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  1. Great service, quick postage and they ship pretty much anywhere provided your within the boundaries of the Stratosphere, if that's a concern.
  2. ...just in case anyone had forgotten quite how technically capable Chris is at throwing a bike around! Not a bangers video so I expect the impact might be lost on a few people but that was f**king good riding.
  3. So yeah, have been with Bulb for 12 months now and very happy with the service which they've given us. Even more happy that they're running a double-bonus again for the next week, so if anyone is considering switching suppliers take a look at them - if they do work out favourable for you do us a favour and use our link?
  4. I got that - Just making sure you can squeeze yo fat ass in a V50
  5. A quick note - the Volvo front seats are definitely a little narrower than the Golf/A4 seats, although a lot of that is in slightly narrower bolsters rather than the seat itself. Given your stature it'd be worth parking your arse in a set before committing. My view is a tad skewed though after years of standard VAG seats which are basically Lay-Z-Boys so my thinking they're narrow may just be because the VW seats are huge!
  6. We didn't want anything huge (ie A6/Passat/Mondeo) hence originally looking at the A4. The car will be a daily for Soph and really we just wanted a 5 door with decent boot space, rather than a big estate, so something relatively small-medium sized suits us nicely and can be hacked about in the lanes without concern. Unfortunately the 2.0d in the Audis I originally looked at was so shit that every one I went to view was a waste of time so I decided to change tack. Didn't really want anything with a Ford badge because Tart, although they do get a decent writeup. The V50 is a Mk2 Focus underneath so relatively cheap and easy to work on but fairly solid, and handles well too, but in Volvo guise looks a little nicer IMO. Other than driving it home from Port Talbot, so ~15 miles of lanes and a load of motorway driving, I've not been out in it properly but initial impression is really positive. For the money I don't think we could really have done much better to be honest We also considered Golf estates and the like, but Soph's last two cars have been Golfs and she fancied something a little different. Her mum has had an XC90 and an XC60 in the past and they were always decent so that helps on the mental reassurance side of things for her, and from what I can tell so far it's a pretty well put together car so hoping that view doesn't change.
  7. Electrical tape over the light, job jobbed. Sounds like they've either introduced a leak or knocked an iffy connection somewhere if there's a new vac-leak-type issue. Spray something flammable around the EGR area including any vac hoses and see if you can notice a change in revs to help track it down if that is the cause. Key here is to not spend any more than you already have, really. Have you got a copy (legal or otherwise) of VAGCOM/VCDS at all? If not, I have a genuine setup you're welcome to borrow to try and help figure things out - it tends to be significantly better than the generic OBD diagnostic tools. Not sure if I'm likely to be in Brizzle any time soon, but I've heard there's a firm that will deliver goods for payment. "Royal" something, you might have heard of them... In other news, I accidentally an ovloV:
  8. But a lot of Historians work collaboratively with scientists for the likes of Carbon14 dating/etc to verify findings/theories. The joy of it being that as a science theories can be changed/adapted to reflect new discoveries, as opposed to going down the other route of defending a story in spite of new evidence. That's far from saying we know it all because we absolutely don't, but current teachings are the best knowledge we have and are relatively well founded. Nothing wrong with questioning History, in fact it's largely encouraged in greyer areas to help test hypotheses and progress. Peer review for the ween. The megalithic concept is often described as a religious/closer-to-gods/higher-than-the-plebs type affair. Until someone builds a time machine (if they could, surely we'd already be aware of it...) we'll likely never have absolute proof, so best guesses will have to do.
  9. Nice to see something a bit different. Mucking about and a bit of a comparison between what he can do on the trials bike compared to the FS rig was cool too
  10. Obligatory Binky post: Episodes seem to be popping up almost monthly at the mo which is nice - then again I'd like to think even I'd make some progress on a car if I was getting paid £5k per episode on Patreon too...
  11. Almost amazing as your 4-year thread bump.
  12. If the Hex Pro is within budget then you can't really go wrong - certainly won't be too compy for you either
  13. It's a bit like threadlock for bearings, helps pack out slightly loose fitment
  14. Cracking stuff gents, enjoyed that. Thanks for another instalment of quality content
  15. There were a couple of guys at ADI at Castle Combe last weekend lapping in T5s. All well and good until they met the ~70mph sidewinds and things got a little more interesting!