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  1. This really pissed me off when getting my first mortgage too! Hope you manage to get something
  2. Quality riding, quality comedy Bike rack weird sideways gap to front sort of thing was nuts!
  3. Custom required.
  4. Here's where it started for me... 1997 - pretty much wore my copt of this on VHS out. Can still quote large sections of the dialogue. Bad news Then Evolve absolutely blew my mind in 2000: Didn't watch this as much, but picked up some good tips in 2001:
  5. You will get the sprockets digging in from riding XC too, that is completely normal.
  6. Thanks for your input guys! I also think eccentric BB would be easier for adjustment - though in considering this, it has made me ponder why the eccentric system at the dropouts is awkward. Yes you can move the wheel around, but only on a prescribed circle. You can't just nudge it directly up a bit here, or horizontally back a bit there, for example. So, I've come up with something else that may or may not work, we'll find out in a few weeks
  7. Awesome. Thanks a lot for the info!
  8. Quite a bump, but... How did this work out? I'm pondering dropouts for my new (SS MTB) frame and considering eccentric. Cheers!
  9. Handy tool! Though as an easy guide, as soon as you feel any resistance, stop. The O ring does the sealing on these things.
  10. Nearly... Women drivers 20210101_124702_2.mp4
  11. That'll be his way of trying to put you off, haha.
  12. Knocked together a 2 person sledge last night. Fully expecting to die later
  13. We've not heard much feedback on this recently to be honest, its worth a try. Although... why did they need bleeding to start with?
  14. I think the nose gives it away
  15. Bonus points for anyone who can name the riders!