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  1. We do need to make that happen...
  2. Someone on the Facebook group said the best way to train for pedal car racing was to ride a recumbent bike... so I built one, using parts from an old slick-shod MTB I used for commuting! Too much of a pussy to cut the steerer tube down yet!
  3. Ha yep. Insanely fast, in a straight line anyway, something like 30mph average I think? We're nowhere near that at the moment, averaging about 18.5mph over a lap. Hoping better weather conditions might improve that though, it was very windy yesterday! Handling is great though, really neutral and easy to drive, yet still pulled 1.1g on full slicks even in those wet conditions. I think we'll be more suited to the twisty tracks...!
  4. Well, it works, and it drifts like every RWD car should Weighs almost bang on 30kg like this. Engine needs a lot of work if we're going to trouble the top boys!
  5. Bloody is! Love the little wedges, awesome.
  6. Ace, and looking great - roll cage will be a piece of piss after that manifold! Luke - Lobster has been languishing recently, been playing around with other stuff. Keen to get it out on track soon though. What have you been up to car-wise?
  7. Yeah I have, seemed decent guys. No frills, pretty good prices. I've used Parquip a lot in the past, they were the cheapest I could find by miles, it is very 'agricultural' stuff though.
  8. Nice, love that joint!
  9. Makes sense now you think about it! I can certainly see how hills are an issue with additional weight...
  10. There's a hill at Curby? Guess you don't feel it in a car! Thanks for that, need to check weight but hoping to be near that 26kg...
  11. Commuted home yesterday... needs a few small tweaks but no bits fell off! A bit more testing to do then ready for bodywork. Much tougher to pedal than I expected - it's allll about the quads, I didn't realise how much MTB uses core, arms, and other leg muscles too! Ed, don't suppose you know what yours weighed?
  12. Dave, Ed, thanks! I have a copy of Unigraphics somewhere (think it uses the same engine as Solidworks?), however someone has beater me to it anyway, and saved me a load of work... My theory was that a lot of the current cars in BPCC use the same rear design because they share the mould around the drivers / teams, and said mould had been made based around the convention for trikes, because obviously the rear is a lot narrower: (Yes that is Guy Martin having a crack at their 24hr race!) However, with a 4 wheeler being much wider at the back, I wondered if rotating that tail design through 90 degrees would be better - and also a shitload easier to manufacture using the rudimenary techniques I have in mind This guy's simulation puts drag at an astonishing 6N at 15m/s! Obviously we're never going to get anywhere near that but at least it proves that changing the tail shape isn't a complete dud. He also made a good point about having the height of the tail matching the line where air will split (under and over) at the nose, which made a lot of sense. Edit: Bonus image of the kevlar slug Ed mentioned above I think he's onto something to be honest... Cambridge Uni solar power car above, I doubt they will have waved a finger in the air when it came to designing the body shape
  13. Cheers Anal, I'll have a look at that...
  14. That's ace, thanks Dave. I downloaded OpenFOAM last night but having no CAD model to put in there was a bit limiting I've decided I'm over-thinking it and going the 80% route of 'if it looks right' will do the job... great to know there is an option though, thanks again for the info! Cheers for the pics Ed - that is definitely not an aero beard is it Are you going to have a crack at any other rounds this year?
  15. @monkeyseemonkeydo I can see you looking...... Do you know of any basic CFD software (preferably with inbuilt CAD) that's free and easy to use? Long shot I know, but I'm wondering if a different body shape to 'the norm' (most of the teams seem to share the same mould so all the cars look the same) might be beneficial...