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  1. Used my limited skills to make my own logo for Xtreme Academy, would appreciate any constructive criticism
  2. Right so first of all I represent a gaming organisation and the logo is as follows. Looking for a bit of a revamp, something a bit more up to date. The green colour is associated with the main sponsor so has to stay. The main sponsor also have a Lion and a Wolf as smaller trademarks of their business so they could potentially be incorporated. The logo will be getting printed onto shirts, hoodies and other apparel so I don't know if that makes a difference. The second is a logo for myself as "Shoeless Productions". Black and Orange is the theme I went for and I'm looking for a typeface that is once again clean but relatively "jovial" I guess you could say as well as somehow adding in a little design into the type perhaps. Anything you can do is much appreciated
  3. Graphical. Need a couple of logos designed more specifically.
  4. Been a long time since I posted but I'm actually looking for someone to design me a couple of things and I specifically remembered people in this thread hahaha. If anyone is interested then please do get in touch. I'm not against paying for work as long as it is of a standard I deem high enough to pay for.
  5. Good work mate. I'd imagined that very few of the old faces would still be around to be honest

  6. Haha, yeah still going strong!

  7. You're still here? Just logged on for the first time in ages and you're the only name I recognised on here.

  8. www.youtube.com/xtremeacademyuk I don't control the content, just have a hand in some of it. Getting better though. Our channel is more directed at competitive play, I appreciate that won't be everyones cup of tea as there's lots of pro snipers out there x
  9. I don't know if you lot will be into this at all but we've done a dual commentary with dual perspective on a GB game from the other day, will be up on our youtube soon hopefully. Will post again when its up. Its not particularly great but its our first dual commentary, my second ever so hopefully things will improve over time.
  10. "The community" may well find pure sniping boring but I don't see them being entertained by spray either..? But meh, what do I know.
  11. I know its hard to do anything that stands out now but that couldn't have been much more generic if it tried... Alright yes you hit some good shots but very few were in sequence (which is what makes it impressive to be fair, not one off shots) you included too many fails for my liking (like the stairs bit on highrise. Why?) and then the AK-74u clips consisted of you spraying the most over powered gun on black ops...
  12. Yeah that's how it is. We used to be really good friends before we split up, then we split didn't talk. She started talking to me again, things got flirty then things happened. Now its bothering me that she's f**king someone else. Meh, might just stop.
  13. Been shagging the ex missus, got kinda hooked on her. Now she's shagging someone else as well and it bothers me. Its weird. Shouldn't bother me at all.
  14. Love how pretentious people get over games. "Let's mock CoD because we can't play it" Awesome
  15. If you insert dolly cams you can customise the speed of each individual one yes. To do that switch to free roam then scroll with right bumped (on xbox obv) to 'edit camera mode' then insert cameras with right click and edit them with right click too. As for the gun game stuff, that's f**king impressive. I try to win without dying generally, that's about it. I've only managed 1 death. f**king ballistic knifes...