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  1. Just hang a car air freshener over the screen...
  2. Yup, i push my crank on so it meets the bottom bracket and thats it.
  3. I can't believe i've actually just read all of that... i feel like my brain has just melted. Stop bickering like children or i'll lock/delete the thread. Video/riding comments only, any more personal remarks will be deleted and people removed from the forum for a while.
  4. Grammar is the difference between people knowing their shit and knowing they're shit.
  5. The sandisk cards can be a little unpredictable in the gopro's, much better with a samsung or even better yet, the lexar cards that are recommended on the gopro site. Also, if you're doing a really long timelapse. You want this and a usb cable. Those chargers are invaluable and are great for charging a flat gopro while out in the middle of nowhere biking.
  6. Currently running a saint 10speed mech with clutch, on a 9 speed cassette with a sram x-0 9 speed shifter. So yes, super easy to do without having to replace everything. I didn't even need a spacer on the cable clamp like some people have, just attached it with a new cable and good to go. Been fine for quite a while now. Also, go for a clutch. Best little things that have happened since hydro brakes
  7. I went to stile cop the other day and it's a terrible place now. Half the tracks are closed off, the changes they've made have made it flow worse than it was before and most of the tracks are covered in loose pebbles and eroded away due to rain. Such a shame.
  8. Onkyo 626 amp Kef iq30 front speakers kef xq50c centre speaker (it's the most important one after all so more money spent on it ) Basic rears Homebuilt bk monolith subwoofer with an extra 200w of power!!! behringer parametric equalizer to EQ the sub. Sounds sweet the upgrades i'd like to see over the next 12 months: Swap the fronts for kef reference series floorstanders and swap the iq's to the back. Upgrade the amp to one with seperate pre-outs so i can get some proper amplification on the go for the front 3 speakers.
  9. New bits on the bike Picked up some boxxers but didn't like them so got the fox 40's instead. New brakes, new rear mech, new shifter, new stem. Feels like a completely different bike! And for the keen eyes amongst you, yes that is a sram shifter with a saint rear mech
  10. Fringe
  11. Contour simply is not as good as a hero black. The contour +2 i looked at has a lower image quality and too much contrast. This means when you have a scene with bright and dark sections the contour is underexposed in the darks and blown out in the lights. The go pro has a much better balance so results in better image quality. At 960p/720 they are both the same 170 degree viewing angle, at 1080 the contour has 125 and gopro 127 so gopro is wider. 2.7k @ 30fps from the gopro means you can use software stabilization on the computer afterwards to get a nice steady picture while still being able to output the finished clip at 1080. Gopro has removable batteries too so you can take spares
  12. new toy
  13. Theres a big old bunch of us going on the 30th march if anyones about Gonna be hitting up stile cop for the day i think.
  14. I know it isn't the most recent design, but it's a solid design that pedals really well and rips the downhill. It's an amazing bike to ride, it's a brand new frame and it ends in a few hours...