protection against inflation The west are selling their gold and more and more people/companies are buying up Crypto Tin foil hat moment...what if this is a long play strategy from China to dupe the world into buying into a format that they can control all the while building up their reserves of gold and fiat currency. Once the world has become more dependant on crypto they can crash it and become the most powerful country in the world?
  6. I mean the rod that's being held by the pinch bolt, the big one up and left of the one you circled...I probably should've called the stopper rod a separate name
  7. to complicate things I use a different technique which I find can potentially give more tension (to the point of breaking it so be careful). 1. With the chain still on undo the pinch bolt that holds the steel rod 2. use a small screwdriver or anything thin that fits between the rod and the tensioner and use it to lever the rod around (see diagram) 3. when desired tension is achieved, re-tighten the pinch bolt 4. ride and forget about Ben's version
  8. I tried a Fidlock but it rattled when riding and the noise annoyed me enough to not want to use it again...was it just mine or does yours have any rattle too?
  9. I see dogecoin is doing well has crashed, it’s funny what effect people’s Twitter posts have on things like this (Elon musk). I’m intrigued to see where my dogecoin ends up.
  10. Jane is deep into the world of trading, FX and currencies and listens to a lot of podcasts from Peter Schiff... he has some strong views on crypto currencies which are quite interesting, worth looking into what he says (whether you agree with him or not).
  11. Speaking of PB, Jane and I saw a house we wanted to view but got put off by the process of booking. I’m not much of a fan of talking on a phone so I like to do an online booking, PB had me sign up to their site and jump through a few hoops before I could actually do the booking and in the end I couldn’t be bothered any more (the house wasn’t really something we were seriously considering anyway). compare that with Right Move where I booked a viewing within seconds of starting the process. I certainly wouldn’t use PB if I was wanting to sell Edit: while I’m commenting I’ll update my situation... NO HOUSES in our budget anywhere we’d consider living, the market is dead and prices are insane right now. We may not need to buy though...sadly Jane’s 93 year old auntie is at deaths door with cancer. It’s obviously devastating for the family and there’s a lot of caring going on but Jane is on the will as the executor so will have to sort out the funeral and house (amongst other jobs). Now her Auntie has a 2 bed detached bungalow (but the rooms are huge) with a garage and gardens, it’s a lovely house and in a well off area although much further out than I’d have hoped... Jane has mentioned talking to the family about buying their shares and living there ourselves, it really depends on how many people are named in the will and what their thoughts are. Will keep you posted
  12. I'm getting involved for sure!
  13. it'll be fine, I think that's more a warning not to use them on tubular rims than hookless, I know a few riders who use them on hookless rims with no issues
  14. wanna make trials popular? Speed trials is where it's at
  15. How long have you been riding? I’m probably going to disappoint you with my opinion but I think it’s just a case of practicing more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a step down in size of moves and working on your technique... the more you do something the more muscle memory you’ll get and the more it’ll come naturally. If you’re seizing up it suggests you’re not quite ready just yet so just take your time.