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  1. Is this the old skool ride? Mite come on the pashley if it is.
  2. I run coust pads on a v mate just buy some adapters.
  3. A few of us are heading to porthcawl on the 8th of june for a couple of days.Testing the water to see if anyones interested on coming out.cheers
  4. Looks abit like an identiti but could be wrong.
  5. Would swap them levers round straight away
  6. If your not getting on with the bike i'd give you £100 for it them old bases.
  7. Back in the day a lad i rode with came to my house and ask my dad "Is the lad in who rides koxx" my dad flipped lol. Still brings it up sometimes.
  8. I used to run a V with spanish flys (look the same as inspired)on a chrome bk in the day.better than any hs33 brake,but as soon as u get a bit of dirt on em they r shocking bad.get em off put em in boiling water clean em up.get the brake setup bang on(v arms hitting at vertical)try tht before u change the lot.
  9. Get yourself on ebay theres a few 20" monty kamels,good specs you'll learn alot pretty fast on one of them.probly make your money back aswell if you sold and fancied sumet bigger or newer in the future.
  10. Anyone up for a ride this sunday?matlock,derby,elvo im easy.