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  1. Cricket? Football? Our politicians?
  2. Looking good Dan! Looks like that one needs a bit more current and more cleaning action, you want the oxide to be away from the bead if poss.
  3. We are closed at weekends. We measure the actual frames we get into stock. ISIS BB will fit.
  4. We measure the actual frames we get into stock. I guess most companies quote whatever geometry they send to the factory.
  5. Looks like you're keeping busy Sam! Is that you off track days for a bit now or should we try and get another TF day sorted out? I was at Cadwell on Thursday. Busy on track all day and a few car niggles, no clear laps but it was generally a fun day and has given me more stuff to tinker with!
  6. Cheers dude! Lots of little tiny reasons as you said - one being putting 5L too much fuel in which would account for that 0.2s on my final run... Never mind, what's done is done! Yeah, the GT86 doesn't look half as much fun on the in-car, it sure has some bant though
  7. Haha. Been following DannyDC2, Dann? Do like a good MR2! to be honest Luke that is about all there is to it - a good dyno tuner will install a knock sensor, keep bumping the timing until it knocks, or stops making power, then pull it back a couple of degrees. Do that for all the RPM and TPS sites and hey presto, a beautiful map that is both economical and makes the best power possible (narks me when people say they have got a map 'for power' or 'for economy' - they aren't mutually exclusive!). You're in for a really rewarding and fun learning process, keen to see how it turns out! Video from first competitive outing on Saturday... missed out on fastest car on road (1B MSA list) tyres by 0.04s to this: Gutted at the time, but with reflection I can't complain. And a comparison with one of the 'big boys' (winner of the last round of this sprint series) - shows how much quicker a heavier car with 4WD heats tyres! He must be nearly 3s ahead after the first lap, but I finish nearly 2s ahead.
  8. Cheers Luke! Looks like you ave been a busy boy as well. Top stuff and a good read. The map you've posted above - I've always down the route of keeping the tables smooth, and that's what my mapper has said too. Example is that cell at 2500rpm / 140 kpa, it's higher than the two columns next to it so the engine - which is effectively a big inertia lump - is trying to slow down then speed up then slow down as it goes through that part of the map. Same sort of thing with the 'dip' at 2250 / 80. Your 5000rpm column is buttery smooth for example, with even and consistent differences between the values. If you can get them all like that while still maintaining a consistent difference in values to the left and the right (lower and higher rpm columns) it should run even better. Hope that makes sense?
  9. Get the car back and keep driving it until it totally shits the bed, there will be a mechanical failure then!
  10. Awesome stuff Ali Glad you are loving it!
  11. Ha, cheers guys. It is indeed a bit of a weapon, mission accomplished. Softer rear springs arrived today to try and tame it a bit... Three Sisters does now have all new tarmac, yup. Tom - look at an MNR Vortx. They'll fit you at your height. Turdbo - naahh. It'd ruin the car. And think of the weight! Ha. Part of the beauty of it is that you can use the performance, I've seen a few mad turbo nutter ones before and they aren't any quicker round a lap.
  12. Haha, cheers gents. Yep, already has a V5 Paul, so a set of lights, a horn and a handbrake, and I'm on the road Datalogged 0-80mph yesterday at 3.81s (then ran out of room), so I reckon that'll be sub 5s to 100. Crackers.
  13. Thanks Luke, aprpeciate it! Had her out for a spin yesterday, the tweaks seem to have cracked it
  14. Well, that went preeettyy well...
  15. Cheers man! Not stupid at all, I definitely would. In fact I started a couple of years ago but 'life shit' got in the way and I canned it. This has been a fairly good compromise, the chassis is decent now with the additions I made and with the V5 (there's no way I want to go through the bullshit of an IVA test) it made sense. On the dyno today