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  1. I must admit I have indulged on this one. Regarding stickers, I made those to give away with the book I sell on TrashZen, they are not meant to be commercialized, at least for now.
  2. Fantastically light (compared to the 24" console), my new Hex, all shiny and glittering out of the box. Very good feel straight out, hardly any adjustment moving from 24 to 26", it rides so nicely! Frame: Inspired Hex aluminium Fork: Inspired Hex (15mm bolt through axle). Bars: Inspired Arcade High-Rise Riser Stem: Trialtech Sport, 90mm x 35° rise Crank: Hope Trial Pedals: Fire Eye platform. Brakes: Magura MT7 with 180mm discs. Seat: Tripod Kevlar seat with tripod. Rims: Inspired V2 Team, 26" Hubs: Hope Pro 4 Disc Chain Tensioner: Integrated Inspired Tyres: Continental Race King 26x2.2". Gear Ratio: 22/18 Wheelbase in this current setting: 1023mm Chainstays: 380mm Bottom bracket height: +20mm (50mm lower than my comp bike). A few titanium bolts too here and there... I reckon it is under 10kg
  3. Hi All, After designing some cool TrashZen Tshirts years ago, I've had several requests for hoodies, but never wanted to commit to holding any stock, as I was quite unsure how many to order, which sizes etc... Now, searching for an efficient way of printing just the right sizes and colours in the right numbers, I came across an apparel printer that would be able to organize a crowdfunding campaign for a zipped hoodie model (I selected a bi-colour one in my example), allowing backers to choose their size and their preferred colour combo. Before I organize that, I wanted to probe your interest. I have put up a mock up design of the hoodies I'd propose, with some cool logo designs (one on the front, the back, and on the left sleeve), they have plenty of different colour combos as shown with the split colour dots. If you show some interest, I could share a link for a time-limited campaign (20 days so) and you'd get the hoodies shipped directly from the printers. They'd retail for about 36 euros (plus shipping). Let me know what you think. Cheers,
  4. Hi marg26, I know it is a bit of a weird timing (sorry for that), It has been out literally today as I just put it up online. It was a very long project to wrap up and I really wanted to get it ready by the end of September, but ended up struggling until mid-November doing some last photo shoots for the cover, stitching up videos and doing paper work until it could finally go to the printers, then revisions, further delays pretty much to December until I could get my own copies and share the result. Since I opted for a different printing house, I had no idea about what their actual delays would be so I didn't want to make any anticipated announcement before I actually got the books in hand. Early November, I still wasn't 100% sure I would get them ready before Christmas, but now I don't want to hold them to next year either. Sorry again for this weird timing, not very commercial.
  5. Bump with an updated edition. Yep, after about three years of riding street trials to figure out what all the cool moves were about, and revamping the website with extra street sections, it was time I'd put up together a revised edition of my book. Hence with the extra street chapters, the book has grown up from 240 pages to 288 pages in a A5 format (210x148mm portrait). A neat feature I am quite pleased about, I also managed to integrate QR codes onto the how-to pages for a direct access to relevant slow-motion videos (via any smartphone QR scanner app) Check it out on .
  6. The song was a must for me, I listened to La Femme the whole summer, and this particular one was fitting as the sun was constantly shining. I wished I had had more time for more lines, but was often short on camera battery heating up rather fast and sometimes on a tight schedule. Thanks for your comments, yes, I've been around for a while, but I enjoy riding bikes more than anything else, so any time on wheels is pure bliss.
  7. Hey, long time no posting videos... But I got the chance to take my 24" Inspired Console to California this summer, and as a takeaway, I wrapped up a small street video riding a few lines from the Stanford campus, mostly casual riding, manuals and co., and plenty of sun of course! Check out the Youtube link Cheers,
  8. Riding Stanford, warm and sunny, bump boost at an angle to make more distance from the first step.
  9. Found these two bits of walls last WE, both looked like they were purposely designed to be ridden. Had to give it a go.
  10. Found a decent skate park not too far from home, with a half pipe. Compulsive tabletop session, brought back some good old memories and back in 1994, my first go at a ramp on a steel mountain bike
  11. Tyre tap session on a goal post, this morning... to make the most of today's sweet sunshine.
  12. Just time... (a lot of my previous free time has evaporated with family stuff), hence any personal project I get into spreads over a longer time period, but I eventually get there. Wall rides updated
  13. Hi Davies, thanks for your comments... for now I focus on pages and step-by-step photos... then I'll edit slow-mo videos for the new street pages too, but not sure about the added text yet as all the info is on the pages... Will depend on my time budget
  14. Just added a Decade... preparing the G-turn
  15. That's an idea, at last some video tutorials that go beyond just filming the move, well impressed with the explanation details too.