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  1. Yeah, stuck longer forks and shock on my Four, raising the BB and slackening the head angle a bit. Much preferred it!
  2. Mega work Dan, I know how much time and effort has gone into that!
  3. Can you get a blowtorch in there Rowan? Getting the head (or what's left of it) of the bolt cherry red should help a lot (then let it cool down). I've also found a 50:50 mix of acetone and ATF to be even better than PlusGas: Dan - that is some seriously impressive work, on the collectors especially! Can't wait to see the rest of it. Love that 3D printing can aid with stuff like this. I would get involved but I'm too much of a luddite
  4. Good job man. You see tons of 'professional' stuff a LOT worse than that!
  5. Curborough?
  6. I thought the same... basically falling off a building and landing like a sack of spuds is in no way a line, or anywhere near as skillful as Dave's!
  7. Awesome stuff Dave. Some serious riding in there! Edit: Bugger. Just went to vote for you and it closed a few hours ago. D'oh!
  8. Gotta be in it to win it I suppose!? Thanks to all those who put the time in to make it happen, good day out.
  9. Also closing in on but not quite 40 yet, and can only echo what's been said above. General health and fitness seems to play a big part for me too, including proper food and working on flexibility. At the moment I'm riding more than I ever have during my 'proper' adult life and the body is holding up just fine so far. Interesting heart rate stats, haven't considered before what effect trials might have on that - quite significant, seemingly!
  10. See you there
  11. Awesome as always!
  12. It was Amazing stuff! Sounds like a fun experience. Really cool that you didn't have any mechanical issues, great work. Sounds good, gonna knock myself an MTB frame up first then will likely give you a holler for some tips Cheers!
  13. How did you get on dude? Decided to build one of these and have a crack at an event or two next year
  14. Yup, up for a track day too!
  15. Haha nice. It wouldn't be ''my' Zero though...