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  1. Smashing it throughout.
  2. So much love for that!
  3. You were gracious enough to set up Dignitas, for which we are eternally grateful. Next step is enforcing visits for certain people
  4. Any worthwhile HS33 pads tend to be noisy for commuter work. Best bet would be to get a front disc.
  5. Nice.
  6. That's far too sensible
  7. Awesome! Stoked or you dude - k24 turbo next?
  8. Woop! Looks tidy Alex!
  9. @trialsmax04 doesn't frequent these parts much nowadays, but covers more miles on the bike each year than the 12 active TF users do their cars combined. A lot of it comes down to time in the saddle, miles in the legs
  10. Nice!
  11. If anyone replies with "Coust pads and a grind" I'm sending screenshots to HMRC so they can stop your state benefits. One way trip to Switzerland for that crowd.
  12. Quick, someone call the Mansfield Mandem! (or is TB the closest we have these days?)
  13. I'll see what I can do about that for the next one chaps.
  14. Knock the lost earnings off the rent. What a cunt.