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  1. Cheers man! Not stupid at all, I definitely would. In fact I started a couple of years ago but 'life shit' got in the way and I canned it. This has been a fairly good compromise, the chassis is decent now with the additions I made and with the V5 (there's no way I want to go through the bullshit of an IVA test) it made sense. On the dyno today
  2. Good man. Yeah hopefully see you at a track day Sam!
  3. Have you done anything other than clean it yet Dan? Had a drive up and down the road the other day
  4. Fired up first time
  5. You won't be saying that once you've been in it
  6. Ace. Don't forget your scissors! You all good apart from the new toy? What happened with the Clio F4rt? It's a Westfield with a Honda Fireblade CBR1000 engine. Should be 400kg / 200bhp when done, more stuff here if you are interested! Yeah sacked Facebook off, was spending too much time there. We need another TF track day sometime
  7. Liking the Z3 and Z4 at the moment... like a slightly less mincy MX-5 with a bit of power and comfort. Enjoy Dan! In Lobster news, nearly finished making the manifold: And it currently weighs 309kg like this: Have estimated the stuff still to go on weighs about 80kg, which if it hits around 200bhp would put it in Veyron bhp/ton territory but geared to only half the top speed
  8. I've been getting a few 'niggles' like this recently (pretty much the same age as you) and after visiting a physio found it was down to muscle imbalances (either one group, or one side weaker than the other). This meant the ligaments and tendons were taking too much load. Could be worth investigating!
  9. Cheers dude! Yeah an old Westfield, dry stored for 20 years, now affectionately named the Lobster.
  10. Brilliant and ridiculous, all in one! Some of my stuff... Engine in, cradle made: Alloy coolant hoses done (saves about 1.5kg over rubber, and looks cooler): Shifter: ... which also acts as an auto-blipper for downshift: Yes, that's a Clean HS33 lever operating the clutch Now onto wishbones. DIY vs standard, 1.19kg vs 2.14kg:
  11. 100% agree Duncan! I can see Mike Ashley turning Evans into the Sports Direct of the cycle world, shame.
  12. Same as above! You'll sort it with some thinking dude
  13. Had a few Westfield guys on the same day and they thought that was a stupid idea for compensation, it's bloody miles away and he knows most people won't take the offer up. Sounds like a nightmare anyway, sorry to hear it was so disappointing!
  14. Same as the Jitsie (and Trialtech).