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  1. Aye, can get that done. Bout £70 though, so maybe just as well watching out for a decent frame coming up for sale. Rocking an old BT Raven 3.0 in the meantine Smithy
  2. Old skool rider here, back from the dead! Haha. Bout 5 years since I last rode trials 'full time'. Got my old Giant Hawyes frame back into shape with my dream spec from when I was a wee nipper: Fatty Rs Hope Mono hubs on D521 Ceramic rear, F519 front (need to find a Comp 24 and Hot S tyre as mine are now perished) HS33 rear, Avid v front. Spanish Fly pads make these the best brakes I've ever used, even over grinds and discs! Raceface Turbines with Filthy 'Ard Guard (Martyn Hawyes sig model, also spare one still in the packaging ) 8spd with suicide shift friction thumbie on the inside of the seatstay Club Roost I-Beam stem and 26in Azonic SWs..... in BRONZE!!!!! BNIB from AllTerrain Cycles clearout for a fiver! Anyways, I nearly had a little cry when it was all together and looking lovely. First ride out brough memories of good times gushing back.... unitl the bb fell out of the frame 10mins later. Cock. So, on the look out for another Hawysey or old skool lovely frame now. Would be well up for an old skool ride once I've learnt how to ride it again Smithy
  3. Here Here! However, I passed my test at 17 and have been fine. My first car was written off within 2 months of passing when a late-20's guy lost control speeding in a Punto Sporting and hit me. Not really to do with age, this shit driving business. Infact, the number of 'middle-aged' people I see driving like Ray Charles is unbelievable! But then 2 guys (18 & 19 i think) killed 'emselves hitting a tree at 140mph in a 50mph zone just down the road from my town. Apparently they were filming their 'awesome whip' for youtube and wanted to be in Max Power. Basically, it comes down to the fact that anyone can pass a driving test, and there's know way of weeding out the people undeserved of the freedom a car gives to you. We all know who they are, and you know if you are one of them. Personally, after passing your test, I'd put you in a car for NCAP crash testing, smash you into a wall, and say 'See? Hurts, don't it! Now off you go...' Similar to my theory on selling cycle helmets. Anyone who says they are pointless and look silly, crack em over the head with a mallet and see if they change their minds. The age ISN'T changing, as has been said a dozen times, though nobody seems to be reading threads as usual. Basically, you'll drive safe, drive unsafely and be lucky, or stack it. Your choice, take the shame. I crashed at the end of the driveway at work when I was 19, major embarrassment, but hey! Anyways, drive safe. Smithy
  4. From the album pink koxx

  5. From the album pink koxx

  6. From the album pink koxx

  7. hmmmm, yeah, seen a couple of cheaper bmx cassette hubs fall apart (Eastern, and another i forget the name of). There's always the option of a screw on freewheel I guess. But as mentioned, Profiles are proven for trials, light, and come in pretty colours Which other's would you suggest, out of interest? And are the T24 street bike geo, or trials bike geo, or made to order? Personally never really liked the look of any of the Curtis bikes. Dunno why!? That one Johnny Jones has posted up looks the nuts though! Smithy
  8. Have just got back on after about 2 years off, but I was 21 when I sold up. I quit after breaking my ankle, and figured that trials was causing too much damage to my body and bank account. Have started again now as just a bit of fun, as it's more accessible than dirt jumping, and less time consuming than xc. However, I'm way out of shape since I stopped riding (the broken ankle and knackered shoulders kept me off any bike for about 18months) and am finding it a bit of a push. However, I'm on a BT Raven 3.0 now, and finding touch hops easier than I ever remember! It's the longest bike I've ever ridden, and I'm finding it pretty fun. I haven't really got the bug back, but any riding is pretty hard for me right now, as when I'm not at uni, I'm at home studying, and when the weekend and holidays come around, I gotta work my ass off just to stay alive! Well, buy food anyways... Glad to hear your enjoying a come back. I might even get myself back into some group rides when I get the car back in September. See you there!!! Smithy
  9. It's a good thing to do if you wanna try moves using pegs fairly obvious really. And if people have used them, I'm sure it'll only be one or two, and there riding style maybe totally different to yours. If you fancy it and have a decent amount of ideas and commitment, just go for it. If it's a half-arsed idea of what might look cooler than normal trials, then forget it, you'll just look like a pleb. Personally, I'd love to give it a go. I couldn't ride BMX for sh!t, but nailed nearly every grind going with a couple of weeks on the thing. I reckon a short streety bike with a 14mm axle Profile (custom frame/dropouts of course) would work well. Unfortunately I don't have the money for such a project though, so it's just a pipe dream for now. Smithy
  10. Only met him once, but Wayne was sound as a pound. Though I can see he is someone who wouldn't hold back his opinions. Hopefully the hearing goes well for you Wayne. Though I do worry that if a full apology is made, and full blame is taken, then what seems like the general feelings of the riders who take part in the competitive side of the sport are not being made clear. If you explain to them why you wrote what you did (in a mature, considerable manner), then maybe things will change and riders can enjoy the comps more. Obviously there needs to be rules and restraints to keep things in order (for the events and the organisations), but if you don't think these are in the best interests of the riders and the sport, then someone needs to speak up and let it be put forward for consideration. Maybe get some comments from other riders, stating where they think the organisation(s) are lacking to take with you to the hearing. Let them know you aren't just one person shooting your mouth off, but the voice of many more with the same feelings who aren't necessarily enjoying the comp circuit as much as they could. All the best (keep your head) Smithy
  11. if i'm rolling in, i make one full pedal rotation, but i'm not sure where my feet are at as i lift the front up. i've always found it really useful to practice with no roll in, using just one full crank rotation or less. that also means learning to trackstand comfortably with your bad foot forward too, for half pedal stroke touches. in the end, pretty much everyone has their own favoured way of doing it. practice all methods a lot, and see which is working for you. and study vids of better riders and their techniques, picking out where they make their power with the pedals, at what point they lift/tap/jump. my best taps just appeared randomly, and i'm struggling to harness the technique and timing! it involves lots of momentum, and a fat tap, which has led me to lots of over-the-bars vaults. i think i've cleared the wall i practice on more times than the bike has! Smithy
  12. i dig pink this beauty was sold when i knackered my ankle about 2 years ago. the new owner couldn't hack the abuse, and stripped it back to silver in a matter of days may have to spray my old skool rat bike up in loving memory of ye pinky koxx! Smithy
  13. love fast and skillful driving, but there's a time and a place for it. that was not it now Getaway in Stockholm however... Smithy
  14. Yeah, but when the person just says 'no, get lost' then you have no comeback. Unfortunately, if you went round and just lifted money or items to cover the damages, you'd be done for theft in no time! Americanisation is just people claiming because they tripped over there own kid in a shop, and sued the shop owner (true story). Courts are the only way of bring justice to people too dishonest to admit or realise their mistakes, and MAKE them reimburse you for your losses. There is a difference. I'd be screwing if someone rode into my car while riding on the pavement. I spend a lot of money looking after the paint work on my car, only for some numpty to ride into it because the are to scared/lazy/incompetent to ride on the road. The main reason I ride on the road is that you have to slow down and watch for cars at every bloody junction and driveway. And thats why it annoys me when they put cycle paths on pavements, totally useless! Anyways, I can see your point that maybe she exited the driveway a little less cautiously than you would have liked. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't be expecting someone to be riding along the pavement at a pace where they couldn't stop for me leaving a driveway or junction. As someone mentioned, if it was someone leaving a junction without stopping to acknowledge the necessary 'Give Way' precautions, and hit you on the road, then you'd definitely be in the right, and could claim from her. But I'd be taking you to court for every penny, in this situation. Smithy
  15. Another thumbs up for Rock Shox. Running Argyle's on my Revell, as Dirt Jumpers are just too fat in comparison, and Recon's on my XC bike. They've really got the seals dialled, and stiffness is excellent, with no weight penalty. Marzocchi are renowned for reliability, but have always been a wee bit heavier in most fields. Tis true that Fox are immense, but then it's also true the need servicing every 5 miles to maintain a long life. Go Rock Shox! Marzocchi, get your arse in gear Smithy