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  1. OK thats fine, but I think you will see people dont like adding to one place and then having to wait for you to transfer it, also they wont like you editing them if you think you have spotted a mistake and its not. All I am getting at is if you put half the time, effort and enthusiasm into actually learning web dev as you are into doing stuff the hard, crazy way you might be onto learning a very useful talent. Currently you are putting a lot of time and effort into whats avery lower standard of website. I know this sound very harsh but I am all for people providing decent services to the community and thats why i haven't had an issue with this and we all have to start somewhere but please stop wasting your time with stealing data and manually editing and moving data learn a skill which will be an asset to your project and set you up with a good skill for future
  2. Wow you really are putting in the time. How I miss free time. Couple words.of advice which please don't take in a bitchy way. 1)Don't waste your time, if you have that much free time use it for something better or learn how to make a better system. 2)People will never use a system that convoluted, slow and boring. People online expect instant results and your process will never give them that. Let alone the fact I couldn't find where you explain to users how to do that and even if you were explaining it then it proves there's a flaw in your system.
  3. Interesting, I cant even see how to add to your map. [disclaimer] Obviously I wasn't going to add to it was just playing around
  4. Sorry I was looking through your code to give you some tips and came across this. Its just too good not to post. This is what I was saying about the free templates you are using because pony, Talking users through IE 5, Netscape and AOL browsers seriously? I am sure Liam is too young to remember netscape. http://www.trials-ex...quirements.html
  5. Just a little side note to Liam, Dont get me wrong I built some awful websites in my time and even the code behind isn't my best (im a front-end developer so was much more than front-end) Anyone's first attempt at web development is never going to be good and I can see you are just using a free framework but I am afraid its a terrible one so to show no hard feelings few tops for you Dont use flash especially when you done need to, you have two pages on each page (flash and non-flash plus your non flash version is better so no idea why you have done this) If you want to take web development seriously go away and read these. (Take into account I am a front-end developer so these books are all for front-end) Javascript the good parts Html5 introduction & Html5 for web designers http://www.abookapar...r-web-designers Before reading about HTML5 You need to fully understand html and where it has come from and have a grasp of html 4 and pervious versions, but I have never read any books on this so cant suggest any. Never read about css either as you can find everything you need online but I would suggest this one http://about.pricegr...terid=950138330 Steve Krugs books on usability and ux I hope it goes well, its always great to have how to videos and its always great to have different peoples views and competition in the shop world is always great for the customers.
  6. Hi guys Sorry its taken me awhile to come across this, I have a new email address and forgot to update my profile on here. Just got Jasons email when checking for other stuff. So thought I better clear things up, I dont personally know Liam but he does live only about 15 mins from where I grew up so when I started he did get in contact as he thought I was still riding in the area. Liam emailed me via facebook on the 2nd of November saying that he was starting a website "helping people with how to ride trials and fix there bikes etc." He went onto say "I would really like to do a "where to ride" page. I know you did "" and i'm wondering if it would be possible to use the information from your website/map on my website?" My Response was that currently this wouldn't be possible because I haven't built and API and currently dont have the time to do so, I then explained how my domain got messed up for awhile so I was busy fixing that first. I guess when I said it wasn't possible I meant because I never expected anyone in their right mind to sit their trawling the data from the pages by themselves, I guess Liam did exactly this. He seems like a harmless dude but yes Liam this is a bit shameless of you, I believe in open web and open source but both those things revolve around trust and permission which you had neither. I am not too annoyed because its not like he stole my code or produced something with the same features as but what is annoying is the lack of respect for the people, your fellow riders, who put in lots of time and hard work to upload their locations to I did my best to work with the riders from various different aspects of cycling to provide a useful tool for the riders and many of these guys were more than helpful and went out of their way to help me out give back to a sport and community which has supported me over the years, so its less me you owe an apology to but everyone who you copy and pasted their data without any credit. The one thing I have been ashamed on from the start is that spots aren't credited to people but it was a very stupid over sight from the start of and I am thinking of a way of correcting it as we speak (its tricky because the first idea was a sort of wiki but i feel it now it should credit people). I am gutted that now I work a 9-5 its stripped most of my time from me to develop, I had some great plans and would still love to see it grow and grow but something needs to pay the bills. I hope I can slowly build and make the huge improvements which are needed. Thanks everyone Glynn
  7. I am a cycling communist, and I like Ross Noble ..... and I have to partly agree. I think after my ride to work this morning it should be knobs in suits wearing stupid shoes for cycling jumping lights. Each one I see in London just piss me off. Or the worst offender is the people are not that good on a bike that do stop at the lights but the cycle around to the front of the people waiting. They do it at every set of lights causing me have to wait for them to get going cycle passed them and then have them do exactly the same in quater a mile. They are the worst because the effect me not just their own life. Rant over.
  8. I have pics of me and my mates but thats probs not that interesting to others. Few below. Red BUll said there will be a video coming by friday on the mini drome site.
  9. Qualified in 16th but then placed against the second fasted of the day in the last 32 knock out stages. But I was happy to only be 0.003 a second slower than him and was winning for the first 5 laps. Especially as he was from Latvia where this is a sport they do all the time apparently.
  10. Yeah I have put my wide mtb bars on maybe a bit too wide but better than my normal risers. Yeah I have the rest sorted I was meant to ride last year but uni was in the way so my bro and mates rode so got their tips. Should be fun
  11. I will be giving it a go. I enjoy giving almost anything ago on a bike even if I am surrounded by hipsters.
  12. Thanks, I have looked on there briefly but was looking for peoples personal experiences with places and places which we know will be happy with bikes. Glynn
  13. Hey I am going to Barcelona in the summer, I am looking for peoples experience with hostels out there? I am looking for somewhere cheapish, good location and most importantly bike friendly. Preferably somewhere that will allow you to take bikes into the rooms? Thanks Glynn
  14. Nice, I like how little relevance it had to the company / product that was advertised
  15. Yeah it should be good, There has already been talks into integrating an API into the tarty sites they can link into the site. We will see how things go, its hard to maintain a site and work on other peoples sites all day long. But I am trying to juggle it and do when ever I have a spare 5 mins. But you can imagine 9 till 5 every day the last thing I want to do it go home to the computer, but sometimes these things need to be done and the great british weather often helps me stay in and do it.