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  1. I had that one back when they came out . cracked it in 5 months though
  2. I've created and group as a repository for all Biketrials content (media, comps, events etc.) in Sydney/NSW Australia. Feel free to join
  3. Nice one! worth a quid for sure.
  4. I ran 3 spacers (I know you're not supposed to) with a saint (extra thread) BB with no issues
  5. cool vid! nice move at 3:47
  6. Hi, Nice vid. what is your setup on the hex 18-15 ffw? I tried to run it but had chain tension issues.
  7. Myself and Mitch Ho riding Lurline Bay on Sunday
  8. We've just come back from this years Jindabyne (epic trials location) roadtrip. These are the clips I took of Lewis last year. Filmed them on my 7D and then had issues editing them until recently. Lewis is originally from Leeds UK but living up north in Queensland Australia. He has come down for 3 of the last trips and continues to impress with his enthusiasm, streety- goodness riding style and knowledge of bizarre and interesting snake facts. Unfortunately this year he had a busted ankle but still managed to shred on a brand spanker inspired Hex. Someone else did the filming this year so it will hopefully be up sooner. music is a little quirky... The Knife 'colouring of pigeons'
  9. Camera was a 5Dmark 2 with 3 different lenses. I think the tracking shots were done on a bike??
  10. Really nice edit of a BMXer who I work with Joe Dodd video
  11. Some clips I took of Lewis earlier last year. Song is Hello Cat by Shazam Vimeo Link
  12. lame
  13. killer vid! love the street scene you guys have over there. Was good to get along to one or two of those rides.
  14. If you downloaded it?... it doesn't like quicktime HV20. will go sony next time though
  15. Clips of Joe Brewer on a typical Tuesday. Thought I'd share cheers Simon Betteridge