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  1. F1

  2. I used to change my chain every time I changed bike, which I suppose put it about every 6 months. Not the most cost-effective maintenance but always kept things feeling fresh!
  3. Worth every penny.
  4. Estate agents are a complete scam. They literally provide a place to list an ad, show a few people around, then charge you for the shit your solicitor is already charging you for. Can't stand them.
  5. F1

    I've been watching this over the past few days. I've not really bothered following F1 in recent years (and not much before that either) as I tend to find most races a bit dull on the most part, so I'd occasionally just watch highlights if I heard it was a decent race. The Netflix series have been decent, and give snippets of the interesting bits from race weekends as well as some of the backstage/behind the scenes bits that you woulddn't otherwise see, and that are often more interesting the the action on track. Works well
  6. Looks great Ads. Your face certainly suggests it's been a worthwhile project!
  7. It's 12 years later, and I've just come into this thread to delete some spam. Transporter night was a good session!
  8. Looks good Dave. I've been keeping half an eye out for a cheap T-130 for Soph, seem to be great value for money.
  9. Christ, guess I won't ever bother to visit Hastings in that case
  10. @RobinJI recently TIG brazed himself a baller new frame. Hopefully he won't mind me sharing these on TF given they're on FB. Even his jig is better than anything I will ever produce. Properly cool stuff, look forward to seeing yours come together Ads
  11. Not for anyone else AP. Stick to YT...
  12. If they're anything like the majority of the Financial Services industry, the main problem is excessive regulatory hoop-jumping. Makes an hours actual client-facing work into a 7 hour marathon of form-filling, box-ticking bullshit. It's easy not to see a lot of that side of it and definitely frustrating from a consumer's POV and isn't doing anyone any favours. That said, a lot of mortgage-advise/similar is entirely unregulated, so a good chunk of the timewasting is just grossly unjustifiable!
  13. Holy shit that's awesome news, genuinely epic to hear and put a big smile on my face to know that my donation (along with everyone else's of course!) went some way to making that happen
  14. When do you move in?