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  1. Not the MX5?
  2. God no, though I was eyeballing a mk3 ute converted twin turbo R32 last year, the FWDness and the turbos being in the back were a huge turnoff unfortunately..!
  3. Bought a new daily
  4. That would depend on the map, the main reason I bought the car, simple bolt on mods for big power Swap the stock K24 turbo for the hybrid billet K26 I've got coming from the UK and a few other choice bits from the rest of the world and away you go*! *very slowly around corners because the arse is frighteningly unpredictable with that shagged suspension...
  5. I couldn't be doing my S6 any more backwards, the only things wrong with it when I bought it were the rear dampers were shot to shit and some bad lacquer/paint. So far it's gone - stereo, wheels, paint, big turbo upgrade (for 350-400bhp) and some interior factory extras. The rear dampers are still shot and has an arch gap even John Deere would cringe at. Unfortunately on the suspension front, it has factory sports suspension which makes finding anything to fit it a bitch (especially over here) and coilovers require the equivalent of a VOSA test if fitted, otherwise no MOT Nevertheless -
  6. England lost, a nation of pricks who celebrate by smashing up bus stops have never deserved the cup less. And the amount of cut little bitches on Facebook brings me such joy
  7. The video hadn't loaded the first time I read those last few comments, thought you were talking about the Honda
  8. Looks a bit dirty with all them stickers all over it.
  9. Just on a bin related note, in New Zealand we have a normal bin and a recycling bin, heaven forbid you should ever put food waste in the recycling..! They like to mix it all together themselves later on when the whole lot goes to landfill.
  10. I bought 80 something snowboards in summer to make a bit of money in winter, was getting a bit worried I wouldn't shift them. The ski fields aren't open for another few weeks, I have 2 left, delighted
  11. On a theft related note, I once had a MK2 Golf tucked away in a council lockup, that I was borrowing bits off for my daily MK2. Went to it one day to find the padlock smashed off but seemingly nothing missing (I later realised they'd taken the key I'd hidden in there). Fixed the lock and moved on, the following week same thing but the thieves had clearly had a closer look at the car and actually bolted the wheels on and taken it off the stands... I fixed the lock with a better one, moved on. The following week they'd been in again to try and get the car going, they'd left a trolley jack and a load of fairly decent tools behind this time, so I took the tools, sold the car complete with the missing driveshaft that would have prevented them ever taking the thing, emptied the garage and fixed the lock knowing full well they'd be back. I'd love to have seen their faces when they went back
  12. Unless you're balancing the entire car off the ground by the one point of contact, 2 tonnes is more than enough, you're only ever lifting/supporting one half (or quarter depending how you do it) of the car at a time...
  13. I've never once greased a brake pad in my life and don't know many mechanics who do either, it's personal preference and predominantly a real old school thing for no real good reason... I wouldn't lose sleep over it
  14. Been watching the Aurora alerts, of course with the highlights being at night there means it's in the day here, bloody inconsiderate