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  1. Amazing stuff Flipp!
  2. 1:38 and 1:58 reminded me of Elastomania.
  3. Thanks dude. Like Liam Neeson, I will find you. And I will message you. Edit: I found you. And I messaged you.
  4. Go for another Shimano.
  5. My roof? You wanna see the other side... I think I could fit my head in the hole. I've put a lot of hours in tweaking it this last week and it now drives very well. Have quite a lot of scuttle shake though so wondering if @dann2707 will be kind enough to sell me a set of door bushings If anyone is interested in a shit example of a rather good 18 year old Japanese car, then have a look here:
  6. Back in the hairdresser game. Its an absolute bag of shit, but somehow drives pretty well despite the alignment clearly having been done by Stevie Wonder, and been in a front end shunt.
  7. Possibly a sample frame, or DIY cutout as you said. I don't remember the Zoots having one?
  8. Same. Real shame.
  9. Thanks dude, appreciate it! Is there a forum or Facebook group you use that's pretty active? Would much rather buy from an enthusiast than off Autotrader etc. Yeah, once you drive RWD you kinda realise that having two of the wheels doing everything and two of them doing nothing makes little sense for a performance car The weight distribution is pretty much the same as my Westfield (Westy 56% rear, MR2 58%) and having a proper diff as standard I am sure it'll be a lot of fun.
  10. Weirdly I've just started looking at MR2s as well, and was going to ask about yours Dan - cheers for the link to Cliosport!
  11. And a completely different BB yoke arrangement - 2 straight plates rather than the curved lump of the T-Rex
  12. Lovely stuff! Glad to see you out again Will
  13. Got anything booked? I'm at Oulton 24th August and trying to sort something with messrs Prawn and Rainbird...
  14. Pfft. I got 211 on that dyno from a 1.0L Seriously man that looks awesome, both the car and the curves! Top work on the DIY exhaust too, very easy to make a mess of that area but you did a mega job. You must be super chuffed!
  15. Just a small slit. Thanks man! Yes, we ship to Holland regularly, just add the items you'd like to a basket and everything else is automated I've no experience of fitting BMX cranks to an Arcade, so can't help there unfortunately.