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  1. Before anodizing the material will need an etching pretreatment, this may "dull'en" the grind.
  2. Ace! *Following*
  3. Plastic Magura levers be like:
  4. @Swoofty Looking forward to following this. A 91mm bb shell is very similar to the width as a 73mm BSA + 2x hollowtech cups. Cant really see why a modern modern shimano crank would not work. Perhaps a Hope trial rear hub to tune the chainline... edit: btw, how did you manage to only purchase the frame?
  5. Pm’ed @Canardweb
  6. Ross, I have a black DX32, ungrinded! I youre interested..
  7. That was a good watch! And good commentary, beats some of the live feeds from UCI
  8. PM'ed
  9. YES, would be interested in frame, framekit or perhaps full bike
  10. Looks really good, I think. Massive bars! What happend to the rawed out 20"? For sale?
  11. Cool - thanks alot
  12. Looks really good! How did you remove the anodized "paint" on the frames?
  13. one pump track a day, keeps the doctor away.
  14. riding in gothenburg, sweden. 27/1-08
  15. a little boring video of me riding. i tried to make is look good, so please d/l it.