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  1. Looks excellent mate. Really nicely done
  2. Beauty!
  3. Looks a much better angle - inlet sides seem far more parallel there
  4. The fuck was that shit?
  5. Ooh nice tip - will have to try that Edit: The ATF/Acetone, that is
  6. Great stuff dude - love a good build where people just get stuck in and do it themselves - quality of the work looks decent too
  7. Can you hammer on the next size (down) of 6point socket, or is it all a bit of a mess? I'd be inclined to try some of those Irwin bolt extractors perhaps. The ones which look like this: They should at least get you a decent grip on things - if it still fails (ie. shears the head) then it might be time to rethink. Where are the bolts used/what's access like?
  8. It's good stuff in fairness - don't bother with the cheaper wannabes, go for the branded stuff
  9. It's good that John isn't particularly susceptible to dizziness. Fun video, but agree about the can-can/step-through thing being pretty naff.
  10. I remember Dan Fitzpatrick building one up and running it for a good stint of Bristol bashing. He was (well, presumably still is) reasonably small and smooth which would have helped, but he was happy to throw it around. I suspect the powder coating held it together more than most.
  11. A spinny spinner so you can focus on the weldy weldy not the turny turny
  12. Have you considered battering the rest of the van to match? Quicker, cheaper, and easier than a repair on the door and would fit in with your "doesn't get much care" approach