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  1. Zoots are actually quite nice on the backwheel once you're up... but spins and bunny hops seemed very hard on all the ones i've been on
  2. John told Dave that after waiting nearly a year for this frame, he has to wait further until other peoples frames have been built.... "Shipping is too expensive" to send 1 by 1. This sounds like a joke. I know. It's not... It's not John's fault and he's been helpful but I'm really not sure why he has to get involved. Can't this Marino guy answer his own emails?
  3. Not too far from Longleat mate. I'm around the Mere/Wincanton area! I've been riding all this year after having about 10 years off
  4. Thinking of treating myself to a Silex V2 this xmas. Geo seems nice and streety. Could hardly find anything about them on here via the search.
  5. All true. My mate Dave (the guy who ordered) sent him the deposit and specs in January. Marino guy was OK at replying at first. Just after it got finished and painted in July (which was far later than advertised) he's heard nothing since despite emailing him. Found the Marino owner guy on instagram. He's always on holiday in bike parks around the world...
  6. Frame still hasn't arrived. It's been fully finished and ready to ship since July... Marino have also stopped replying to emails but happy to have taken the deposit earlier this year.
  7. I'm about an hour from Bristol. Ride there occasionally.
  8. I'm in Wincanton but occasionally go to Yeovil!
  9. Yep. Everyone's got a phone. Not that hard to email clients that have been waiting months for an update, after being told it's 4 weeks away.
  10. Yep. That's got to be Daves. Looks great but shame the Marino guy failed to mention he was going on holiday around USA bike parks for months. Checked on his FB. That must be the real reason for it taking 5 months instead of the advertised 4 weeks. Little bit of communication could of solved everything.
  11. I've got those new MT Trails. For the money, I don't think the braking power can be matched. I'm using 203 shimano ICE rotors front and rear and Jitse/Trial tech pads. Once they bedded in, the power and been consistent and very hard. I trust them 100%. I had a go on some MT7 Danny macs....apart from the lever feel which was very nice with the HC3 levers, the stopping power was basically the same.
  12. Do they come with installation instructions and does it require a re-bleed?