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  1. love this instagram
  2. Id also agree with what peter and ali have said. Forums have died down massively. Most places are facebook groups now, the only forum ive used that is still very much active is the MLR forum. Kids are 100% staying in more and gaming these days instead of being outside and active unfortunately. Also money could play a part in it - there are cheap bikes for sure but the cost of living has gone up considerably, my first trials bike was a t-pro at £420 i believe, i dont think many familys would spend that on a kid just starting out
  3. Not at all, there used to be quite a few competitions up our way but that has died down. There were always loads of competitions down south just most of us couldnt justify travelling to them (at that age we didnt drive or were just starting to drive etc). Im not saying there are NO competitions, im just saying there are less.... Yeah i get jitsie, clean, crewkerz have all come in, but id still argue there were far more brands back in the day. Echo - still here Zoo - no longer Czar (now 24" i believe) GU - Still here Adamant - no longer made These were all full ranges of components and frames where as now they are just one full build or frame. Not forgetting all the others that are no longer here Koxx - full series of bikes and parts. You can argue that there are other brands out there but they dont make the amount of components that the previous ones did. Inspired for example. most are custom specs or built with trialtech & mountain bike components for example. 100% no way there is the same amount of components out there.....
  4. knew you would appreciate it :P, I was just looking for a bite, but on a serious note, Trials used to have loads of competitions (granted their is still UCI trials on the go etc) but there were far more local competitions. (Ben you will remember the ones that used to be in Fort Augustus back in the day as an example) Koxx days was an event where everyone wanted to go /the majority of riders wanted to go. Natural riding was the main focus for big events other than group rides. Now the events are more street orientated. Big square ledges/boxes. Street riding has become more and more popular (it happened before 24" was a thing granted) but a lot of the riders have transferred to the street/bmx/"trials" scene that exists these days compared to what i would personally class as trials. If that makes sense As for the "did it stop you buying trials parts" well actually, it probably had some affect on the amount of products which were out there if you want to be technical about it. Companies would have started investing in 24" components/design etc. Look at how many brands there were under Deng, all of which had their own components, when did this volume of products start to decrease..........
  5. 24" happened and ruined trials.....
  6. Practice looking down and use your hub as reference, once you know how far your hub needs to be from the end it will become routine and you should be able to get the right set up each time.
  7. enjoyed that And all that matters is your enjoying it !
  8. quite like them
  9. really enjoyed that
  10. Great video, gutted i missed it. Also good to see Ali C on a trials bike again.....
  11. Pranged the rear rotor on my crewkerz attempting a side hop Straightened it as much as possible, but it was still catching badly... Swapped it with the front rotor..... Attempted the sidehop 3 more times and then pranged that one..... one of those nights :@
  12. ha is it? im assuming their will be more next year?
  13. I travel heaps with the ice hockey team ha so was looking forward to some that are a little closer was all ill certainly attempt to make a few!
  14. id be keen to get to some which were a little closer (ie glasgow area would be sound or edinburgh) as im up in inverness! We used to have one in fort agustus years ago (more like a decade ago) it was good craic!
  15. is it parallel with the cogs? Are you able to upload a picture for us to see? preferably from side on and one from above.