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  1. I've been getting a few 'niggles' like this recently (pretty much the same age as you) and after visiting a physio found it was down to muscle imbalances (either one group, or one side weaker than the other). This meant the ligaments and tendons were taking too much load. Could be worth investigating!
  2. Cheers dude! Yeah an old Westfield, dry stored for 20 years, now affectionately named the Lobster.
  3. Brilliant and ridiculous, all in one! Some of my stuff... Engine in, cradle made: Alloy coolant hoses done (saves about 1.5kg over rubber, and looks cooler): Shifter: ... which also acts as an auto-blipper for downshift: Yes, that's a Clean HS33 lever operating the clutch Now onto wishbones. DIY vs standard, 1.19kg vs 2.14kg:
  4. 100% agree Duncan! I can see Mike Ashley turning Evans into the Sports Direct of the cycle world, shame.
  5. Same as above! You'll sort it with some thinking dude
  6. Had a few Westfield guys on the same day and they thought that was a stupid idea for compensation, it's bloody miles away and he knows most people won't take the offer up. Sounds like a nightmare anyway, sorry to hear it was so disappointing!
  7. Same as the Jitsie (and Trialtech).
  9. A heads up for everyone related to this, it really helps if you can buy tickets with a bit of time to spare. We had to balance 'giving people enough notice it was cancelled' with 'waiting as long as we could to see how many would be coming', and to receive disappointed emails either way is tough. It feels impossible to find a balance. As Mark said, September is a funny time of year with lots of parents thinking about going back to school, but we did an event on 14th September before and it was 'sold out' (only 35 riders though) and we had more wanting to come. We will definitely go for earlier in the year for future events. Promotion I feel has been a little down compared with previous years, but we haven't really gone about it in a different way and with the amount of people we had asking about it ever since ticket sales started earlier this year (much more notice than normal) I thought we'd get to a 'runnable' amount of riders pretty easily. From an emotional point of view, running a weekend like this takes it out of all of us for at least a week either side of the event. On top of normal 9-5 work the prep is immense, then it's a long drive to Essex from us and unloading / sorting out when we get back is a mammoth task. Financially it has always been run at a huge loss but we do this to 1) give funding to Barrow Farm to help it stay open and 2) try to get everyone together at least once a year. Venue hire was £4500 this year (cheaper than previous years because Radical Bikes now have power to the field, rather than us having to hire a 10Kw generator), so on top of the other outgoings it would have cost us around £150 (even after your £25 ticket price is deducted!) a rider just to run. Good to hear that there will be some sort of event on so those who have planned to go still get a good weekend out of it! As mentioned, we haven't been put off running events but we will do something different next time and see how it goes
  10. Decent freewheels, yep.
  11. I've been close to pulling the trigger on a press recently too! Keen to see how you get on with it Dan (and what random things you squash for a laugh).
  12. Nope, it was like a bird had pooed into a die and then let it set. Utter shite. Lasted a few years and plenty of drift and track days though, and is still going a few years later after I sold the car.
  13. I bought the cheapest of the cheap for my MX-5 and it was fine. Will have a build thread sometime Dave!
  14. That's really cool, good job! Jitsie do one now, by the way:
  15. New project... Should be sub 450kg when done: Should be 200bhp when fitted: (I have no idea why I can't remove the hyperlink from that photo)