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  1. A lot of people don't realise the work that goes into events like this, sadly. Even disregarding the financial aspect (which is far from negligible) it's a huge effort from all involved and to have poor numbers of people buying into it is a real shame, although absolutely no reflection of the work put in behind the scenes. With the current state of trials it's becoming harder to put on this sort of thing now I would imagine. Perhaps a few more jam-style events would help keep things ticking over, but that in itself is a whole different handful of headaches waiting to happen too. Massive kudos to the entire team for what you all do, Ads & Co
  2. Typically a polyurethane/similar. I've forgotten which durometer range off the top of my head, though 85A rings a bell. I may well be thinking of automotive applications there though, have a play with the forum search and you should find some good info from when every man and his dog were making their own pads BITD
  3. Certainly worth playing around with if you have the kit and fancy having a go, but there are cheaper/more efficient methods of manufacture so it's unlikely we'll ever see it as a "mainstream" process as such.
  4. If budget is an issue then pick up something second hand
  5. If you're self-employed, you don't have to do the auto-enrolment thing. If you're employed and an eligible jobholder you can opt out, though will be automatically re-enrolled every 3 years and have to opt out again (which is a shit rule)
  6. Congratulations mate, after today you no longer have to keep up the pretence of being such a nice bloke as you legally own Jenny.
  7. Well since we're on the subject, I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Rainbird Clan: Ella Hazel Rainbird, born 02/09/2018 @ 1544 weighing 3,500g on the dot (how's that for precision engineering, Westlake?). Both Ella and Soph are doing really well, and I'm unbelievably proud of them both. I thought that I'd get at least a few weeks where I wasn't the baldest member of the gang - turns out I was wrong from the off
  8. What does this even mean?
  9. Plain cool as always, Ben. Always enjoyed the relatively chilled out TGS vids back in the day, and this just oozed casual style throughout. Soundtrack was very fitting too, top stuff
  10. Chuck the 22t on, will be a touch lighter and more in line with the masses (22:15so a good start point to work from and 22:16 are pretty common ratios on 24s) Edit: Snaked by a few seconds!
  11. 1065mm wheelbase? From memory they were low BB and slack HA (+0mm/72* perhaps?) but otherwise lots of fun. Ride it as is for a little while until you get a feel for it all again, at which point you'll soon figure out what needs to change
  12. Proper job. I know you're down under, and it's a real thing over there (plus they do a kit for it) but for the love of god please don't turn it into a ute
  13. A number of us have reached out on countless occasions. It's all attention seeking bullshit. Believe me, I'm extremely aware of the sensitivity that is often needed around mental health issues and have been to some pretty dark places myself. I'm also well aware that if someone really wanted to get rid of themselves there are plenty of very quick, convenient ways to do so. There's more to G than this, and he's clearly not a stupid bloke he just needs to take a step back and figure out a proper way to move forward - whether that's with the help we've all offered or not.
  14. That's a fantastic price!
  15. Such a clown.