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  1. Probably not even the chancellor yet Nah, sounds like it will be based on your 'bottom line' - the total net income, you incomings minus all the outgoings. I too think there will be a few naughty people caught out by this, not declaring cash jobs, putting through loads of expenses etc to keep their tax bill down. It's a welcome intervention, but end of June is estimated date for payments... I wonder how many will go under. I think the above will also inadvertedly (or perhaps deliberately) 'catch out' company directors who pay themselves a low salary but top up wages with dividends (the company has already paid corporation tax at 19% on the dividends, and then those dividends have additional tax on them too, so it's not exactly a tax fiddle), me included within this. It's an uncertain time for all in business, and with all the other shit going on in my life, pretty much the only thing stopping me jumping off a bridge right now is my bike and the fact that I'm extremely lucky to live in a spot where I can get out on the moors without needing to take the car.
  2. Perfect man skills. 10/10
  3. I have these, hell of a lot cheaper and work pretty much the same. Require a bit more muscle to get them loaded up, but would definitely buy more if I needed.
  4. Seems to be deliberately non specific because as soon as he tells a business to close they have a responsibility to help keep them financed. Working by yourself with no footfall sounds fine to me. All of these rules have come about because of idiots and those who simply can't keep distance because of where or how they live. For me, it's about common sense... if you have some, it can be applied. If not then a stern looking Boris needs to tell you what to do.
  5. I don't think tyre choice will affect trackstanding much, keep practicing with what you have
  6. Agree with Dan! Employers / business have a responsibility to their staff & customers...
  7. Yeah, finish the build, ride it, play with spacers, find your preference, then cut the steerer.
  8. A cheapo V works just fine. Setup, cable and pads more important than the arms themselves.
  9. V8? 2.4 Honda?
  10. Yep. Just as with all brands, products come and go. New product out soon.
  11. Yeah that twin chain setup wasn't ideal... We have space in the team for round 1, near Leicester, 29th March. You know how to get in touch if you wanna help us do some pedalling And what better way to start figuring out how to build one...
  12. Ha! I think the bit of wheel out of shot /cropped off would have looked like a banana! Yeah I sold it in the end, was a top frame.
  13. Yeah, an 07 Czar which I chopped about 300g off, then had anodised. Wheelbase was about 995, it's definitely the lens!
  14. That is old! I loved that bike. And I appear to have consumed all the pastries.
  15. I'm absolutely not judging Especially since I built a rig to test rolling resistance of a few different sets of tyres The ones that came out best by miles (if the numbers are to be believed, around a 30w saving from a set of 4!) are 40mm wide, hence probably not worth us using wheel discs... Figured the most we'll be pumping out over longer runs will be ~180w, which is about 18mph, so not a huge speed - our mechanical losses are about balanced with aero losses at the moment. This is a cool little tool you may or may not have seen: This is approximately where we ran the car last time: And now with revised drivetrain setup and new tyres, should be more like this: As you can see, I'm still in the stages of 'optimising' the big lumps of power loss, but yes, I totally agree that small gains will have a huge effect over the lengths of the races. If you fancy a bash Rowan you'd be welcome, btw!