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  1. Better than that damn bow-tie placement bullshit @dann2707 went for. C**t..
  2. I only modified the existing tags, rather than adding them. If previous-Tom had been following protocol and wearing one then it'd be fine. f**king previous-Tom.
  3. That's pretty sick, nice one man!
  4. rant rant/ verb 1. speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way. "she was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all" synonyms: hold forth, go on and on, deliver a tirade, rant and rave, fulminate, sound off, spout, pontificate, trumpet, bluster, declaim; More
  5. Think they did a 130mm DJ, at least at some point in the series lifetime. Could well be mistaken though, never had a set myself but the lads I rode with tended to (when we were all on singlespeed jump bikes)
  6. I'm pretty sure he's a machine-learning-enabled spambot. The reason AI isn't advancing as quickly as people had initially thought is because they chose to use TF as their platform.
  7. Proper job. These frames are great fun and, evidently, still look good today.
  8. Overengineered solution to a problem that doesn't really exist, but very nicely executed. Kudos
  9. I used to run softer tyres too. Can appreciate the faster rolling nature of hard tyres and would occasionally pump them up for park/dirt use, but I'd typically be in a similar ballpark. Extra squish and a bit of comfort ***! Edit: As if "for the win" is still swear-filtered out
  10. All the hard work looks like it's paid off mate, cracking effort from all involved. Had hoped to get down for the opening session but babyprep stopped play. Shall try and swing by before arrival for a catchup
  11. A number of SRAM & Shimano levers had adjustable leverage/bite point, which might give you a little bit of extra room, but might not be enough for your needs by the sounds of it. Given the price of the trike it doesn't really seem worth messing about changing the wheel itself so I can see why you're going down the brake route. Might end up a combination of a cheap lever and the shortest brake arms you can find that clear the tyre (or some bodging)
  12. I do
  13. Initial thoughts based on the description (photos didn't load) was something along the lines of the original DJ series, but I don't think they were 140mm long form memory. Now that pictures have come through the crown design looks similar, so I'd imagine something from a similar era, which at a guess would be circa 2003/2004ish.