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  1. I'll see what I can do about that for the next one chaps.
  2. Knock the lost earnings off the rent. What a cunt.
  3. Oh what a fanny
  4. F1

    Nomex of course, in case your PC catches fire and you can't see it because of the headset.
  5. Brakes sound very weird. If there's fluid leaving the system back into the res constantly then something must be taking its place, and that'd most likely be air which would suggest either an ineffective bleed or a leak elsewhere. If you've checked over lines/connections and they all seem ok (I'd expect the fluid to leave entirely if this was the case, usually) then perhaps try rebleeding - EziBleed/other pressure bleeder is the way to go, but you will want to actuate the pedal as part of the process and don't forget to bleed the master cylinder last too. It's possible to bleed the ABS system though I think you need VCDS.
  6. This seems like an appropriate place for it...
  7. Great stuff man - you'll love it. Bargain on the kit too! I've been a handful of times, mosty with family though I managed to blag my way to the Royal Navy ski (& snowboard) champs a few years back which was a good laugh. I tend to stick to boards, though on the RN trip figured it'd be a handy time to grab some free ski lessons - sketchily did some reds the first morning but switched back to a board at lunchtime and spent the week riding powder which was wicked. @haydon_peter is probably TF's most qualified snow bunny these days, though I don't think he's been on here in the best part of a decade by now.
  8. I recognise that frame but can't think for the life of me who it originally belonged to! Looks like a fun toy
  9. Didn't realise they were so cheap - that's used frame territory. Nice! I do live on the edge of actual Dartmoor too. Hmm...
  10. That looks great, Mike. Have been considering building up a hardtail to ride this summer instead of the Stumpy and you're not helping the urge!
  11. How f**king dare you.
  12. I'm not too sure he's ready for Robot Wars mate. That said, how do you think he'd score on the classic spread of SPEED, STYLE, DAMAGE AND AGGRESSION?
  13. I'm no expert in coding (as you can clearly tell) but then neither, it seems, were the team involved in the code running the Rusebot these days.
  14. <IF "Maybot" staus == "Resign" AND "Boris" status != "Retired" OR "Assassinated" THEN "QuoteRowanOnTF" END>