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  1. Also closing in on but not quite 40 yet, and can only echo what's been said above. General health and fitness seems to play a big part for me too, including proper food and working on flexibility. At the moment I'm riding more than I ever have during my 'proper' adult life and the body is holding up just fine so far. Interesting heart rate stats, haven't considered before what effect trials might have on that - quite significant, seemingly!
  2. See you there
  3. Awesome as always!
  4. It was Amazing stuff! Sounds like a fun experience. Really cool that you didn't have any mechanical issues, great work. Sounds good, gonna knock myself an MTB frame up first then will likely give you a holler for some tips Cheers!
  5. How did you get on dude? Decided to build one of these and have a crack at an event or two next year
  6. Yup, up for a track day too!
  7. Haha nice. It wouldn't be ''my' Zero though...
  8. Was it though? That's basically current geometry Same as the Echo HiFi. It was wacky back then but it's positively 'mediocre' now. Wish I'd kept my Zero!
  9. It's definitely starter / battery related. The symptoms you describe are usually from poor earth or dead battery (voltage might test ok, but CCA not high enough). You'll have it sorted soon I'm sure
  10. Sounds interesting, seen a few MR2s with that lump in and they seem very well matched!
  11. Sounds like it's all in good hands And a huge improvement from last year's craft!
  12. That's dead cool Have fun and good luck! Bit late regarding the diff question but... just make it one wheel drive I had a look into soapbox races recently and I found the major factors in reducing scrub up front were parallel toe, zero scrub radius, with modest caster (approx 5 degrees), and 100% Ackerman. Made sense to me.
  13. I think we're mostly in the same camp on this one - as trials riders we're a bit 'unsure' of the riding, it doesn't flow that well and isn't as 'good' (broad term) as Ali or Danny for example. BUT, entertainment factor is really, really high. It's the sort of thing you can show to your mum or girlfriend and they'll enjoy it, not noticing the small details we do as riders. And I think that's what it's aimed at; promoting his sponsors, getting loads of hits on YouTube etc, and if it's riding a trials bike then fair play, it can only be a good thing.
  14. 1. You should use a Hope rotor with the Hope brake for best performance. 2. You need to - ideally - face the mounts so they are square with the hub. Then, as you say, use the shims to get the caliper and rotor aligned. 3. More power. 4. Looked pretty f**ked to be honest, but Hope brakes fix up well. As long as everything moves smoothly it will be fine.
  15. Probably a significant part of the problem. You also ideally need rotors with a braking surface depth that matches that of the pads. The RT66 are pretty slim, the pads in the Hope are tall. Setup on these is critical to good lever feel, they offer a lot more power than 'normal' brakes though so by default the lever is a bit more spongy.