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  1. I’m just waiting on my accountant to get my taxes finished and then I can send my figures off to the mortgage advisor. pretty nervous as I don’t earn much and neither does Jane (especially with the recent lockdowns) and we’re both self employed with average credit ratings (I’ve never had a credit card, loan or any finance other than my phone...annoyingly saving up to actually afford stuff has bitten me in the arse). The last mortgage advisor who we gave some really rough figures to said it’d be a stretch to get a 60k mortgage. That’s pretty depressing as that really means we could only afford to live in some pretty shitty areas and in a small house, a real downgrade from what I’m in now. The good news is my parents said they’d help me with some money towards a deposit so we’ll see how that effects things...I guess getting on the property ladder no matter how shitty will help for future mortgages so it might be a case of sucking it up and taking a less than ideal place and look towards moving again when we can.
  2. Jane’s Ivermectin turned up in the post the other day, she’s hoping she won’t have to use it but will if she ever rests positive.
  3. I honestly don’t know how Danny (and others) can ride with vertical levers... it puts my entire body weight on my thumb area on my hand and when on the front wheel it’s very uncomfortable. i run mine closer to 45 degrees or maybe even flatter, it changes my weight to be fully supported by my hand which feels much better for impacts etc
  4. I don't fully know her opinion of it, my understanding is that she thinks they have our best interest at heart and adverse effects are certainly not guaranteed but from all the positive results she's read about Ivermectin she'd rather use that than a rushed out drug, even if it's had all the money in the world thrown at it.
  5. I think that’s the key, I don’t trust the government at all... they’ve proven to be liars, make shit decisions, appoint lunatics in high power positions etc. not sure what her plan is, I’m assuming only taking it if she gets sick
  6. How is it contradictory? She’s following her own advice from the research she’s done and avoiding an unproven drug (in the long term) for one that’s proven safe.
  7. The virus has actually muted a few times, it’s not that unusual for it to do that... the government are leaning heavily on this story though to try and get people to listen to them. Without a scare tactic the public would probably just ignore instructions and carry on with Christmas as usual, it takes something more serious to make people skip their Christmas traditions and playing on the mutation story (which isn’t necessarily false) is a good way to get people to pay attention. whether it’s a good or bad thing for the government to do is up for debate but the mutation isn’t perhaps as serious as they’re making out (yet).
  8. I’m certainly not taking any vaccine that doesn’t have solid history. Jane has ordered some Ivermectin from abroad, whether it’ll clear customs we’ll have to see
  9. The issue is the government are both dodgy in having invested interest in certain companies involving COVID (ppe contracts etc) AND having to listen to the WHO which aren’t exactly that great. The reason why these scientists are getting silenced is because places like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have protect people and not allow misinformation to be spread...currently the WHO are a few months behind the latest findings...either because they’re crap or overly cautious which means even if these scientists are correct it’s not what the WHO are currently agreeing with so it’s classed as misinformation and silenced. Jane says that Ivermectin has been successful in peer verified hospital tests and has been rolled out into legitimate treatment plans in certain countries (I forget the name of the plans, “ivec” or “iban” or something like that). It just seems first world countries either have way more corrupt governments willing to sacrifice people to give their pals businesses lucrative contracts or have to be seen to be doing the right thing by following WHO guidelines...neither of which is ideal for us.
  10. I can’t give a real opinion as I personally haven’t looked into it myself, I’m just going from what Jane has told me. She’s extremely rational and not into conspiracies at all and I trust her opinion on all things scientific and she’s pretty hyped on the research she’s read.
  11. I think it depends where you look. Scientific data can be super bias, perhaps funded by people with invested interest in a certain result etc. there’s a lot of chaff to filter out before you find true honest peer reviewed data i can’t find (or pretend to fully be able to understand) the academic research that Jane was reading but from her reaction it was pretty clear that it was doing something! There was one test done in a hospital where they split the medical workers (500 of them I think) 50/50 and gave half no drugs and half Ivermectin. The half with no drugs developed over 200 cases of COVID and the half with Ivermectin developed 7 (there was a lot more info, I’m really simplifying this as it’s not my expertise) and that was just one test, there’s been others that have also had positive results. now perhaps this vaccine the government is better than no drug and would even up the test results but it’s still a rushed out drug with zero history... the other has been around since the 80s and is proven safe (the developers got Nobel prizes).
  12. Ivermectin is the drug
  13. David Portnoy’s rant Ok so that’s America so slightly different but I agree that it seems crazy to blanket ban everyone from working when some clearly are less risk than others. yeah I know it’s easier to blanket ban than to go though every business individually but people are loosing their lively hood when there’s no need... it’s like banning everyone from a swimming pool because a couple of people can’t swim. Jane is a massage therapist and has gone to ridiculous lengths to make her work environment safe (people commented on how well the clinic was being run) and hasn’t had a single case out of hundreds of clients yet she’s had to shut and put her livelihood at huge risk, it’s unknown whether she’ll have a clinic to go back to. Zero scientific proof she needs to shut yet here we are. Schools stayed open, Greggs stayed open , the KFC near me that had six reported cases is open yet she has to shut. the real blow is the osteopath business next door can stay open because it’s a “vital” service. I also find it crazy that there IS an already commonly available drug that’s proven to prevent COVID but the government won’t use it because they’re committed to lining the pockets of their friends companies and try and develop a new vaccine (which has zero test history for side effects, long term health etc). third world countries are using the readily available drug (I forget its name) because they don’t have the budget to develop a new one and ironically it’ll help them a lot more than the situation we’re in. Scientists are trying to get the word out but are being silenced, tweets deleted, YouTube videos being taken down etc because it doesn’t comply with what the WHO are saying, these are the same people who have been three steps ahead of the WHO all year... it’s about time they are listened to. This is all information Jane has told me so I’m a little foggy on the exact details but she’s great at researching academic papers, she was a biomedical scientist and is able to have some grasp on the medical world so this isn’t some tin hat stuff, the government HAVE a proven vaccine with years of history so we know exactly what the long term effects are but just won’t use it! Crazy!
  14. I was also going to mention Rowan’s video and music combos, they were class but seeing as that’s been covered, I’m going to mention Andy Ts Vincent Hermance in Colorado (2?) video with Arcade Fire and possibly Modest Mouse? I remember those being watched on repeat, the riding was the best I’d seen and the music helps the hype... so good!
  15. I don’t personally know anyone but I have seen a couple online. I would be surprised if riders could really tell 3mm difference in a rims width especially at street pressure (I know I can’t, it’s 1.5mm on each side lol) so I wouldn’t be put off with them being 38mm rather than 35