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  1. We picked up a V50 2.0d when Ella arrived. It's a reasonably small estate (mk2 Focus underneath), which means it's ideal around the lanes etc here, yet we've still been able to piss off to Wales/Cornwall/etc for a week's holiday as a family of 4 laden up with stuff (including baby kit, which is exponentially larger than adult luggage of course...). We had a starter motor go on it, which was an easy task and about £120 but otherwise it's been decent. It's a 58 plate and at £2,600 a couple of years ago, comfortably the newest and most expensive car I've ever bought This was my thinking with it. I have my own cars which can go wrong and be tinkered with, family car needs to be reliable and easy with minimal downtime.
  2. What is the ID of your steerer? Tarty do a range of sizes, although not all currently in stock. Find them here
  3. Properly cool (or not!) setup, nicely done!
  4. Man, Futurama got weird.
  5. Vees don't freeze.
  6. He didn't, he had it in Jenny.
  7. Very cool, Ads! (until the new heater is tested, at least)
  8. I've used Starchem Synstrip with great results in the past - was arguably better than the old Nitromors formula. I bought a 5l container of it years ago and still have ~3l left now, but used it more recently and it's not so potent as when it was new so presumably that's my fault for letting it go off. Pretty sure it's the same stuff @Tom Booth tried to send me in the post and got fisted for by Mi5, so wouldn't surprise me if if contains DCM.
  9. F1

  10. Disclaimer: It's been years since I rode trials, let alone Bristol, but I spent some time there at uni. The usual "Bristol ride" route used to look something like - Castle Park has a good mix of low and higher walls - Around the corner to "mini Lloyds" (opposite Tesco Express) where there's another little wall that maxes out about bar height so you can use different sections of it depending on your skills - Bearpit roundabout had a selection of height walls and boxes. - Not sure what's accessible in the centre itself these days, but there used to be a handful of planters and walls with benches that catered for everyone - Lloyds itself (the big amphitheatre looking place by the river you'll recognise from most RJ videos) will give a few options - Across the water from Lloyds you've got the train lines and surrounding features. - Down towards Cumberland Basin (under/next to the flyover, looking up at Clifton susp. bridge) for whatever blocks and bits were about. On top of that, you've got a few skateparks and some less frequented spots. There was always loads of fun to be had off the beaten track but people always seemed a bit reluctant to explore. If you're short on time then that's fair enough, but if you find yourselves back regularly or for a few days then go off-piste. Get yourself onto Youtube (or just search the videos section here) and you'll probably get a reasonable feel for things. Chuck up screenshots of anywhere in particular you like the look of and I'm sure we can tell you where to find it
  11. F1

  12. I used to change my chain every time I changed bike, which I suppose put it about every 6 months. Not the most cost-effective maintenance but always kept things feeling fresh!
  13. Worth every penny.
  14. Estate agents are a complete scam. They literally provide a place to list an ad, show a few people around, then charge you for the shit your solicitor is already charging you for. Can't stand them.
  15. F1

    I've been watching this over the past few days. I've not really bothered following F1 in recent years (and not much before that either) as I tend to find most races a bit dull on the most part, so I'd occasionally just watch highlights if I heard it was a decent race. The Netflix series have been decent, and give snippets of the interesting bits from race weekends as well as some of the backstage/behind the scenes bits that you woulddn't otherwise see, and that are often more interesting the the action on track. Works well