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  1. Certainly appears to be an earlier BB7. Decent brake (far better than the later grey ones) Disc appears to be a Hope Mono Trial, maybe 180mm from the photo but obviously easy to check that!
  2. Ah cool. I'll ask around for you, although think the couple I knew of for sale recently are now sold.
  3. For a TFSI, or are you planning to fit it to a 1.8t?
  4. Happy days!
  5. Oh that's a shitter, sorry to hear that mate If it's any consolation, your fab stuff has been looking, er, fab, so provided you can get the word out it should be a relatively easy sell. Might be able to find a few bits I need knocking up and have neither the time nor the skills for, shall start scratching my head!
  6. I never like to assume - the UK is a bit odd compared to some places and it's often considered rude to expect anyone to disclose figures That's properly awesome though man, really nice to hear you're doing well from it and fingers crossed it keeps going! As some comparison from the bottom end of things (our channel only just hit 2k subs during lockdown) we've gone from a couple of quid a month to about £20. Hopefully we can keep putting out some regular content and once race season starts it'll be some (hopefully!) engaging content and keep the momentum up.
  7. That's cool Ali. What sort of figures have you seen (in terms of viewing hours etc, not expecting you to get into financials!) since all this kicked off? Prawn and I have been churning out some more vids through lockdown and even our tiny little channel has done well over the past couple of months (relatively speaking, not nearly so much as yours Ali!) which has been cool to see. Need to try and keep up some momentum and get some interesting bits done once the world reopens (including hopefully catching up with @Adam@TartyBikes later in the year, all being well!) Lockdown for me has been a very strange one. I became a Director at work at the start of April, so have had to try and adapt to much increased workload as a result, whilst still working my old role full time and having to run a team through the whole C19 ordeal. Not quite what I'd envisioned, but still. Throw in having a baby at the end of April and a toddler running wild (who doesn't understand that although I'm at home, I need to do some work - similar can be said of wife!), and it's been utter, UTTER madness for me really. I'm aware that I'm very fortunate compared to a lot of folk though, so just trying to grin and bear it really.
  8. Great stuff Sam
  9. Super difficult to hit a relatively small moving target like that, hence almost all firearms training is to aim at the centre of mass. The issue here, of course, was that they shouldn't have been aiming a live firearm at anything at all I agree with everything else though!
  10. Fished him out this morning by the looks of it. Not sure what faff is involved first, but off to a museum complete with post-protest paraphenalia.
  11. Fished him out this morning by the looks of it.
  12. Yeah, I read something earlier that said they'd leave it for a while, fish him out when it wouldn't create such a politically volatile reaction, and it'll end up in a museum. Grab your snorkel and a few mates and get there first.
  13. Not those 20" setups though. Bloody perverts. Clearly this is tongue in cheek. I should probably make that clear for the children.
  14. 700c tour, surely? Bloody MAMIL.
  15. Epic stuff Ali, that's great to hear. Lots of hard work involved in that, so all very much well-earned