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  1. Tensile clamps are designed to space pistons further outboard, so you won't get more than a couple of mm movement. How much meat is left on the pads you're trying to run? Could get proper old school and screw a second set of backings on if you're feeling particularly baller.
  2. So very cool! Will have to pop my head in for a snoop at some point, bet it's even more nuts in the metal. Vaguely related: Still up for giving each other head swapping your large port for my small port head? I'm about to order a set of gaskets, if you are then I'll double the quantities
  3. Ah yes, quite right Dave. Would be possible to modify the design to allow float but would add weight and complexity (and cost!)
  4. I like this concept, nice one team. If the hassle of removing the wheel comes from the disc/caliper, then simply remove the need for this to happen altogether for general wheel removal. Kudos Not 100% sure how you've achieved it, but assuming some kind of splined interface between parts (as there appears to be at the outer face of the disc tabs, but may well be internal too and not displayed) than that should also create a floating rotor which will help compensate for some misalignment and even a smidge of flex in the system too.
  5. I understand and agree with your point. That said, I barely associate Red Bull with energy drinks these days, and mostly with extreme sports & events instead!
  6. I think you need to decide what your primary goal is here, Mike. Are you looking to build the lightest parts possible (which some of your statements seem to suggest) or simply the best performing parts that also happen to be very light?If the former, people can deal with a little extra effort to remove a wheel. If the latter, ease of use plays a factor so the QR seems to win See also: I miss your face
  7. Hold up, what? So he's officially let you go, but then called and asked you to come in and work anyway? Tell him that's fine but as a contractor your daily rate is £200 or he can go f**k himself. Can't have it both ways.
  8. Sounds like a shit situation dude, and very sorry to hear it, but equally it sounds like in the long run you'll be better off not in that environment. Chin up and do what you can to go solo - from what I can tell (and what you've written above) you should be able to do alright for yourself at least a couple of days a week if you can get the infrastructure sorted. Shame to have your hand forced of course, but life appears to have given you lemons so it might be time to make dem beverages.
  9. And only ever in a vest. Nothing else is acceptable.
  10. I'd agree with that. I've not ridden a trials bike "properly" in about 8 years, with the occasional cruise around with a group since but very rarely. Even then, I don't think I was actively trying to "achieve" anything for a good couple of years before that in terms of bigger/newer stuff, just dicking about on a 24" doing silly stuff and having fun which is why I stayed with it so long. I have a Hex in the garage that's never been ridden and in the meantime the scene locally has died off a lot, so really I know I should just sell the bike now rather than it going to waste sitting there. Rose tinted specs I guess, as without getting into bikes (primarily trials) I suspect my life and the choices I've made along the way would look incredibly different. Life moves on though - I do a bit of climbing these days which is a relatively similar "scene" to trials in some ways (very social, slow-paced) whilst different enough in others (much more family-friendly, more cafes) to make it suit me better. I get out on the MTB to keep myself on wheels, and that's also something Soph can do which is nice. We even had a few of the SW OG trials crew out together a few weeks back, so hopefully do that again throughout 2019.
  11. If anyone with a newer Hex wants to swap for my older one I'm happy to take one for the team
  12. I had a quick ride on one a few years ago (I forget who owned it, sadly) with a more trialsy bar/stem, soft tyres (even softer than I used to run, which is saying something...) and F&R HS33s and it was a very hoppy machine. Felt hugely different to many others I've ridden and bounced around on one wheel just fine, though still rolled about better than most TGS/compy machines. Very much a middle ground, to be honest
  13. How light is the pedal car? Enough that radial lacing would be sufficient? Shorter spokes, but super easy to lace up and get tension right Would imagine Tarty should be able to help with spokes - must be in the ballpark of 19/20" trials wheel specs?
  14. How does 2019 sound? Boom, done.
  15. Such a clown.