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  1. Just remembering how good Herbaliser are after hearing a new track on Radio 6 earlier.
  2. Cheers, I've been getting back on the Welsh mine hype lately. Which reminds me there's a great one near Cardiff I've been meaning to go back to.
  3. Long time no post. Have some pixels.
  4. If anyone's a fan of the Beastie Boys and Daft Punk this album of remixes is funking mental. https://coinsmakeyoudance.bandcamp.com/album/daft-science
  5. Autumn is here
  6. Finally went riding in the Alps. Left the SLR at home, but took the Coolpix. Love that camera. Even crashed hard and rolled over my Camelbak with it in, not the slightest hint of it taking a knock. Click image to embiggen.
  7. Any fans of The Grand Budapest Hotel? This lobby may look familiar, if somewhat more bare.
  8. Various photos.
  9. I don't unfortunately, it's not something I'd really thought about to be honest as I don't consider myself much of a writer! I've barely looked through much of the photos yet, let alone processed them. Thought that triptych worked well though, showing the evening that we hit Reactor 5 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
  10. Unfortunately it's one of those unavoidable things, it is surprising with the full frame bodies how quickly dust becomes apparent. The sensor cleaning is a lot better in the DX bodies due to the physically smaller sensor and shutter, so there's more room to fit the cleaning mechanism and make it more effective. I highly recommend the Dust-Aid Dust Wand Kit. By far the best evaporation of any cleaning solution I've used and the swabs are as fine, tough and lint resistant as they come.
  11. What lens is it? If it's a zoom there's a high chance of dust getting in the barrel and in turn the camera. Hell, even my Coolpix A which has a fixed lens has got a mother of a dust spot on the sensor and the lens isn't even removable!
  12. Been places again. (Click to embiggen.)
  13. Since that photo I've also got custom decals for the forks in the same colour as the frame decals and changed the grey V8 pedals for a pair of white V12s I had kicking around. Better get another photo I guess!
  14. On-One 456 Evo 2 Mondraker Dune R