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  1. Nice. Seems like bar ends and toe clips are back, baby!
  3. Keen eye! And yes. The idea was completely off grid
  4. Mega! Glad to know it works. We have a washing machine drum BBQ / fire pit too, so that gives another option...
  5. Looking pro Rowan! I recently built an off grid hot tub from an old IBC, a dead propane cylinder, a bit of copper tubing, and various recycled insulation type stuff. First attempt did not go to plan, was way too cold at starting temp and I use crap wood. Even so, the temp went up 4 degrees an hour, but we never actually got in past our thighs Will try again in the next week or so now its a bit warmer, and the heater has had a small tweak...
  6. Robin Hood. Look at the front suspension setup. Just no. The Westy on eBay looks decent for about 6k. The old narrow body, live axle cars with a period engine on carbs have a lot of charm and personality. Link to other one? Are you a member on WSCC? Mega bargains like this randomly crop up, so you have to check frequently:
  7. Dear God no.
  8. Awesome! But yeah, maybe some more rear rebound damping would calm it down a touch...
  9. Nah, though a plain old steel washer is a good idea, just so the bolt head doesn't mash the tug.
  10. If you look at the photos I posted above, you can see why a vacuum technique won't work very well (and hence took a couple of tries).
  11. Orientate / tap as described while bleeding.
  12. Yep. Exactly the symptoms of these brakes with air in.
  13. These are tricky to get right - even Magura can't do it. They can feel fine until you take the bike off road, or have a bail, or tip it upside down, when the trapped air is released and gets into the system. Hopefully the following images will help...
  14. Laaaaarrrrvley!
  15. Is it just the pedal thread you have damaged? It can be repaired. This is your best option at the moment.