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  1. Oddly enough, I've set up a small server on a work machine running Java edition (I don't play Bedrock). I don't think it'll stand up to huge numbers, but if there are a couple of people who fancy it it'd be cool to have some company on there.
  2. Are you sure about that? Do the two need to be mutually exclusive? We're long overdue a normal, cyclical recession at the moment. The economic impact of C19 could very easily (may already have) kickstart the recession which many experts have been forecasting to begin late 2020/early 2021 anyway.
  3. I have a combination of the hooks Adam posted, and the Park Tools hooks which screw in. Both have sat in the garage gathering dust for a couple of years because I've not got round to fitting either, so the net effect is that they've actually made my storage situation worse
  4. Ed Emuss - putting the "cheeky" in cheeky wipes since 2020 We're pretty realistic about it all, but with a 1 year old plus Soph 8 months pregnant we're just erring on the side of caution. I couldn't care less if I get it on the most part, but the thought of passing it on to someone who's properly at risk is pretty scary so we'll be doing what we can for #TheGreaterGood. Skeleton staff in the office from Monday onwards, so I'll be working from home 3 days a week. We've cancelled/postponed all in-person client meetings, and are doing them all either by phone/email/post in the interim. Financial markets are having a fun time anyway, so we'll only end up having similar conversations with each person daily anyway, although most of that has been mitigated by decent comms before now anyway. Hoping for some reasonable weather to make progress on the car to be honest...
  5. Similar here, although we're in a slightly better position to handle it as Soph's pregnant and part-time at the mo so a little more flexible. Either way, nursery is likely closing after this week's shit halfway-house plan fails to make any difference and we're still going to have to pay full whack while she's not there, plus one of us will need to be off work home with her. Add to that the fact that work is chaotic at the moment anyway with lots of shit to deal with (not including COVID19) and it's all kinds of fun.
  6. Strong collection of tasty-sounding kit
  7. Isn't that not a million miles away from the original SPecialized Big Hit with a set of Monster Ts?
  8. Doesn't the forum look wonderful and spam-free today. Must be due to our ever-vigilant moderators, eh @Rich Pearson?
  9. What an unimaginably shit hand to be dealt. Few quid sent their way, hope they are able to make the most of whatever people give.
  10. Good stuff man - things certainly seem (at face value) to be in a far better place than a year or so ago (or whenever it was - time seems to be warped at the mo!) which is really good to see
  11. We do, although if you'd rather Prawn vs Pedal Car I'm sure we can sort it out
  12. Definitely nowhere near so large as 100mm territory, which would be "middle/large" chainring figures (though most run 1x now), so it may be that you've found a PCD for a standard Middleburn XC spider, rather than for the trials bash. 58mm sounds much more like it
  13. Yeah it should be fairly snug if it's pushed onto the splines properly - do the splines look worn at all? I've never had one with any discernible wear on them, but 90% of the population are idiots so who knows what might have happened to the parts in their history. If they were used with a loose ring (ahem) then all bets are off
  14. You need to do it right up properly or it'll rattle about. I forget the exact tool from memory but some kind of Shimano BB tool (XTR rings a bell) will do the trick.
  15. In what way is it loose? They run a lockring, so make sure that's done up tight. If it still moves around it may be due to wear but first step would be to confirm. Regarding replacements, there were a few Middleburn-own options, plus the likes of TNN offered aftermarket stuff too. If you're sticking with a 5 bolt 22t ring, something like the Middleburn Hardcote rings will be spot on In terms of BB options, you're obviously a little more limited these days than yesteryear when looking for a square taper setup. To be honest, just go with anything the right size and you'll probably be fine.