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  1. Thats where that went! I saw this for sale as a Merino. I was considering buying it myself. By the time I had made up my mind, you beat me to it.
  2. Some would say repetitive. I say, give me more!
  3. In the words of Keith Bontrager "Strong, Light, Cheap. Pick two".
  4. That is a beaut. In pretty good nick too. Ive had two of those. I had white one origianlly. Frame number was 276 I think. That got replaced by a silver one. I have the silver MHz frame and two pairs of pashley forks in my shed, but cant bring myself to build it up for fear of trashing it. I got an old Echo ES3 of a similar vintage which rides almost the same. A little better on the back wheel than the Pashley. All the riding I do now, invloves falling off at comps and scraping around rocks, I dont mind wrecking the Echo doing this but the Pashleys always felt special. Id snap a GHz up though if one came up when I could afford it.
  5. To what and why? The saddle is staying, but the front end does feel a little low. Im not exactly tall though so probably feels better to me than it would to most. I just threw it together with the parts off of a Coust St Blaise that I have. Im not into cleaning it unless its filthy. I only really ride in the woods, so its always dusty, and it doesnt get seen by the public very often. Tons more fun than the Coust ever was.
  6. New old bike for new old rider. Some old school bits, some really old school bits. Echo ES3 Frame. Echo Hifi fork. Echo Stem £10 headset Shimano SLX 203mm front disc 2001 HS33 rear. Belaey rear pads. Hope bulb hubs. Some sort of fat front rims with holes in. Mavic 721 on rear. Maxxis tyres. Ultegra rear cassette (6 speed). Race face turbine cranks. Brisa 20tooth chainring. Some sort of fat chain. Megamo seat Zoo bars ODI Grips. DMR V12 pedals. Race face isis bottom bracket. DMR Ring thing bash guard (heavily used).
  7. I think comparing it to motorcycle trials isn't fair. You can just get on a bicycle and ride anywhere at any time. You just cant do this with a motorbike. Moto trials riders simply have no option other than to turn up at a designated venue, under the protective insurances of a club at a time where the noise of the engines is considered civilised. Comps and club practice days are the only time most people can actually practice moto trials. With cycle trials, we have the choice and most people choose not to compete or form clubs.
  8. Man your style is wild. I like it. Id love to see a street video. My only gripe would be that you didn't edit the clips into one video.
  9. Good work. Top tune. I love New Order. We are starting to get a quite a few father and son riders at the Crowthorne events now. Definately looks like the way forward. Nice to see riders older than me (32). A few more at the comps and I might push for a veterans category!!
  10. From 4.29 to 4.37, there is a rider in the background matching you move for move.
  11. Not sure if they can do anything for you, but I would conatct Pace directly in the first instance.
  12. You will need a pisspot if you ever go abroad.
  13. Nice photos. The first "front cover" image has the wrong year on it though
  14. I thought it might be a crescent, or perhaps an echo es of some sort. Probably an ES1. Its not the ES3. that had a straight seat tube. Ive still got one. The back end looks too short to be a Brisa.
  15. its about 3/4 mile down a long track off of blakes lane, west horsley. It should be signposted from the turning off of the A246.