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  1. Do you know which XT hub it is exactly? Pretty sure it's not possible to convert to 'proper' bolt-on if we're talking Hope Pro 4 style where the 10mm bolts are the axle... However it is possible to convert a standard QR axle to take M6 bolts if you cut new threads into the axle on both sides (pretty simple and cheap to do yourself if you have access to a tap) - so it ends up like this Trialtech hub: Note this silver XT hub below has no spanner flats on the cones, and no external threads on the axle - it's not possible to do the conversion on this style of QR hub because the insides of the axle are shaped to take allen keys: But if your hub's axle has threads on the outside and a cone nut with spanner flats on it like this M756A hub - then it's definitely doable - since the inside of the axle is a regular round hole, not hex shaped for allen keys like the silver hub. Hope this helps
  2. Levi's 511s might fit the bill? Slim but not skinny, quite similar fit to the ones in the OP. They have elastane in them so they've been nothing short of excellent for riding, doing stretches, practicing high kicks and things of that nature. No problems with rips or coming apart at the seams after 3 years. They're smart and are a common model in skate shops so they're worth trying on next time you head into town.
  3. Ah that's awesome. I definitely know what you mean about it feeling vicious on the rougher trails. The local trails around here are very hilly and full of roots so eyeball rattle is something I've gotten used to. Getting thrown off the bike on some of the untamed downhill segments happens from time to time, and always hurts, but then again running Arcade bars and a steep HA on that terrain is kind of asking for it to happen. You're right though. It is fun!
  4. Does anyone else double-duty their streety 24" or 26er as a trail bike? Yeah it's far from the most ideal bike for that kind of riding but for now I'm really enjoying hooning around local trails with my brother and our best friend. I ride a 24" with 22:15 ratio. They're on well-specced hardtails that I built for them (hence no longer having a proper MTB for myself) and I plan on taking us to trail centres in the near future. I know it's not popular but I'm wondering if anyone else does it and would love to hear other peoples' experiences. Something like this:
  5. Thanks dude
  6. Hey man, I've got a few Spikes left in chrome and white. If you're a fan of black then the Inspired undrilleds on Tarty are a good choice The guys who've posted already have given you credible advice . The DT will feel like crap and then proceed to die horribly, not to mention it might end up hurting you so steer clear. The updated Hope 80ep hubs are really excellent. But.... you don't want a Hope hub no matter how good they are. So get an ISO King and remember to bed it in sufficiently. If you want something different but still fine for trials then the billion-ep Profiles should be fine on a 24" rim I'd imagine. Little off-topic but aimed at Pro 2 80ep owners: how long did you allow yours to bed in before doing anything trialsy?
  7. Really like that Leeson . What's the geo? Did you get it made recently?
  8. It's a simple bit of kit I know but having a slightly undersized (hence wobbly ) custom axle with threaded holes that sit at an angle just makes me all the more keen to get one that's done just right. The guy made it on Valentines day and he did it for cheap, so I can't complain.
  9. I'd like to put a 15mm M10 axle on my front Pro 2 so I can run 10mm bolts, and was wondering if Euan still makes these and how much he charges? Alternatively, can anyone vouch for an experienced machinist who's able to make a 7075-T6 axle to a high tolerance? (I had one made by a machinist in the US, but the machining and tolerance was sloppy) Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  10. How about TNNs? http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/26_inch_forks/tnn_engineering_curved_blade/c40p12044.html
  11. Tidy! What axle/end caps are those up front?
  12. PM'd
  13. Then just hammer the b*****d out I've done it before and remember it being easier than it's made out to be. Just line up and hold the extension bar as central as you can through the bottom of the fork and just wallop it until the starnut either deforms into separate pieces or comes out as one piece through the top.
  14. ISIS Middleburns.
  15. Echo SLs are hit and miss, the 4-bolt version is like playing Russian Roulette with your face . Glad you didn't get hurt dude . 4-bolt mount forks are generally fragile compared to disc forks due to design. It's just the nature of the beast. It depends on your riding style and what kind of moves you gravitate towards. Do you like front wheel moves? The Eklipse forks are shorter and have tighter offset which makes front wheel moves a bit easier to get into, the headtube angle gets steepened which is what you want if you like nose manuals and gaps to front. From the description it says they're 7005 which is what you want if you're looking for a more durable alu fork. The Eklipse is better than the Because on paper if you're still wanting 4-bolt forks, but I haven't used either so best bet is to ask someone who's got them or ask Tartybikes. If you're really keen on longevity out of forks, then I'd consider going disc up front.