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  1. Happy days, that'll go well! Must be pretty cool having a treasure trove of parts lurking about. I have numerous 1.8t/mk4-Golf type parts in my tiny mess of a garage, but most of the good stuff has gone by now. Comes in handy enough when friends need stuff (Prawn needed a bottom end a few months back, and rather than having to hunt around I just stripped down one of 3 spare engines) - if it's useful on my level, must be even more so for you Sam!
  2. The fact that you're not only surviving but are generating a profit so quickly is really impressive man, many either take a long time to get there or don't make it at all! From what I can make out from many miles away, you seem to be building a decent reputation for it too, which can only help out further. If it's all getting a bit mad and harder to see the balance, carve yourself out a quiet week and try to get away from it for a short while. Stopping it from getting on top of you is well worth a slight pay hit for the month, and you'll come back fresh
  3. 6th largest in the UK apparently! We're with Bulb too, but given all the guarantees and safeguards in place not too concerned to be honest. If they go under then the contract is taken over by someone else, all credit is kept, and the tariff likely to stay for a grandfathered period too so a bit of time to figure out the next best option (potentially Octopus at the mo, according to a few sources)
  4. F1

    Alfa for Constructors' 2022 innit.
  5. F1

    Edit: I saw it'd been confirmed, but the post I saw has now been removed so f**k knows...!
  6. f**king jinxed it. In the garage today for a set of wheel bearings, new coil spring and some bushes. They're kindly fitting the discs and pads I picked up for it at the weekend too though, which saves me getting the jack out I suppose
  7. You've met Ed, so should know this is not the case.
  8. We picked up a V50 2.0d when Ella arrived. It's a reasonably small estate (mk2 Focus underneath), which means it's ideal around the lanes etc here, yet we've still been able to piss off to Wales/Cornwall/etc for a week's holiday as a family of 4 laden up with stuff (including baby kit, which is exponentially larger than adult luggage of course...). We had a starter motor go on it, which was an easy task and about £120 but otherwise it's been decent. It's a 58 plate and at £2,600 a couple of years ago, comfortably the newest and most expensive car I've ever bought This was my thinking with it. I have my own cars which can go wrong and be tinkered with, family car needs to be reliable and easy with minimal downtime.
  9. What is the ID of your steerer? Tarty do a range of sizes, although not all currently in stock. Find them here
  10. Properly cool (or not!) setup, nicely done!
  11. Man, Futurama got weird.
  12. Vees don't freeze.
  13. He didn't, he had it in Jenny.
  14. Very cool, Ads! (until the new heater is tested, at least)
  15. I've used Starchem Synstrip with great results in the past - was arguably better than the old Nitromors formula. I bought a 5l container of it years ago and still have ~3l left now, but used it more recently and it's not so potent as when it was new so presumably that's my fault for letting it go off. Pretty sure it's the same stuff @Tom Booth tried to send me in the post and got fisted for by Mi5, so wouldn't surprise me if if contains DCM.