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  1. Visiting the UK for a couple of weeks, since being the other side of the world I'd managed to accumulate 3 cars. I was going to do something with all of them but now this trip has made my mind up where I'd rather be I couldn't be arsed with any of them so I've just chucked them all on eBay and I'm pretty pleased with how it's going so far!
  2. I once got so messy on a night out in Bristol (I'm sure my friend put something in my drink, I recall having literally one beer then just black out) that rather than trying to make it to one of the 50 portaloos they had put on, that I was going to shit behind a tour bus 100 meters away. I was so messy however I didn't realise this was in full few of the entire club, so the bouncers came and asked wtf I was doing, I could barely see much less communicate, they gave me a bin liner to clean up my mess, which I did, then took it to them on the doors. I was asked to leave shortly after.
  3. After a month of pissing around with useless UK couriers and NZ customs, my parcel finally arrived Not the biggest power increase in the world but enough to make smiles!
  4. They just wouldn't give us any rates relief, we asked for any kind of assistance whatsoever and they gave us nothing, we were making just enough to pay rent, bills and rates and barely a penny more, were it not for the rates we probably could have made a go of it Actually, thinking back, they tried to charge a bunch of my mates who share another workshop just for hobby stuff, business rates. They would not back down, I think that one went to court in the end when they refused to pay on the grounds that they weren't even running a business. Safe to say Erewash Borough council are a pack of twats.
  5. It was the council that ultimately shut down my business making us pay big boy business rates on our premises from day 1
  6. I ordered some replacement Bilstein dampers for my S6 at the end of July, since then the seller has been telling me 2 more weeks, pretty much every 2 weeks. The start of December is long enough so I'm just going to order some coilovers (although 5x the price and they're a bit illegal without a certificate over here but I know a few local MOT (equiv) testers). The annoying part of the above is that I've been waiting on those to get to my mate so he can send a load of stuff out to me all at once, so since August I've had a billet, hybrid turbo and all the associated upgrade parts waiting for me in an office in Derby. These should now be with me by the end of the year and I'm pretty excited to have 360+bhp You see why coilovers are a smart choice anyway
  7. One better, flower not snowflake, the bottom 2 crossovers are twisted as well as the main one Bitch of a thing to build, and it's weak as f**k
  8. Took me AGES to find everything I wanted for it, so many little details, the whole thing is a 2002 wet dream, I even flocked the front blue bit black to match the real thing (in colour at least ) check out the front wheel as well The other bike is my Ryan Leech pub bike, actually rides really nicely with those forks too
  9. In boring, pictureless kit car news, a mechanic friend of mine just put a Toyota Beams engine in his Super 7, he had his employees do all the work for him and everything was done flawlessly. Turned the key for the first time and the oil pickup, picked up no oil. It seized solid. He and the team are thrilled to bits having to source and fit another one at short notice in time for the local annual hill climb competition! He was also banned from using said Lotus last year when the manager of said hill caught him getting a few enthusiastic practice runs in
  10. A friend of mine recently found himself single having just paid for a trip for 2 around Asia, the US, the UK and ultimately Canada. He's going anyway but the trip now ends back in New Zealand where he now intends to stay
  11. Love a retro build, I've got an old Martin Hawyes Giant in "dream spec" at home and it's awesome! Fattys, Ti-Glides, Sunset Mavic, X-Lite Phatso, Filthy 'ard guard in limited edition gold, original Hope Wavy disc etc etc, it's Near worthless but that wasn't the point, it's AWESOME!
  12. Anyone who ever had one of those frames RAVED about them, were always wayyyyyy too short for my liking
  13. Not the MX5?
  14. God no, though I was eyeballing a mk3 ute converted twin turbo R32 last year, the FWDness and the turbos being in the back were a huge turnoff unfortunately..!
  15. Bought a new daily