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  1. A mate of mine had tickets to see them at rock city, they cancelled the tour I think and he was on holiday when the gig was rescheduled for. He offered me the tickets and I said no (f**k knows why) and I regret it still. Just to scream 'ITS 4 OCLOCK IN THE f**kING MORNING' with other losers hanging onto youth..
  2. Spotify bringing the poolside goods, reminding me of trials-shack volumes and good times!
  3. What? The name?
  4. Always a bonus when there's not a vomit rug.
  5. Includes 3 bottles a day, but all inclusive anyway so winner city. Cheers man
  6. Arrives at hotel, mentions it's our honeymoon and get given the presidential suite. f**king sick doesn't cover it hahaha
  7. Where's the missus thread anyway? Sad if that doesn't resurface
  8. Off on honeymoon tomorrow, Cyprus for 11 days all inclusive and adults only complex, best ever.
  9. Literally the most excited I've ever been haha.
  10. Get married in 14 hours...
  11. Machine collected, I've just left the workshop for the last time for a month!
  12. Congrats to all! I'm not preggo, just look it.
  13. Because you keep sticking your dick in your wife, Ed. I'm on hour 35 of being awake, waiting for a customer to collect a machine and I'm done till October! Waheyyy.
  14. YEEEAAAAH! Friends 8-)
  15. Dunno why this makes me happy.. Only saddo on TF at 3.30am. The worst part is I'm still at work, approaching a 24h shift in 1 hour...
  16. We have a trials video section, bmx videos, why not a MTB video topic? I'll begin...
  17. My phones always take a battering no matter how much i try to avoid it and the M8 was fantastic for that. I was super impressed with the battery, admittedly after 2 years it wasn't perfect, but held it's own against this year old samsung I've got.
  18. I had the M7 and M8 and was super happy with them. I would've had the M9 but my contract expired before the release and I wasn't aware it was coming! Contract expires in a few months and hoping to get something HTC, this samsung is nice, but does feel fragile compared. My family and Jenny all have iPhones and I've never been impressed.
  19. "Once you get one you'll be addicted" "Nah just the one.." Got the 3rd and final sitting for this one, and booked another with a different artist to start a fresh piece on my upperarm
  20. I doubt many on here have even heard of Megamo before haha.
  21. UTE THE WORLD. I've bought about going full Elcamino on the Fairlane
  22. Depends, most people look at the length of its tail and the shape of its belly, but if you wanna try and f**k it I dunno what you'll learn...
  23. My leopards have a totally flat plastron and both sexed as females, male concave is usually really noticeable. I never understand the comments referring they usually can't be sexed till 6 or 7 years old, it's pretty obvious after 18 months . In a 13x3 he will be very restless. My leopards now live outdoors 24/7 with a heated 6x6 shed and a 60x10ft run and they stomp that all day pretty much non stop. They're a little bit bigger then him but not much, one is 10" and the other is 7", with all the grazing they can get. If I were you I'd try to catch the back end of summer and grow some grasses/hay quickly. My leopards were on a grass/weed diet and it was good and convenient, but they're totally different animals on a mostly grass diet now. The growth is so much quicker and smoother. My oldest put on nearly a kilo in 6 months recently just through grazing. We bought a bag of mixed grass seeds on eBay and noticed the buffalo grass grows in anything, winter or red hot summer so we littered the run last year and it just about survives with their grazing. Good idea on the hot box section. We used some polycarbonate and some hinges with a thermostatic prop from a greenhouse to help regulate a hot box for ours, on the coldest of days aslong as the sun's out it'll get to 22* in there, then on the hottest days the thermo prop opens up and let's the warm air flow out so never gets hotter then 25*ish. I'd love a sulcata but I don't think I could cope with a 3ft long tortoise tearing round my garden tunnelling haha.
  24. Keep pushing at it Sam, seems like you've hit a nice spot on the market and it'll only keep getting better if you push buddy.
  25. Enjoy no garden if it's the shelled variety..