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  1. hi chris - you're right that there was an element of 'stars aligning' re. bikebattle. The biggest factor was a chance meeting I had with a guy called Tim Kirby from redbull - he knew a bit about trials, liked it and could see the potential. The first proper meeting we had was a year and a half before the event actually took place - thats how much planning the 2 of us put into it. From my point of view the best thing was the attitide of redbull - they really put the interests of the sport of trials and the riders first..... Unfortunately, Tim left redbull a few months after bike battle to go and live in Australia. Seeing as he was the driving force at the redbull side of things the bike battle format lost almost all its momentum after he left and I decided not to pursue it further - happy memories of the whole event though! - and great commentators too (cheers again chris..)