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  1. Got anything booked? I'm at Oulton 24th August and trying to sort something with messrs Prawn and Rainbird...
  2. Pfft. I got 211 on that dyno from a 1.0L Seriously man that looks awesome, both the car and the curves! Top work on the DIY exhaust too, very easy to make a mess of that area but you did a mega job. You must be super chuffed!
  3. Just a small slit. Thanks man! Yes, we ship to Holland regularly, just add the items you'd like to a basket and everything else is automated I've no experience of fitting BMX cranks to an Arcade, so can't help there unfortunately.
  4. Alternatively you can cut that black ring into a C shape (just one very thin cut with a hacksaw), so it will expand slightly and go onto the fork. The angle on the bearing keeps it squeezed together when in position.
  5. I'm not sure it's a "big fail". The fork is for 24" wheels, but customers asked if they could fit a 26" wheel to it as well. We checked, the one we checked fitted, and it seems you have been able to fit one as well. So, in fact, I would say it is kinda cool that you can use a 26" wheel in a fork which is really designed for 24". Other 26" specific forks are available, and for less money if that is a consideration.
  6. Sorry you had some issues with this Terry! We have had quite a few customers using a 26" wheel with these forks, and we've been able to successfully fit 26" wheels in them too - but clearance is tight so it does depend on tyre size. The Hex Wheelset isn't designed to go in this fork with the 2.4" Holy Roller fitted, a smaller tyre will work but appreciate you'd like to use the tyre you already have. I can hear you are on the phone with Stan right now so hopefully everything will be smoothed out soon. Any of the labour required and any exchanges will be done as a priority, of course. Apologies again for the hassle!
  7. I would take a link out of the chain.
  8. Does it skip when 'stabbing' at the pedals or when you are continuously pedalling for a few rotations?
  9. Physically snapping a link on a 610, bravo! It's early days, but the Z1eHX looks to be a good replacement for the 610HX. If riding regularly, I'll throw a new chain on at 1% stretch, which is usually every 3-6 months - figure it cheap 'insurance', for both my teeth and sprockets!
  10. That's right. You could get some 10mm ones and transplant the material into Heatsink, TNN or other backings though.
  11. A bike. Duuuhh! Seriously though Mark that is balls. It's the lack of communication / "lies" that sucks. If its gonna take 2 weeks then tell the customer it's gonna be 2-3 weeks, it's not hard... Can borrow my SS bike if you're mad keen to get out asap? Then at least someone else might be responsible for cracking the frame
  12. Beauty! Love the forks. Quick snap from a belter of a ride last night
  13. Any bike shop should have some.
  14. Fair enough, chucking £10 at a set of new plugs when doing such a job would always be worthwhile though!
  15. It'll still run fine on 3, just disconnect the injector. I think they want to look at it first because they want to check what other issues there are - someone who drives a car with a loose spark plug generally probably hasn't done all the other work to a high standard, iyswim...