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  1. A mate of mine had tickets to see them at rock city, they cancelled the tour I think and he was on holiday when the gig was rescheduled for. He offered me the tickets and I said no (f**k knows why) and I regret it still. Just to scream 'ITS 4 OCLOCK IN THE f**kING MORNING' with other losers hanging onto youth..
  2. Spotify bringing the poolside goods, reminding me of trials-shack volumes and good times!
  3. What? The name?
  4. Always a bonus when there's not a vomit rug.
  5. Includes 3 bottles a day, but all inclusive anyway so winner city. Cheers man
  6. Arrives at hotel, mentions it's our honeymoon and get given the presidential suite. f**king sick doesn't cover it hahaha
  7. Where's the missus thread anyway? Sad if that doesn't resurface
  8. Off on honeymoon tomorrow, Cyprus for 11 days all inclusive and adults only complex, best ever.
  9. Literally the most excited I've ever been haha.
  10. Get married in 14 hours...
  11. Machine collected, I've just left the workshop for the last time for a month!
  12. Congrats to all! I'm not preggo, just look it.
  13. Because you keep sticking your dick in your wife, Ed. I'm on hour 35 of being awake, waiting for a customer to collect a machine and I'm done till October! Waheyyy.
  14. YEEEAAAAH! Friends 8-)
  15. Dunno why this makes me happy.. Only saddo on TF at 3.30am. The worst part is I'm still at work, approaching a 24h shift in 1 hour...