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  1. Probably got a hernia lifting it into the house, if that counts?
  2. Lovely stuff Ads! Although I don't comment, I made and account on WSCC and have been following your progress with this over the past months. Properly cool build! Serious kudos for the way you've gone about it mate
  3. Bunch of roses and a bottle of wine.
  4. I hope you're mate's a crane driver because you're going to struggle otherwise
  5. Bugger. Must be some lenders out there who'll be a little more realistic and accept a 3 year etc? As you say, deposit is king too
  6. They're a fantastic device that your wife puts on the baby and contains all manner of shit.
  7. Yaaaay! Congratulations guys, very pleased for you all. If you want any advice on cloth nappies and slings you know where I am
  8. Can you get it out of the garage and into the living room?
  9. Looks loud great man!
  10. Given the original post has been removed (by one of the mods?) at Nick's request, he's probably asked that it's not shared by anyone.
  11. Tasty tasty jam.
  12. A few years back moto trials seemed to turn real life into the Redlynx games. Apparently this continues to be the case
  13. Fantastic news mate, nice one!
  14. Pfft, why would you want one of those?! Seriously though, looks like shit's coming together nicely dude. I know we only get part of the bigger picture of course, so hope the finer details are working out ok in the background too