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  1. Pffft, backhops and rear wheel hops are the same thing. Hopping backwards however...
  2. just the standard Magura pads for me
  3. I can't which is why I don't run those pads haha!
  4. mainly Ricky TBF, he really helped speed the process up as he knows people at YouTube UK from when he went down to the offices to help get Danny's channel fast tracked to being verified
  5. Got my channel back!
  6. #bringbacktaps That was great! Seems most seatless trials riders these days have pretty comp style set ups and concentrate on single moves rather than linking stuff together (I'm guilty of this on my latest Echo build) so it was really cool to see you ride like people used to and to a high level too (especially when you're on a bike bigger than you're used to). Good work
  7. UPDATE: Channel is recovered! I still have all my videos and surprisingly most of my subscribers too! I'm just waiting for Google/YouTube to finish their checks and then I can make all my videos public again and continue as normal...I'm hoping it will be ready for today's upload but it's out of my hands for now.
  8. I can confirm this had nothing to do with Patreon. It was a targeted spear attack by people posing as a video editing company asking me for paid promotion in a video. After a couple of emails they asked to talk further on WhatsApp (which isn't that unusual, I had the same from some of my other sponsors) so I gave them my phone number to add me. After some chatting on WhatsApp and agreeing a price they explained the process to me and provided a link to their site with a download for the app. The site had a padlock in the URL so I thought it was safe. Clicking the download instead downloaded a cookie sharing virus which could gain access to cookies saved by websites including saved log ins such as my YouTube one. I assume they then used my phone number to get access to the password reset code and reset my password locking me out. I'm now talking with google trying to get it back but I think they blocked my device in the process so I can't even begin the recovery process just yet. I've been told it can be recovered and they've shut the channel down to remove control the hackers had, unfortunately this has lost me over 20,000 subs so far which is frustrating as I was just a few hundred away from 100K. Looking back there were some red flags I failed to see...the first email was basic to say the least and I even shared it with Mark as it was quite random. I took the bait though as I have had emails from Asian brands who have sent questionable emails in the past but have been legit. The other red flags were bad English spelling for what was an American company, I assumed it was an agency working on their behalf and again just assumed they were Asian and just miss pelt some stuff. They also wouldn't reply with direct answers to my questions and just had copy/paste replies but again not unheard of when dealing with an agency (even Google now are giving me some copy/pate responses). Lastly they let me set my price and they didn't even flinch when I asked for more than I thought I'd get, normally they have a set price and only have a small wiggle room. At the end of the day I'm a bit embarrassed I fell for it, the good thing is the virus doesn't multiply so it didn't spread from my machine (and I've now removed it) and I don't believe this type of virus gives them access to any sensitive information like card details so I'm hoping no money was taken (I've cancelled my business card anyway as I used that to buy my new anti virus software so had to enter the card details before I knew what the virus was). It's frustrating losing that many followers especially being that close to 100K but I've had messages from people saying they un-subbed temporarily and will re-sub when it's fixed so I'm hoping the damage isn't as bad as it looks but we'll have to see...I don't want to get my hopes up too much.
  9. caustic soda only effects aluminium, you'd need paint stripper to remove the paint, it won't effect any metal parts so no stress about the threads
  10. It's been a while since I've fitted Arcade cranks so I can't remember the specifics but if I remember correctly you don't need any spacers on the bb threads (like fitting a 73mm bb to a 68mm shell)...the tube goes in the middle of the bb and stops the bearings from binding and the rest of the spacers are used to centre the cranks so the arms are equal distance from each chainstay.
  11. That's the best generation Avid BB7 MTB brake (they didn't have a road version back then)...such good brakes!
  12. It was a road bb5 I fitted but I didn’t realize it. Don’t fit the road version with v brake levers as it’ll be underpowered... it would work with Bmx levers though. Stick with the mtb version if you’re going to use a v brake lever.
  13. It does have the three seat post tubes, just one is on-line with the chainstay and the other is in-line with the forward most tube (angle of the photo couldn’t have hidden them any better!) I’m agreeing with either a Zoot or T Rex
  14. yeah I was thinking 110x35 would be a good size to try for your height
  15. I vote a longer stem (which will also bring the bars higher) and then higher bars if needed