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  1. one pump track a day, keeps the doctor away.
  2. riding in gothenburg, sweden. 27/1-08
  3. a little boring video of me riding. i tried to make is look good, so please d/l it.
  4. Riding in AREA51 after chrismas but before new years eve
  5. I have to ask.. what did you end up paying? Good looking bike, thats for sure.
  6. Hawt! What forks are these? Menja? What does the weight scale say?
  7. Very nice, but nothing new
  8. offers some converting kits, so you can make a 100mm front hub to a 135mm hub. perhaps a 110mm mod hub aswell. Cog goes to disc clamps.. however, the lowest cog you can get is 16t i it might not be the greatest for trials. discuss?
  9. terrible accident
  10. I think the butt fin looks good. reminds me of:
  11. beautiful frame! Its only a matter of time before deng releases something like it?
  12. VINCENT HERMANCE JULY 2000! btw, remember those GEAX tires..? i never had one, but I remember that is was pretty trendy as front tire!
  13. the danish champ from 98-01 rode nothing else. -> biketrial small pictures yeah those bikes were extraordinary!! I remember the 'elite' in denmark rode them with ti spokes, dura ace rear mechs, carbon bars, cnc xtr bashrings and gold rohloff chains. that was SO extraordinary back in the days. vincents drilled boxx actually reminds me of the crescent-golden-age... its pushing the limit, has a nice paint job and is pretty extraordinary. btw janson: remember kleivards coustellier with gold hubs and his carbon chain tensioner!? so so hawt! edit: oh yeah, and his green/white with the rock shox sidehop sus fork for smoother riding! so dece
  14. 04-05 (i think) paint job crescent used to be the shit...
  15. Loads of sun, concrete and good riding enjoy, i'm going riding..