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  1. Bummer. Are you set on those tyres? Some tubeless compatible ones will make a hell of a difference...
  2. Thanks! I see no issue with trials use. Thanks Peter! Yeah I'm pleased with how neat it is. Having looked at close-ups of the Berd ones they seem to be a bit 'frayed' and scraggly all over. I'm using 2mm (though it measures at more like 2.3mm) SK99 D12 Max Dyneema, Berd use 1.8mm (which I assume is bought in as 1.5mm) DM20. The SK99 has a higher breaking load (for the same size) but the DM20 creeps less (for the same % of max breaking load). I'm hoping that overall my stuff will creep about the same or less because it's only being used at around 15-20% of max breaking load, whereas Berd's will be nearer 40-50%. It was. And I've had a rethink overnight, I think I will overlap them today. The wheel felt a bit weird when building up and I wasn't sure why, I think that might be the culprit. But yes... that was my thinking. Though I don't think they will move much at that cross, and I figured if you rub two of the same thing together they will at least wear at the same rate (no crazy failures). Berd must have done some long-term testing so I'll cross them over today.
  3. No worries! I sealed on the tyre-facing side of the inner rim wall, a little 'slug' of araldite, flat enough for the rim tape (I just use electrical tape) to conform to / stick over when under pressure.
  4. Yep just tape over the old hole. 6.5mm drill for the new valve (assuming presta).
  5. Agree with you Pete! There's a lot of money to be made from all of this, and a lot of power to be had. Market volatility means lots of money changing hands. I have some investment funds which went up 4% in November, then Omicron got announced and they dropped 4%. If you know when this is going to happen, or even be able to directly influence it... anyway enough speculation, facts: Here's Pfizers own report into their vaccine side effects: The interesting numbers: - 42086 case reports made - 93473 side effects noted (ie. more than 2 side effects per person on average) - 1927 got Covid 19 (unclear whether this is directly due to the jab or in general during the length of study) - 11361 not recovered at time of report - 520 'recovered' but with left permanent side effects - 9400 still unknown at time of report (however I think we can assume fully recovered else they would have been in touch) - 1223 deaths Based on current worldwide reporting, the death rate from Covid is 1.98% (5.2m deaths 264m cases). But as we know this is "deaths - for any reason - within 28 days of a positive test", so that value is higher than accurate. (At age 85, a man has a 1.2% chance of death within the next 1 month.) Pfizers report seems to declare that 2.9% (1223/42086) of patients die following the jab, for reasons ungiven. The report data comes from 2 months worth of patients. Death and permanent side effect rate is likely to be higher than listed, as the report concluded with 25%+ of the case reports incomplete. The conclusion of the report states that their jab has a favourable risk : benefit balance. I hope I have interpreted that correctly and impartially. Personal commentary: still smells really, really weird.
  6. Thanks Luke, thanks Mike! I must admit I'm really pleased with that joint and the colour, looked amazing in the sun today. Many hours of faffing with rope later... I am told the spoke tension will drop now as the spokes creep, so it'll need a retension tomorrow. Can add more details / photos if anyone is interested
  7. The V2 will work well - same size pistons as the trials brake, and the pads even fit too!
  8. Frame is done and sitting around waiting for lacquer to harden... Spokes: got a bunch more photos for anyone interested, but these are the main ones... One down, 59 to go!
  9. Oval on singlespeed... pros and cons really! I've tried round and oval, both 32T, and bought a round for the new bike - but I wouldn't change if I already had a suitable oval already on the bike. Pro: With oval I like the way you can 'flip' the cranks over into the next power stroke more easily when you're really grinding away at low cadence. Con: I don't like the way your power stroke effectively has a larger gear, which is the opposite of what you want. I think this also makes the bike a bit more 'lurchy', because climbing steep stuff SS is already less smooth (in terms of power application) than seated / geared. You could go down 2 teeth to make the ratio more 'normal', but then you lose top speed for flats and downhill. When you're maxed out on cadence you don't notice the oval at all because there's not enough resistance. Hope that rambling at least makes some sense...
  10. Sweet! Keen to see what you think
  11. Firstly let me say that the idea of these discussions at this point (for me, at least) is to try and find rounded evidence / commentary around the subject, in order to make myself (and others?) better informed. I am not trying to change anyone's mind or 'be a conspiracy theorist'. I completely agree with you there, but IMO that works both ways (eg. how do we know what's written on any website is the truth?). It can be 'certified' by whatever organisation, but how we know that is correct? Someone somewhere pays for every research study to be done. I agree with you there. I'm interested to find out what you think the government is interested in achieving, if you've considered it? I've thought about this quite a bit and my (admittedly naturally skeptical) brain hasn't come up with many positive options. Ha! I have to agree that Peppa Pig is probably pretty reliable as far as things go. The fullfact site certainly does paint a poor picture of Dr Vern, eh! I try to question the motives of any source of information, since IMO that is the very 'base'. It doesn't look like Dr Vern is out to make any money from this, and the way he has been shut down (if that is true...) certainly makes that impossible. So I guess he could be a psychopath? I couldn't see another reason for him to be so motivated in what he does - but willing to listen to ideas. It would be a very intelligent trick to write articles about how to spot a psychopath and be one yourself: Equally looking at FullFact, it is a charity which made £280k profit last year (£2m turnover), after 4 of the 11 officers drew personal benefits of more than £60k each (no corporation tax to pay as a charity too, of course). Approximately half of their funding comes from Google / Facebook / Whatsapp, with another 20-25% of it coming from another charity which made £5.4m profit in 2020. FullFact is a decent business. I'm not saying this source cannot be trusted, but working back to base motives it makes me question the reliability. I do agree with all of the above. Confirmation bias works both ways too, I'm sure you'll agree. So if you look at it from the other side, there are a lot of people 'dying from Covid' where there is no substantiation of the connection between the disease and the death. I haven't read about his thoughts on AIDS or masks causing cancer, but I can see on the face of it that degrades his trustworthiness, definitely. I can imagine a link between masks and cancer (breathing in tiny particles of plastic) but unsure how one could claim AIDS is fake. His website includes a page which pulls together non-biased information from normal people - which I thought was interesting, that's all. I know I fall on the 'wrong' side of this compared with the masses, but in many ways wish I didn't. It makes you feel uncomfortable being 'the odd one out'. Honestly I am not sure where the truth is in this and I don't think we'll ever really know, but I'm trying to explore all the options. The whole thing just feels... weird.
  12. His site is very much at one end of the scale, granted, but it raises some interesting topics IMO. That was my point. His collection of links to 'normal' people's negative experiences of the jab is extensive. As with all these things it is for the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff and make up their own mind. Mainly I find it odd that our government doesn't classify Covid as dangerous, and hasn't since March 2020.
  13. Indeed. At best, this is illogical.
  14. Hmm. Honestly haven't much personal experience of inserts - but yes, you'd need a very wide one for such a rim. Perhaps there's a fatbike one that will fit?
  15. Vernon Coleman's website is an interesting read. Examples... -->