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  1. The song was a must for me, I listened to La Femme the whole summer, and this particular one was fitting as the sun was constantly shining. I wished I had had more time for more lines, but was often short on camera battery heating up rather fast and sometimes on a tight schedule. Thanks for your comments, yes, I've been around for a while, but I enjoy riding bikes more than anything else, so any time on wheels is pure bliss.
  2. Hey, long time no posting videos... But I got the chance to take my 24" Inspired Console to California this summer, and as a takeaway, I wrapped up a small street video riding a few lines from the Stanford campus, mostly casual riding, manuals and co., and plenty of sun of course! Check out the Youtube link Cheers,
  3. Riding Stanford, warm and sunny, bump boost at an angle to make more distance from the first step.
  4. Found these two bits of walls last WE, both looked like they were purposely designed to be ridden. Had to give it a go.
  5. Found a decent skate park not too far from home, with a half pipe. Compulsive tabletop session, brought back some good old memories and back in 1994, my first go at a ramp on a steel mountain bike
  6. Tyre tap session on a goal post, this morning... to make the most of today's sweet sunshine.
  7. Just time... (a lot of my previous free time has evaporated with family stuff), hence any personal project I get into spreads over a longer time period, but I eventually get there. Wall rides updated
  8. Just added a street menu on TrashZen, and my first page is online... This one is mostly looking at the differences between street and pure comp geometries and how those are felt in riding... I am also preparing some street-specific tutorials too so watch out as those build up on the site, step-by-step as usual. Also working on a more readable layout... something like the screen shot below, but it's not ready yet for full roll-out... Any feedback welcome. Cheers
  9. Hi Davies, thanks for your comments... for now I focus on pages and step-by-step photos... then I'll edit slow-mo videos for the new street pages too, but not sure about the added text yet as all the info is on the pages... Will depend on my time budget
  10. Just added a Decade... preparing the G-turn
  11. That's an idea, at last some video tutorials that go beyond just filming the move, well impressed with the explanation details too.
  12. Bunny hop practice, with a bump
  13. My glorious Console in the last sunny hours of the day.
  14. Wall riding on some wobbly doors...(from a couple of days ago) Love my Inspired Console although it took me a while to get used to the geo.
  15. Sharing some riding in the murky woods of Orsay, more particularly a zone that was devastated by winter storms some years ago, featuring plenty of rotting wood logs, slippery roots and springy branches (I've been catapulted by a few overzealous ones). I edited it a bit Blair-witch-style because even when summer is on, these woods are cold and fungy and a bit eery. Hope you enjoy...that's the vid on top... Cheers
  16. Hey Mr Wood, yes Fischerspooner... and a bit of death in vegas for the intro... old stuff but still good.
  17. I'll give it an open go on my next ride, just to break the mold again... but I am pretty sure I'll miss the plunging cantilever effect of rolled forward bars.... mmm...
  18. Hey Ali, Thanks for your comments. I understand from someone riding mostly urban on a 24" rig, and every now and then, I revert to a normal bar setup just to ease up on bunny hops and comfort... But then it feels awkwards when trying to do gaps to front wheel and hooks... so its' really a compromise... would be good to have "one-click" two-positions adjustable bars...(an idea for trialtech?) Never really tried a streety 24" on such moves... but maybe that's be the way forward.
  19. How to ruin a sunny WE... I was in ZE woods doing some gaps to front wheel, log to log, when my stem went into its best snappage mode, upon landing... annoyingly, it was only a few month old.
  20. It was about time to re-code TrashZen, mainly because increasing screen sizes meant that year-on-year, the site was shrinking. The photos and the animations were getting all pixelated (especially the most dated ones, when internet connexions were so poor that you had to make everything small, check out the 2004 version for a laugh). So I have recoded every page to include better resolution pictures, the pages are responsive to display size, so they always fit nicely, without having to scroll all over the place (they can even shrink to one column, but the images and text always adapt to be readable). Then, using the mouse-wheel, you can animate all the step-by-step sections at your own pace, back and forth to see the full move sequence in high resolution. On top of that, nearly every page comes with a HD video showing the technique in slow-motion, performed in different contexts (some extracts of old vids, and some more natural since I have quite a nice rocky zone nearby). The overall look is still pretty much the same as before (I chose a more readable font), but as it is now, the website should survive quite a few years of pixel shrinkage (hopefully until its 20th birthday in 2018). It´s online now, so check it out again! Hope you'll enjoy. Wishing you all an excellent year!
  21. A little video recorded at my new riding spot... rocks in the university campus' woodlands in Orsay. That's going natural on my GU over the autumn/winter season...5mn from home Enjoy
  22. Adjusted my bars further down today, with the brake levers about 30 degrees below horizontal, that s yet another sensation. Exploring another zone... I think I got used to steep down levers when practising static hops and hooked statics, it really helped... but for other transitions, yes, the wrist position was a bit extreme.
  23. Interesting comments... I like the new bar position, but maybe the levers could be tuned... I'll experiment further this WE just to break the habit and see how it feels... Or maybe I am becoming rusty :'( in the wrists.
  24. Yep, I just received this pic from a 1988 GT Ricochet bike being restored by Heino (based in Triberg, Germany, not very far from Strasbourg). The bike on the pic is fitted with Monty bars and Heino is looking for the original 1988 GT Ricochet handlebars. Anyone would have this relic in their garage to sell or to give away? You can reach him at: Then I'll be able to update a bit the Gallery of Bike Trials Evolution Cheers,
  25. Interesting topic... I pretty much agree that work and family stuff (chores but also just taking time to do things together rather than on your own on some rocks) do get in the way big time, and I struggle to ride more than 3 times a week. And that's when you're just happy to be able to maintain your mental and physical level from one ride to the other. And obviously, one of the nice things in trials is to learn and feel a progression. You just want to be able to ride better than 3 months ago, whatever your level. As a beginner, it's easier to see the progression. As a more experienced rider, you'll be more demanding and will feel the stagnation or the regression more easily. But there's no going back, you'll get older and trials is not really doing anything good to your joints and I guess that some day, if your body tells you that's enough, you may want to consider a softer sport or just move to more regular biking so you can enjoy staying fit without the repetitive injuries. Then, there is family pressure... My wife keeps telling me I should stop before I hurt myself big time... I always argue that I may well do so and get hit by a stupid car simply for being less alert as an unfit pedestrian (A) but the truth is I rarely get hurt except when riding my bike :$