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    Adamant A1, planet x superlights, hope xc on onza ronnies, hs33's, husslefelts, maxxis minion and IRC el gato etc
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  1. Just let me know when you want to ride! I have tried PMing you with my contact details (and I also want to buy your rear magura!) Get in touch! Cheers!
  2. Check your pm's - looking to meet up for ride and interested in the rear magura of yours!

  3. Just moved to Oxford and looking to get back into riding - need some fellow riders to help get the motivtion to get out on these dark cold nights... Let me know!
  4. thanks for all your help!!! Im going for Adamant A1!
  5. mate, seriously how did you do the trick at 4.02mins?? Ive been trying to do that for ages... You did it so effortlessly I think you might have used trick photography...
  6. hmmm having just watched a video of Damon Watson I would say more like him (no where near as good mind you rather than the flowy bmxy Danny Macaskill....
  7. Hey, what does everyone think is the best trials frame for street? Options are BT Raven 6.0 Adamant A1 Echo Pure '06 Echo Pure '07 Reply needed asap!!
  8. hey, how is the riding around around Milton Kenyes? Is there a big ride going down on the 1st Nov? Leamington Spa isnt great for riding but there are some alright spots? When you come to college in Leam do you ever bring your trials bike down? and solihull for riding? isnt it just full of chavs who want to teef your bike? lol cheers guys! Kristian
  9. Im at the university of warwick, living in Leamington Spa but Im so bored of riding on my own... anyone around who wants to rip up some street
  10. from one mans humble dreams.... 1, Radfax 2, Sir hops alot 3, Skoze and some bmx bandits (they're sound guys) 4, Harmertrials 5, Sonny Clarke 6, Clawz114 7, Daryll 8, Sam 9, Darren 10, George 11, Lankyri (if he is not to wasted the next morning ) 12,ANDY-MBK-RIDER(wow cant wait now this is going to be some big turnout if everyone shows up! ) 13, El Christoff 14, Ash Kennard 15, Craig Walker 16, Glen 17, Boss/ Tom 18, Ryan RS 19, baz 20, adrian J 21, about 5-6 local BMX lads 22, dan more 23, Medway Trials (even though i've quit, I fancy seeing you guys again) 24, T-rex boy 25, Birdman 26, Bradders 27, Leeroy 28, Troy 29, kev 30, travis (mabe) 31,Gideon 32, Callum 33, Tim-Rodriguez 34, Dan burgess 35, Phil Verley 36, Brad Crawford 37, Charlie Jennings (sorry) 38, Reece Hearn 39, Barber 40, Danny Kearns 41, Dean Bell (maybe) 42, Phil King (i'll do my best if i'm in my flat down south at the time) 43, Ben John-Hynes 44, Grant H 45, NileBrown 46, Rich Pearson 47, Tom Hutley (if he can get the day off) 48, Reinold 49, Majixman AKA Martin 50, Jon B 51, Frazer r 52, Lloyd B 53, Andrew chai 54, Ben Henderson 55, AndyJ/Andrex 56, Sam Jones (I CAN GO WOOOOOOO) 57, Ryan G 58, rudoxolty 59, clarlytrials 60, Rich Hill 61, Jacek Nowacki - Spider_JJ 62,banbury trials 63, Jake 64, Chris 65, matt olley (im putting down because he is not a member yet) 66, luke (im putting down because he is not a member yet) 67, Bill Broklehurst 68, Dale Gribble (depending how much my arm is still hurting after tattoo) 69, Bertie Palmer (Just for Lanky Rick, he hasnt been out in a few years ) 70, Kristian (freedrider) How can you turn down a riding oportunity like this? We are going to pwn London.
  11. JT! your a legend, thanks! i'll add you to msn... :)
  12. a chain is only as strong as its weakest link so using a shimano or sram quick link would defeat the point of having a kool chain :)" Just thought! might get a motorcycle quick link?
  13. i have dislocated my shoulder many times and suffered from plenty of subluxations, but the dislocation always popped back after a min or two, the worst being babysitting with my gf and had my arm around her and i moved forward and it dislocated, much to the horror of my gf and her sis (and im sure the baby's parents if it had not of gone back in)... After doing some physio work on it, it dislocated and stayed out!! the muscles get a bit toighter and so it pops and stays out. I've been doing press-ups and going down the gym and lately it hasnt happened, but my shoulder is still so crap when i have my arm in the air... It hard to get the hospital to know that it happens because it pops out and then goes in and after numerous times of this happening, i dont want to sit in a hospital for 5 hours and then get told to rest it... Anyway i sufer from anterior dislocation (pops out downward/forward) and crepatis (which is the roughening of the cartelidge of the joint after many dislocations). I really want a shoulder opperation! Rest it!! although i found the resting period gets less and less the more it happens (and it will unless you do exercises) which is something to look forward to.... maybe...
  14. hey, does anyone know where i can get a replacement quick link for a KMC kool chain urgently, due to my crappy chain tensioner i need to be able to take off the chain easily so preferably dont want to join it? I snapped (i think i couldnt find the pieces of the already bodged quick link) after wheel swapping an off-camber rock...
  15. how much are the rohloff chain tensioners? Not that i will buy one especially as i spent £30 on my tension seeker 2 and finally got i to work, but yeah surly are good to go for in my experience, would like to try a rohloff though....